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JULY 2021

Dear Friend,

This month will be a busy one! I will be speaking at a free 24-hour online conference on July 18th. Our IIT team is working hard on creating a new live online program launching this fall on Ancestor and Family Healing. Enjoy your summer sitting outside listening to my new audiobook!


Higher Self Expo

July 17 - 18, 2021

"Where Science Meets Spirituality"


Tanis will be speaking on July 18th


This 24-HOUR BROADCAST via Facebook and Youtube will feature researchers, lightworkers, and world-changers in countries all over the world.

Tanis Helliwell will be speaking on Sunday, July 18 at 5:45 pm Pacific Time about The Body Elemental’s Role in Ancestor and Family Healing. (To convert to your local time, use this handy time zone conversion tool.)

We invite you to register to attend this FREE, online event, here: https://www.higherselfexpo.com/

As a registered attendee, you will receive more information about each of the 36 speakers, event details, the schedule, and additional speaker appearances between now and the July 17th event!

Enjoy my short introductory interview with KAren Swain from Higher Self Expo via direct link here (or click on the image below to view):




Begins September 2021

Are you or your family experiencing physical, emotional or mental difficulties stemming from past events or previous generations?

Our biological and spiritual ancestors are calling us to heal inherited patterns in our blood and spiritual lineage. Learn how our ancestors influence our lives today and how we can contact them for healing.

This new live online program will be offered in two separate parts. You may participate in one or both parts of the program - whatever will benefit you the most.

PART 1 will focus on our present, physical reality. We will study the gifts as well as the stuck, dark patterns of our family, tribe, and country ancestors and how these impact us today and ways to heal these imprinted cellular memories. Begins September 2021 for 9 weeks with a summary meeting bridge to Part 2.

PART 2 will focus on our ancestors from other realities such as our past lives, hybrid lineage, and spiritual ancestors. Begins January 2022 for 9 weeks with a summary meeting of healing the collective unconscious of humanity and our planet.

This program includes workbook modules, MP3/audio and video recordings for both parts of the program.

(You will be the first to be notified of course schedules!)



Summer with the Leprechauns is now an audio book

My bestselling classic is now available on Audible/Amazon and other fine audio book retailers.

Summer with the Leprechauns is an astonishing true story about one woman’s journey to Ireland where she lived in a cottage with leprechauns. These seldom-seen beings taught her about the evolution of elementals – the race to which leprechauns, faeries, elves, trolls belong. They explained the importance of humans and elementals working together for the betterment of both of their races and the Earth.

Now available for download from Audible/Amazon for a new price of US $19.95. Recording Length: 6 hrs and 19 mins

Please consider leaving a review on Audible or wherever you get your audiobooks - many thanks!


Love as always,

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