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September 2020 Contents

1. Director's Note
2. Coach License Status
3. NEW Benefits for Level 2 and Level 3 Coaches - Expert Voice
4. Challenge Clarifications
5. Power of the Positive and Teaching Self-Compassion
6. Golden Pick Award Trail Hours
7. Sponsor Benefits

Cate Logan

Cate Logan, Golden finds a pot of gold!

The season of Singletrack Solidarity is off to a grand start thanks to all of YOU! Over 900 riders submitted results for the Sensational Short course Challenge #1. Huge props to all the riders and teams who submitted Singletrack Smile photos, tattoo videos, and skills videos. It is truly impressive to see all the magic you are creating.

Coaches have an enormous impact on teens' lives. Adolescence is a time of uncertainty when many habits develop and identity is solidifying. You are the wise unicorns that have the ability and joyous reward to support the positive development of youth.

Zoom conference calls will be scheduled for Head Coaches, Team Directors and/or a team representative from each region to provide an opportunity to hear from you and connect with one another mid-season.

With the utmost appreciation for fueling the stoke,

Kate Rau
Executive Director

Coach License Status - IMPORTANT

We conducted an audit of coaches' license status and team coach to rider ratios. We understand that teams experienced unanticipated growth and are making every effort to accommodate the demand.

It is imperative that coaches complete the Level 1 requirements before interacting with riders. Level 1 education is free and can be accessed in the Pit Zone. Head Coaches for teams need to be at least a Level 2. The coach to rider ratio is 1 coach for every 6 riders. We recommend at least 2 coaches with riders whenever possible for everyone's safety.

Colorado League insurance coverage is applicable only to those who meet the relevant license requirements. Compliance is critical for the safety of your team, riders, the Colorado League, and you. Thank you for attending to completing the license requirements summarized below.

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 12.14.51 PM

Click on the graphic above for more information.

There is a shortage of Level 2 and 3 coaches. Please let us know your educational needs so we can help you get coaches and teams compliant by responding to this survey HERE.

WFA/CPR Trainings
We realize that WFA and CPR trainings were difficult to find earlier this year. Front Range CPR is hosting classes in early October. Teams can request a class to come to your area.

Remember that scholarships are available to support you to complete license requirements. Scholarship information is available HERE.


NEW Benefits for Level 2 and Level 3 Coaches - ExpertVoice

We are excited to announce a new benefit to Level 2 and Level 3 licensed coaches.

ExpertVoice provides industry professionals and committed experts like you with a platform where brands offer insider info, discounted pricing, and behind the scenes content about the gear you love from 100s of top brands.

As a Level 2 or 3 coach or Colorado League Staff member, you’re invited to join ExpertVoice some brands include Crankbrothers, Garmin, Five Ten, Big Agnes, Mammut, Niche Snowboards, Sweet Protection, OtterBox, HydroFlask, Camp Chef, Hestra and 100’s more are offering experts like you insider knowledge and special access to their products at discounted pricing. Details on how to join are HERE.

Challenge 2 - Massive Mileage Team Challenge

Click photo for complete details

Challenge Clarifications

All challenge data should be submitted by riders. This is a change for Challenge #2 and #3. This should make it easier for coaches given the number of cohort practice groups and days within a team.

Riders can take responsibility to submit their efforts. Coaches please end your practice telling riders the total mileage they completed that day. Remind them to go home and upload the data.

Links to data submission forms are included in every ride challenge info flyer.

Registered riders and coaches will receive reminders when deadlines are approaching.

Data Submission and Process

▪ Results submitted after the Sunday of the Challenge week @ 11:59 pm, will be scored as a “Pull” in the order they are received.
▪ Results not submitted by Monday will be scored as a “DNS.”
▪ Coaches review data by Tuesday at 5:00 PM.
Results submitted after the Sunday of the Challenge week @ 11:59 pm, will be scored as a “Pull” in the order they are received.
Results not submitted by Monday will be scored as a “DNS.”
Coaches review data by Tuesday at 5:00 PM.

Challenge #2 Team Massive Mileage September 14 - 20. Upload Challenge #2 data HERE.

Challenge #3 Team Mountain Goat Madness: September 28 - October 4

Challenge #4 Sensational Short Course 2.0: October 12-18

The website Event page is updated with information for the schedule and details of the Singletrack Solidarity season. A calendar view that includes a link to each challenge is HERE.

Contact John "Hutch" Hutchinson for questions about data submissions and Jeff Mace for scoring questions.

Hill Time Trail Challenge #5 - INPUT NEEDED

The Hill Time Trail challenge is from September 28 - October 18. We need to finalize the courses you plan to have riders test their limits.

The Hill TT Route Selection process is HERE.

A list of the geographic Pods is HERE. Please contact John "Hutch" Hutchinson ASAP if you need to change your Pod assignment.

There are folders for each geographic pod to allow you to share ideas, documents, and GPS files.

Thanks to all who are sharing their expertise and contributing to this process!

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 6.04.16 PM

Anna McBride, Legend practicing her skills.

Yeti Skills Contests

Yeti Skills contests coincide with Challenge weeks.

Yeti Skills Contest #2 Video Submissions:
Riders must produce a video of completing their skills course. The video should be 2 minutes or less. A simple video with your phone is perfect! Awards will be given to one female and one male per conference - North and South.

Submit your video HERE by Sunday, September 20th @ 11:59 pm.

If you don’t have a GMail Account and do not wish to create one, please submit your video to Kate Rau at

Cindy and Caroline

Wyoming Coaches Caroline Esch, Cheyenne and Cindy Dywan, 7220 Larmie are always positive!

Power of the Positive and Teaching Self-Compassion

We all need a boost of positive self-talk and self-compassion. The past 6 months have been very stressful. You may notice the critic's voice is louder than usual. Teens are especially prone to negative self-talk. Coaches and team activities may be one of the few times teens are interacting with people other than their families. These are prime opportunities for them to connect, express themselves away from online or intermittent school, and build resilience.

Here are some tips to support team members who are feeling self-conscious, express self-doubt, focus on their flaws, and lack trust in their abilities.

Research shows these benefits of positive self-talk:
* Increased life span
* Lower rates of depression
* Lower levels of distress
* Greater resistance to the common cold
* Better psychological and physical well-being
* Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
* Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Effects of negative self-talk:
* The muscles in your body actually become weaker.
* Your stress levels go up.
* You experience changes in your biochemistry and hormone levels, and you may even suffer from gastrointestinal or digestive problems among other physical symptoms.

It is important to recognize and acknowledge negative self-talk comments such as:

"I am slow because I weigh 140 pounds."
"I can't climb that hill because I have no muscle."

Let them know that is not how you or their teammates see them. Acknowledge their effort and courage. Encourage their specific efforts - anticipating shifting before a climb, coming prepared to practice, drinking while riding, etc. Watch for when they use words such as "never" and "always". Such statements can be reframed to:

"You tried your best."
"It will become easier the more you practice."
"You are really courageous for taking chances and pushing your limits/comfort zone."
"It is okay to make mistakes."

This very short article offers great examples of reframing.

Refrain from dwelling on their comment and keep spinning and grinning. They will likely say these negative thoughts often before their habit dissipates. IF these comments persist or increase you or another coach, depending on the topic, may want to explore more.

Say something like, “Wow, sounds like you’re really frustrated/angry/upset/etc.” Then ask, "Do you know why you are feeling this way?" "Did something unsettling happen recently?" to find out what’s really bugging them. This will help you isolate the problem, making it easier to tackle.

Watch for signs of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other concerning behaviors. Trust your intuition. If you feel that the situation needs to be discussed with the parents, include the rider in the conversation. Sports is a very powerful format to build self-confidence.

Elise trail day - ALP Cycles Coaching

Elise Harless, Fairview digs where she lives!

Golden Pick Award Trail Hours

What is the Golden Pick Award?

The award is given to the North and South team that logs the most hours of trail work per rider between April 1st - Oct. 18th. Trail work must occur on land that is open to the public.

All hours must be recorded by Tuesday, Oct. 20th @ 5:00 PM. Submit hours HERE.

How will the winning team be selected?

Avg. Volunteer Hours = Total Team Hours/Total Registered Student-Athletes as of Oct.1st


Member Discounts - Available NOW

Companies that support Colorado League programming offer special discounts for League members. CLICK HERE to access your benefits! Feel free to send them a note of appreciation.

Available Discounts
* Primal Wear - cycling and lifestyle apparel
* Honey Stinger - organic, gluten free nutrition options
* Yeti Cycles - bikes and more
* TREK - helmets, shoes, bikes, and more
* Optic Nerve - snow goggles, sunglasses for sport to fashion, and prescriptions
* Osprey – packs, luggage, commuter bags and more
* Feedback Sports tools, trainers, repair stands
* Rack Starz - adventure accessories for your vehicle
* Saris Racks - array of racks and cargo options
* Today’s Plan - training plans for any level of rider
* Roll Massif Sunrise to Sunset - variety of events

Check out additional benefits provided by NICA sponsors HERE.

Centaurus in Frisco

Centaurus team field trip to Frisco.

BV Family Love

Buena Vista Coaches Brian and Marcelle England


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