Insighter July 25 2017

VMware Canada – new path forward

July 10, 2017 by Mary Allen

Sean Forkan, VMware Canada’s new country manager shared his vision for the local operation on topics ranging from strategic channel development models to staff engagement to new routes to market ideas with large communication services providers.

In an environment where Canadian offices are often an extention of corporate sales and marketing, Forkan sees VMware Canada’s opportunity differently. Diverse responsibilities in fact “enable us to take some riskier bets in terms of strategy or resource or investment and use that as an incubator for a larger VMware,” he argued. Find out more about new possibilities for VMware Canada with Forkan at the helm here.


Craig Haney, director, Corporate Innovation. Communitech

Acceleration labs bridge the gap between incubation and commercialization

July 7, 2017 by Denise Deveau

Removed from an organization’s traditional culture and processes, innovation labs can free technologists, and help them to experiment in new, productive ways. But how is it possible to bridge the gap between early stage prototypes and commercialization when “R&D can be so far from real life.”

Independent accelerators and incubators are emerging with an answer, enabling feasibility testing of new ideas with insight provided by diverse teams of business analysts, software engineers, solution designers and business partners. Find out more about "innovation outposts" that have set up shop at the Waterloo-based Communitech Innovation Lab. Read more


An ICT framework for everything

July 19, 2017 by Don Sheppard

Dr. Ram D. Sriram, chief, NIST Software and Systems Division, believes that going forward the “Internet of Everything,” consisting of the connection of 'things' and 'social' elements, will represent the predominant ICT network. But what is necessary to support this new IoE future?

Dr. Sriram has outlined a “Smart Networked Systems and Societies” framework that assumes network nodes will be smarter, mobile and interoperable than in traditional networks. For more detail on this visionary framework click here..


Held for Ransom and WannaCry

July 20, 2017 by Lynn Greiner

What emerging $1 billion dollar industry offers solutions as-a-service, can seed its own distribution and may well have passed through your inbox at one point? If you guessed ransomware, you’re sadly right on target.

Perhaps the ugliest form of cybercrime, ransomware is quickly growing its victim count. Though the ransomware threat is not new, vendors persist in releasing products with known weaknesses, and businesses continue to neglect taking the proper precautions. What steps must businesses take to safeguard their security? Don’t click on those attachments! Click here instead to read more.


The Network Intuitive = the network as code
July 5, 2017 by Mary Allen

At the Cisco Live! annual users conference in Las Vegas, CEO Chuck Robbins introduced 28,000 attendees to what he described as the “most significant announcement in a decade.” We've reached a tipping point, he argued, when M2M connections added to the network exceed the number of phones, heralding a new era in which “massive distributed intelligence” requires new approaches to networking, and machine learning provides an opportunity to extract greater insight than ever before.

To realize this future, Cisco believes we need a network that’s programmable, that can predict user needs, and that can expose security threats without compromising privacy. Cisco calls this vision the “Intuitive Network”. Find out how Cisco's engineering team has rebuilt every layer of 14 product lines to address the three impediments to network innovation: scale, complexity and security. Read more here.


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