OPERS Wellness Program Updates (June 6th) Spring GX Schedule for Finals Week (6/9-6/13) & Inter-term Break (6/16-20) Due to the changing academic sc


OPERS Wellness Program Updates (June 6th)


Spring Commencement Ceremonites Require the Closure of OPERS Facilities

Spring GX Schedule for Finals Week (6/9-6/13) & Inter-term Break (6/16-20)

Due to the changing academic schedules, classroom availability, and participation rates that occur this time of the year there will be some reductions to our GX workout offerings over the final 2 weeks of the term (as has been noted on our online schedule since the beginning of the Spring term). Please make note of the "No Class..." notes for each of the workouts on our Spring schedule so that you're prepared for any changes to your normal workout schedule.

You can also refer to our Wellness GX Schedule on Google Calendars for the most up-to-date listing of our workout offerings, including session cancellations, instructor substitutions, and classroom relocations.

Please remember that all Spring '14 passes and punch-cards will expire on Friday, June 20th.


Drop-in Group Exercise Summer Schedule Now Available

Our new Summer '14 schedule of drop-in group exercise sessions has been finalized and is now posted on our website, wellness.ucsc.edu. Due to a combination of historical reductions in Summer-participation rates, low Spring-participation rates, and changes in instructor and facility availability, the frequency or availability of some workouts has been reduced from what we were able to offer in the past.


Core Training on the TRX

Some changes to note:

1) Our Barre workouts have been relocated to the OPERS Dance studio for the summer, allowing for the use of the ballet bars, as well as greatly increased space for movement.

2) Our new "TRX Core Fusion Xpress" workout has been added to the schedule, replacing Fitness Xpress on Friday afternoons. This workout will include use of the TRX Suspension System to blend aspects of Pilates, Yoga, and various other core-strength exercises to strengthen and firm your mid-section heading into the weekend.

3) Due to the use of the College 9/10 Namaste Lounge by Conference Services during the summer, Iyengar Yoga will now be held a short distance away in the Student Health Center's Conference Room on Wednesdays.

The schedule is subject to change, so please refer to the website or Google Calendar for updates on when sessions may be cancelled, relocated, or taught by substitute instructors.


Summer GX Pass Information Forthcoming

We're still in the process of working out the details and procedures for some significant (and positive) changes to our GX admission pass options and procedures, which we're hoping to be able to implement for the upcoming Summer term. We know that many of you are anxious to plan and prepare for your participation in our GX workouts over the summer, so we ask for your patience as we try to finalize the preparations for these new options within the next 1-2 weeks. If we are not able to implement our new procedures this summer we will be continuing with our current punch-card procedures and prices until the Fall.

The summer term begins on Monday, June 23rd (a little over 2 weeks from today), the first week of the term (6/23-6/27) will be our free "Try Before You Buy" week of workouts, and therefore new admissions passes won't be required until Monday, 6/30.

Sammy Slug OFUM Card

OPERS Facility Usage Membership

OPERS "Facility Usage Membership" Changes

Beginning July 1st, there will be some very positive changes to the OPERS Facility Usage Memberships (formerly referred to as "Wellness Cards"). This will effect any non-students who plan to make use of our Wellness program's Personal Fitness or Group Exercise services that occur within OPERS Facilities. Please take a moment to read the summary of "What's New for 2014-15!" on the OPERS Membership page.