Hello , Greetings from Spain, where I just arrived after spending time in Slovakia meeting Earnest. We have started earnest work on our EU distribut

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Hello ,

Greetings from Spain, where I just arrived after spending time in Slovakia meeting Earnest.
We have started earnest work on our EU distribution warehouse, and you can read about Earnest here.

I caught the twice weekly Ryanair flight from Bratislava to Malaga because there was no alternative. Generally I avoid Ryanair like the plague, because they used to be so nasty. They have finally decided to be (relatively) nice to customers, but I read only because they realised that customers would rather pay more to other airlines not to be abused. That dreadful boss: Michael O’Leary had to change his mind after profits crashed, as more and more customers refused to buy just the cheapest tickets. As I have pointed out before the race to the bottom has no winners. He famously said.. “If I’d only learned in college that being nice was good for business I’d have done it years ago.”

But it took O’Leary a long time to learn that lesson. His basic business plan was to treat his customers as boneheads to be milked for every last penny. He charged passengers for checking in luggage and for in-flight food, he actually tried to bring in coin-operated toilets, and even considered charging passengers to watch dodgy movies. “Anyone who looks like sleeping, we wake them up to sell them things,” he said once. And his attitude towards complaints was brusque. “We don’t want to hear your sob stories. What part of ‘no refund’ don’t you understand?” he told one interviewer adding: “I don’t give a f* if no one likes me.”

If they are only being nice because it pays, then I think it will go pear-shaped in the end. Anyway the Brexit issue could well destroy them, as their major Luton hub will be left high and dry soon. What goes round comes round as they say.

The seats are still a bit basic, the staff are just about smiling, but the best part was the views of the French Alps on the right-hand side. When we landed all those earnest Slovakian families off on holiday gave the captain and crew a polite round of applause.. and since neither of these delights were down to dreadful Mr Michael O'Leary I'm still reserving judgement on Ryanair.

The gift trade is all about being nice right? We are in the business of love and consideration.. giving a gift.. is nothing less than a pure act of love. So it is an honour and high privilege to be part of that process.
When people ask me what we do, I say we sell nice things to nice people, and try to help (by trading fairly) as many people as possible along the way.

That might sound like a flight of fantasy.. but in my book it's better than a Ryanair flight any day :)
So please don't sell your gifts purely on price, far better to add value, smiles and love.
The lesson for today here endeth.

Meanwhile in Sheffield, it's been extraordinary busy, we are a bit behind with orders, but bare with us we are catching up. Father's day is soon.

Take care. More news next week.



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Father's Day gift ideas

Father’s Day gifts should be all about celebrating the wonderful men who have given us so much. That’s where the gift trade comes in, and if you need that special Father’s Day gift for your customers - you’ve come to the right place. From men’s bath treats to accessories to collectable gifts, we have gift ideas for every Dad.

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