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AALBC’s Top 10 Bestselling Books for 2020


Thanks to you, 2020 was AALBC’s best year for book sales — ever! The increase in sales was spurred in reaction to the murder of George Floyd. Readers, of all backgrounds, showed an huge interest in books dealing with racism. More importantly, these readers also made an effort to buy these books from Black-owed bookstores.

For many bookstores the level of sales was unprecedented. Many of the stores were facing failure, due to the pandemic. The surge in sales prevented stores from going under. On behalf of all booksellers, Thank you!

Children’s books, especially picture books, have been selling extremely well for the last 18 months. Sulwe, the six-time AALBC bestseller, by Lupita Nyong’o and Illustrated by Vashti Harrison is the bestselling children’s book of all time. I Can Be Anything! Don’t Tell Me I Can’t by Leo & Diane Dillon has been an AALBC bestseller every period we’ve reported since September 2019.

The Top 10 Bestselling Books for 2020 (based upon number of books sold)

1. How to Be an Antiracist
2. So You Want to Talk About Race
3. White Fragility
4. Whose Knees Are These?
5. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
6. The Fire Next Time
7. Between The World And Me
8. A Black Woman Did That
9. Sulwe
10. His Truth Is Marching on: John Lewis and the Power of Hope
1. How to Be an Antiracist
2. So You Want to Talk About Race
3. White Fragility
4. Whose Knees Are These?
5. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
6. The Fire Next Time
7. Between The World And Me
8. A Black Woman Did That
9. Sulwe
10. His Truth Is Marching on: John Lewis and the Power of Hope

Also check out the books that made our Bestsellers List the most number of times in 2020. These are the bestselling books that have sold most consistently throughout 2020.


This summit will spotlight top medical experts and entertainers who will discuss the most critical health topics.

AALBC’s Troy Johnson will lead a discussion by Dr. Dina Strachan, an internationally-recognized, Harvard and Yale educated, board-certified dermatologist, and the founder and director of Aglow Dermatology, a premiere medical and cosmetic dermatology practice in New York City.

Our title of our presentation will be “Does Your Doctor Really Need to be Black?” African-Americans lag all demographics in health outcomes in the United States. The higher mortality rates of Black American from Covid-19 is the latest alarming statistic. CNN recently reported on a study that showed; Black newborn babies in the U.S. are three times more likely than White Babies to die when looked after by White doctors. This panel will explore reasons for this discrepancy and what you can do about it.

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Independent discussion forums remain one of the only, and I’d argue best, places to share, discuss, and debate ideas. We are not interested in mining your data, exploiting your privacy, or manipulating your behavior. We are simply interesting in reading and sharing ideas. Consider joining us ▶


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