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Greetings from AW HQ Sheffield.

Happy New Year!
This is the first newsletter of 2019, and the beginning of what promises to be an eventful year stuffed full of unknown outcomes. But whatever happens, I know one thing.. we will somehow muddle through and maybe with a bit of luck even prosper and do amazing things.
First of though from all at AW we thank you for your support over the last year, and we wish you all a very prosperous, enjoyable and fun 2019.

It's the Chinese year of the Pig.. haha - not really sure what that means, but (I read) the year of the Pig can apparently bring financial uncertainty that will be overcome with hard work.. erm.. interesting :)

The only thing that we know is that we don't know.. Or to put it another way.. What we do know (whatever you think of Brexit) is that is that we DON'T know exactly what's going to happen.. so one thing is for sure it will be interesting.
But I will make one firm prediction: there will be some big retailers going to the wall this year and the retail environment WILL therefore change dramatically.

Here are my four trends major trend predictions for 2019.

a. The general shift to on-line retailing will continue.
b. At the same time there is a shift way from big corporate retailers to the independent sector. The fact is we just trust big business less than we did.
c. On the high street we will see a much more mixed event based environment, craft markets, entertainment, specialist venues and the like.
d. This years success stories are just been born..

The Artisan Retailer, The Innovative Independent, The Enthusiastic Specialist, The Ethical Trader - these are the traders who have a future in the Year of the Pig.
Which one are you? Lets break it down a bit..

The Artisan Retailer
Good Example: - hip artisan Chocolates. Very cool and trendy shops that also serve drinks as well as gifts.
What they do: The artisan, adds value by offering good design and beautiful products that delight and entertain that feel special. Often the products are unique to them, carefully sourced and premium priced.
We all love the finest and best, especially if it's hipster and arty.

The Innovative Independent
Good Example: - innovative personalised gifts.
What they do: They have found a new way, a different angle. an edge over the competition. Think about subscription based, curated gift boxes ect.
We all love new ways of doing things.

The Enthusiastic Specialist
Good Example: - massively successful whiskey retailers.
What they do: Pick one specialist subject and become the absolute best, communicate the passion and enthusiasm.
We all tend to trust someone who clearly loves what they do.

The Ethical Trader
Good Example: - Ethical imported and produced clothing.
What they do: Since 1989 they have been importing from India and carefully developing an ethical clothing range.
More and more we all try to care for the planet and do the right thing.

These are all big(ish) grown up examples - that I believe demonstrate the future directions of retailing. And any retail concept can be a combination of some or all.. Which is your direction?

Wishing you great success for 2019 - may the Year of the Pig be amazing for you!

At AW we have always focused on the independent retailer. We don't compete with our customers, AW doesn't do retail (check if your other wholesalers can say this), we trade fairly as possible and always have new and interesting products arriving.
Check out the new products below.. and we have some great deals for your New Year Sales as well.

Good luck and happy trading!



New Year Sale Now On

New Year Sale. Great deals you can pass on to your customers - or simply give your profit margins a bit of a boost. If money (or credit) is tight then your customers will be happy to BOGOF - double your sales without losing money or compromising on quality.


Herbal Teapot Set

As herbal tea and all things related are seriously on trend, this range of Sets of Teapots are easy to display and a perfect gift for any tea lover.

Packed in a gift box, a teapot with a metal strainer in the lid and six matching cups.


Eco Jute Bags

Now that one use plastic bags are so evil, it's time to switch to eco-friendly Jute Bags. These big shopping bags are perfect for the supermarket shop, or general use. Soft cotton handles, zip for security, cotton lining with pockets, funky cool designs and all with the logo to underline the eco credentials.


48x Power Bracelet Display Box - 4 of each (48 Bracelets)

Power Bracelet Starter Pack you not only get 4 of each design in total 48 bracelets you also get a FREE display box to make them look even more attractive!


Pressed Flowers Jewellery

Amazingly Wholesale Real Pressed Flowers Jewellery is made with actual real flowers pressed in a piece of glass. As these are real flowers, not one piece is quite the same so everyone bought is unique to the customer!
A perfect romantic gift for anyone who loves nature. Ideal for any gift shop but those in rural locations may find more affinity with this delightful natural jewellery range.


Petite Soap Flowers

This Petite range of Soap Flower Bouquets are a slimmed down version of the best selling Soap Flowers Baskets but at a lower price point, making them an affordable wedding favour or impulse gift.
And they almost look like real flowers! Bouquets are artistically arranged and beautifully presented in a gift bag. There are baskets, reusable flower pots and gift pots.


Craft Soap Flowers

By popular demand, some of the components that make up the hugely popular Soap Flower bouquets. Now the crafty and creative can design your own products.
Drop the flowers in the bath and they will dissolve to soap. But really you just want pretty flower displays you will want to keep. Lightly scented and in this wide range of colours.


Wholesale Solid Shampoo

Wholesale Solid Shampoo base is made from high-quality vegetable oils it creates a wonderfully dense creamy lather, which is naturally conditioning to the hair. They are also environmentally friendly as you are not wasting bottles and packaging and paying for water to be shipped around the country.


NEW Designs Lamps & Candle Holders

Each Wholesale Salt Lamp comes complete with light fitting, bulb & plug. Rather than sell them by size we sell them by approximate weight. Items are marked with sizes to give a rough idea of size only, each lamp is completely unique.


Wholesale Macrame Pot Holder

Macramé is on the up…and so are your plants.Macrame Pot Holders are a gorgeous way to incorporate greenery into your customer’s home. These macrame plant hangers will look great in any space, a living area, yoga studio or bedroom and would be perfect for a home or cottage in need of some rustic and homely décor.


Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging filled with Boho atmosphere,ethically sourced, produced and traded fairly. These wall hangings are inspired by tribal art objects and boho chic decor.

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