Hyde Park Farmstand and Natick Farmer's Market this week!

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A coffee plant in front of our Hyde Park Greenhouse

Our Coffee Plants are the perfect winter houseplant!

Our Coffee Plants, grown in our Hyde Park Greenhouse and propagated from one of our "mother" plants, adds the perfect unique touch to your home!

A mature coffee tree will grow up to 15 feet tall and will produce coffee beans that can be used to make a delicious, home-grown cup of coffee!

Coffee plants grow well in low light conditions, making them ideal winter houseplants. They will do well indoors in temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stop by our Hyde Park Farmstand on most Fridays from 12pm - 4pm to get your very own potted Coffee Plant, microgreens and veggies from Dick's Market Gardens!

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Mature coffee tree "mothers" in Tim and Lisa's home

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Coffee plants growing in the shade in our Hyde Park Greenhouse


Microgreens Salad

Lisa made this colorful salad with fresh cherry tomatoes, olives, pumpkin seeds and assorted microgreens grown in our Hyde Park Greenhouse!

Tell us your microgreens recipes, and have a chance to be featured in our newsletter! Email us at wegrowmicrogreens@gmail.com or message us on Instagram or Facebook.

Check out our "How To Eat" page for more recipe ideas!


You can also preorder our microgreens and edible flowers for pick-up at our Farmstand or Farmers' Markets.

Advance orders can be placed online at https://wegrowmicrogreens.smartonlineorder.com/
Orders can be picked up at our Hyde Park location during our Farmstand now moved to Fridays from 3pm - 6pm or by appointment or at one of our farmer's markets.

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Hyde Park Farmstand Friday, November 13th from 12:00pm - 4:00pm

21 Norton St.
Hyde Park, MA 02136

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Natick Farmers Market Saturday, November 14th from 9:00am - 1:00pm

Natick Common
Intersection of Rt 27 & Rt 135

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We accept WIC, SNAP and HIP at our Farmstand and Farmer's Markets.


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