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Here are some upcoming events, latest interviews, book reviews and more, to assist you on your personal journey.

▪ 2023 Event Updates
▪ New Books of Interest
▪ News, Interviews and More
2023 Event Updates
New Books of Interest
News, Interviews and More


Lectures, workshops and conferences that may be of interest to you.

On Demand Now - The Healing Powers of TRE - Online

Steve Haines leads a demonstration of Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) to "shake out” or release long-held tension patterns and experience feelings of connection and peace. Free Video Event, 1-hour. Optional multi-week course. Register: TRE

April 1 & 2 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose - Online in German

Rob Schwartz & Liesel Fricke workshop for FrankfurterRing
Register/Info: Awaken

Sat, April 8 - Serve Others and Yourself, and Make Our World a Better Place - Online

Mark Pitstick workshop
Register: Serve

Tues, April 11 - Did I Really Plan This? - Online

Rob Schwartz & Liesel Fricke - Free Talk about pre-birth planning
Register/Info: Really Plan This

Thurs, April 6 - Wonders of the Bi-Location Phenomenon - Online

Scott Taylor discusses bi-location and its relevance to NDEs and shared-death experiences, then leads a meditation to alter the vibratory rate of your energy body. Free Video Event, 1-hour. Optional multi-week course. Register for event/recording: BILO

April 10-14 - Psychic & Intuitive Abilities Summit - Online

Suzanne Giesemann, James Van Praagh, Robert Moss and over 35 more seasoned heart-centered scientists, physicians, authors, educators, and leading practitioners in metaphysics present insights on how to activate your intuitive ability. Free Event.
Register: Summit

April 14-16 - New Living Expo - CA

Eben Alexander joins other best-selling authors and leaders for workshops, lectures and panels on topics of health, consciousness, spirituality and science.
Register/Info: NewLife

Mon, April 17 - Higher Self Workshop - Online

Rob Schwartz & Liesel Fricke workshop
Register/Info: Higher Self

April 22 & 23 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose - Online

Rob Schwartz & Liesel Fricke workshop
Register/Info: Awaken2

Sat, April 29 - Spontaneous Encounters with Deceased Loved Ones - Online

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell lead a workshop presented by the Theosophical Society.
Save the Date: Theo

Sat, May 13 - Knowing and Showing ‘The Great News’ in Every Aspect of Your Life - Online

Mark Pitstick workshop
Register: Know/Show

Sun, May 21 - Star Souls Workshop - Online

Rob Schwartz all-day workshop
Register: Star Souls

Sun, May 21 - A Conversation with Eben Alexander - Online

Eben Alexander joins the series on A Doorway to Many Paths
Register: Contempo

July 13-16 - Summer Conference - Lily Dale, NY

Eben Alexander, Karen Newell, Raymond Moody and Christopher Kerr present workshops, talks and a panel discussion in person at the Lily Dale Assembly
Register/Info: LilyDale
Event will be posted soon.

Aug 30-Sep 3 - Inspired to Loving Action - Washington, DC

IANDS Annual Conference featuring many speakers about NDEs, Consciousness, Communicating Beyond the Veil and more
Register/Info: IANDS


New Books We Recommend

Here are some new books you might find of interest. Enjoy discovering the ones that have meaning for you!

Loved by the Light: True Stories of Divine Intervention and Providence

By John R. Audette


Don't miss Ken Ring's extensive review on Blogspot

And, here are excerpts from the book, with commentary at Blogspot2

It's rare to read a book you cannot put down, but Loved by the Light is one of these treasures. --Caroline Myss, PhD, author of Intimate Conversations with the Divine

Whether or not you believe in God as some great spiritual power you cannot fail to be fascinated by this book. --Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, UN Messenger of Peace, author of Reason for Hope

Loved by the Light, is an exciting and refreshing expression of humans experiencing God through near-death and similar spiritually transformative experiences, beginning with the author's own remarkable encounters.
--Eben Alexander, MD, author of Proof of Heaven

Audette offers a serious-minded, articulate exploration of spiritual phenomena. Its philosophical underpinning, which draws upon Blaise Pascal’s metaphor of “The God-Shaped Hole,” is effective, regardless of one’s acceptance of the book’s anecdotal evidence, and its humility in accepting that “the more we learn, the less we know” is refreshing. A skillfully written case for divine action in people’s lives. Read the full review at Kirkus Reviews

Seekers and believers will relish...urgently told stories that touch on communication with loved ones who have died, as well as other moments of spiritual connection...near-death experiences... convinced an agnostic that God is real and loving. Read the full review at Publishers Weekly

A Near-Death Researcher's Notebook: What I Have Learned About Dying, Death, and the Afterlife

By Kenneth Ring

This is a fantastic read for every human. Dr. Ring is incredibly well versed on the topic of near-death experiences. Through his delightful storytelling, and personal accounts, he helps readers feel relief and connectedness at the concept of facing the end of our lives, however far away that may seem to be.
-–Denise D, Amazon reader

Ring beautifully interweaves scientific fact with captivating storytelling in a way that provides the reader with a perspective that allows one to cherish life for as long as we have it…but beware, because once you get a taste of Ring's insights in the essays he has compiled, you may be stretched and challenged, but in the end, it should convince you that the 'primary and fundamental fact of the cosmos' is that love is everything. –- Nancy Clark, author of Divine Moments and Beyond the Mystical Near-Death Experience and Into the Unitive Experience

For more writings and blogs from Ken Ring, check out his website/blog: KenRing

Soul Light: Our Divine Purpose Revealed on 2000 Afterlife Journeys

By Dorothea Fuckert, MD

This bold, visionary and courageous book widens the reader’s lens to remind us of our deeper soul identity. –– David Lorimer, Programme Director, Scientific and Medical Network; Editor, Paradigm Explorer; Chair, Galileo Commission

Soul Light is such a rich book that just reading it quickens one’s evolution. –– Christopher M. Bache, author of LSD and the Mind of the Universe: Diamonds from Heaven

The book fascinates by bringing clarity to many spiritual themes which the seeker might intuitively know...explaining them to others. It serves as a guide for individual evolution and so affects the Soul collective. –– A reader's feedback

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife-10th Anniversary Edition

By Eben Alexander, MD

The new 10th Anniversary edition contains a newly written Prologue, plus a section of Q&A based on readers' most frequent questions.

Dr. Eben Alexander's near-death experience is the most astounding I have heard in more than four decades of studying this phenomenon. [He] is living proof of an afterlife.--Raymond A. Moody, MD, PhD, author of Life After Life

The Girl Who Saw Heaven: A Fateful Tornado and a Journey of Faith

By Lisa Reburn

The Girl Who Saw Heaven is unique, inspiring, and healing. It’s a story for your heart and your soul that you’ll remember for the rest of your life...I’m one of only a few people who heard Ari’s account originally, and I’m delighted you’ll finally know it too. Please read it yourself and share it with others—they’ll thank you deeply for doing so. --Bill Guggenheim, coauthor of Hello from Heaven!

Amid the horrific death and destruction of the Super Tornado Outbreak of April 2011, survivors discovered 6-year-old Ari Hallmark, whose survival was nothing short of a miracle...a monster EF4 tornado killed five other members of her family, including her parents. Many were amazed when Ari reported having accompanied her family members as they entered Heaven...She shares an absolutely beautiful story - an innocent child's expression of the reality of Heaven. Ari’s near-death experience is a gift for all of the world, showing the connectedness we share with our loved ones beyond death. Highly recommended! --Eben Alexander, MD, author of Living in a Mindful Universe

Yoga of Sound: The Life and Teachings of the Celestial Songman, Swami Nada Brahmananda

By Michael Grosso

[In] this exciting and liberating book...Grosso describes his own awakening to the universal and idealistic origins of music, especially of a deeply transcendental nature, through his years of training under Swami Nada Brahmananda (whose name literally means Divine Music Happiness), against the lovely background of cosmic humor and deep wisdom imparted by such an enlightened soul. His sage observations and recollections are a gift to the world...Music is philosophy—this book is a joy! --Eben Alexander, MD, author of Proof of Heaven

Why do so many people take music either too seriously or not nearly seriously enough? Yoga of Sound conveys an essential truth: pure music is life, lived to the fullest, and that suggests divinity: unlimited and unknown powers. This book may help us understand why George Harrison was fond of the saying: God likes me when I pray, but loves me when I sing. -- Tobias Churton, author of The Spiritual Meaning of the Sixties


And, for fans of the late Charles Swanson, PhD, all three of his groundbreaking books are now back in print!

▪ The Synchronized Universe
▪ Life Force - The Scientific Basis
▪ Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift
The Synchronized Universe
Life Force - The Scientific Basis
Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift

See the updated website at: Synchronized Universe


News, Interviews and More


What if Consciousness is Not an Emergent Property of the Brain? in Frontiers in Psychology

Life After Life Blog Selections (New topics: Melodies of Grief and 7 Truths from Near Death)

Dr. Marilyn Mendoza: Understanding Grief, a blog for Psychology Today (New topic: The Role of Grief in Addiction)

Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll: Helping Souls Heal blog (New topics: Stop Building Walls and Earth Angels)

Dr. Eben Alexander explores topics on his blog

Rob Schwartz on Your Soul's Plan Learning to Listen

IONS Article on the Effectiveness of Sound Healing

Jane Goodall is #10, Raymond Moody is #62, Eben Alexander is #74, Ervin Laszlo is #96 and Theresa Cheung is #100 on the Watkins' Spiritual 100 List for 2023 - See the whole list


John Audette spoke with Julie Krull and Paul Mills about catalyzing a spiritual revolution on The Dr. Julie Show podcast

John Audette and Ted Mahr discuss NDEs, angels and more on Out of this World Radio & TV podcast

Jeffrey Long joins Scott Taylor on the Paranormal UK Radio network

Shaun Lether joins Tricia Barker on The Light of Your Own Healing podcast

Rob Schwartz speaks with Ken Marks on Transformations Cafe

Karen Newell and Mark Leeds discuss the benefits of sound for healing on The Rehab podcast

Eben Alexander speaks with Susie Moore on the Let It Be Easy podcast

Eben Alexander chats with Stephan Spencer on Get Yourself Optimized podcast

Eben Alexander speaks with Patrick Black on A Light On podcast

Karen Newell joins Father Nathan Castle on The Joyful Friar podcast

Rob Schwartz discusses pre-birth planning and challenges in love with Emmy Vadnais on New Thinking Allowed

Rob Schwartz speaks with Chad on Open Your Reality podcast

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell join Ervin Laszlo, Frederick Tsao and Alison Goldwyn on the Dawn of An Era of Wellbeing podcast

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell join Tommy to discuss the Dark Night of the Soul on Tommy's Podcast

Eben Alexander speaks with Natalia Vorontsova about consciousness beyond brain function on the Essential Foundation podcast

Eben Alexander joins Stewart Pearce on Deep Dialogues

Suzanne Giesemann Messages of Hope Podcast

I Am Convinced Consciousness Survives - A talk with Dr. Raymond Moody

John Audette featured talk at Chicago IANDS


By Subscription: Inner Sanctum with Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell


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