The Gifts of our Gathering Greetings Hoop Family, As of today, August 14th, we have just 6 weeks until Hoopcamp! The count-down keeps spinning us t

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The Gifts of our Gathering

Greetings Hoop Family,
As of today, August 14th, we have just 6 weeks until Hoopcamp!
The count-down keeps spinning us towards the magic. We've added so much in the last few weeks and we want to share the big news with you!

Most importantly, we are excited about really exploring our Hoops-Giving theme this year. Just by joining our gathering and participating wholeheartedly you are already expressing the huge value that sharing your energy and passion with other creative and inspiring people brings.


To help us live and dance our theme of giving and receiving in community we are asking for you to bring your gratitude for all that hooping has spun in and out of your life and then reach down into that well of JOY that gets activated by being in the zone with so many amazing people at our magical Tibetan Sanctuary- and pull out your gratefulness- to post on our GREAT WALL OF GRATITUDE
Manila luggage tags like the one in the image above will be provided for you. Bring other items to hang as we co-create together.

We all have gifts to share and tapping into our unique gifts and talents and then sharing them is our birthright and spins out JOY and HAPPINESS.

Let's CIRCULATE our gifts at our Hoops-Giving Celebration!

On each dining table at Hoopcamp we will place a basket of manila gift tags. To participate, write down your gift you would like to share with someone at Hoopcamp. It can be teaching a move, giving a 5 min massage, showing someone how to do something that you know, a compliment, sharing your favorite quote or poem, or something that you've made or brought- just whatever moves you to share. Then over the course of our gathering find someone to GIVE that gift too.
The gifts of the gathering will be IN MOTION at Hoopcamp 2014!

We are SO looking forward to turning the emails into smiling faces and hugs when we meet under the Redwoods!
Hoopcamp Heather
Nessia Starr

There have already been a few changes/additions to the schedule.
Please follow this link to the Sched. org online guide. You can use this to create your very own retreat schedule to print and bring with you. We will also have a printed program guide for you at check-in. There are no pre-sign ups for workshops ( only for PRIVATE INSTRUCTION ) just show up with a smile and ENJOY!

Please scroll down! Lots AND lots of info to share


Music & DJ Line up for our Hoopjams!

We have a stellar line up of talent to keep your beats and flow movin'
There will be DJ sets at our receptions from 5:00-6:00 pm every evening and then more music after our performances again at 10:00pm.

Live Reggae with Santa Cruz local and Hoopcamp Presenter Briana Kai whose song 'Day by Day' was recorded in Jamaica with Junior Reid.
Check out the Video here:

Little John produces a northern CA music festival which just celebrated its 10th year! He brings together the hippest and hottest talent from all over the world at RAINDANCE.. He also produces weekly events and big Halloween blow outs in the Santa Cruz and Bay area. He returns to Hoopcamp to hold down the audio at our workshop areas and performance stages along with spinning the beats that will MOVE you!
Check out the Raindance Gathering here:

Living Light blends dub grooves with world percussion, psychedelic glitches, middle eastern melodies, soothing electronic harmonies and deep pulsing baselines. The name "Living Light" has multiple interpretations, and simultaneously refers to living non-materialistically, maintaining a positive outlook, as well as all life originating from star-stuff.
Living Light's first full length album "Ecliptic Visions" was released on Desert Trax to an overwhelming response in November 2013, holding steady as Beatport's #1 Dub/Reggae release for 3 weeks straight, and landing at #2 and #3 in Beatport's Chillout and Electronica charts. Living Light shows no signs of stopping any time soon with brand new releases on Desert Trax and Merkaba Music currently rolling out!

Life-long musician Eartha Harris produced as Project Sphere from 1998-2006 and has been touring as live keyboardist for electronica act Psylab since 2007. Her brand new solo project Living Light was born December 21, 2012 and has been rocking festivals across the continent ever since.

Hip Hop, Downtempo, Reggae, Dub, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Nu-Funk, Ghetto Funk, Breaks, Dubstep, House, Jungle.
2004 is when it all started. Pharo manipulating vinyl and Serato in a unique way for his audience, making dance oriented remix blends and mashups. Since joining with Bloodshot Riddims and Chronic Earwax, he has created his own style and flavor behind the decks. The emotion he puts into track selection is impeccable, with positive messages and great beats. DJ Pharo is not easy to predict, spanning many genres and influences pulling together a heady collection of ecclectice tunes for every moment, especially of the booty shaking variety.

Last year Kaminanda surprised us with a visit and a set. You just never know who is going to show up at Hoopcamp.....

Wed: The Presenter Performance Showcase

Thurs: The Vendor Showcase and Show Us Your Move
You get 5 min to show us your unique move and then teach it. This will be fast, fun and we all get to participate!

Fri- The Gala Performance Showcase

Sat- The Renegade Show and our Hoops-Giving Costume Ball


COCKTAILS AND CHILL with the Drink Mixtress- Vanessa- every night during our Hoopjams
DELLA'S COFFEE AND MORE: The Best Cold Brewed coffee with freshly made nut milks, green smoothies, and delicious healthy snacks.
THE HOOPCAMP BOOTH will be selling coconut waters, assorted energy drinks, bubbly waters and soft drinks.
Bring extra CASH with you to Hoopcamp to support our food and drink vendors. The nearest ATM is 20 miles away!


IdeaFilm Factory at Hoopcamp

For the second year, Peri and Ben will be hosting a full video production team from Idea Film Factory to cover all the Hoopcamp magic!
They will also be our OFFICIAL HOOPCAMP EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERS snapping pictures of people, places, things and all the magic!

Dazzling Performances Captured and Shared!

Be a Part of the Audience, Not the Film Crew!

Let your batteries charge, and Experience the show!

Our production team will be capturing, editing, and sharing multi-camera videos from ALL of our performances, showcases, and other event highlights.

Performing in the showcase?! Expect some awesome promo footage coming your way… COMPLIMENTS of Hoop Camp Films!

Hoop Videos are Awesome
Because there are so many hoopers coming into the circle, and we all long to share with each other, we are all understanding more and more the importance of Video!

Check out HoopCamp Films performance videos and other projects from 2013 here:

Have a Professional Hoop Video Produced at HoopCamp!
We are offering a variety of production packages this year including:

Hooper Web Video-
Own a hoop company? Perform, or teach? Do you have a website or a TouTube channel? Then you need a Hooper Web Video!
3-5 minutes of edited video including your logo, contact info, examples and explanations of who you are and what you do. Allow your potential customers to meet you, right on your website! First impressions are important in business, and there is no place Hoopers shine brighter than at Hoop Camp! Let us capture your glow! (Approx 45 min film time)

Hoop Promo Video-
Hoop Videos are awesome. They can be anything from a simple living room cell phone video to a cinematic music video. Let us help you create your dream Hoop Video! With many years of experience in production of wedding films, music videos, commercials and more- we are confident we can bring any idea to life!

Tutorial Video-
Been trying to make a tutorial and the quality just isn’t up to par? Let us help you! We can film a multi angle tutorial with perfectly crisp audio that is sure to get your point across. There are endless choices of gorgeous backdrops at Hoop Camp. Typical video length: 3-5 minutes edited. Film time: up to 45 mins.

Personality Video-
Have no need for a Web or Promo Video but want a fun hooping film of yourself? Hang out and hoop with us! We will capture your personality an style and edit it down into a beautiful personality film you will enjoy for years to come! LED/night sessions are welcomed.

New this year:
HoopCamp Diary- check in with us during meal times and tell us how your day has been progressing. Show us your radical new moves and outfits… Share your excited reviews just after amazing workshops. Then let US edit it into a Custom Diary Film so you will forever remember your Hoop Camp experience!
Limited spaces are available for this project, please contact Idea Film Factory for booking details.
Gratefully Giving- bring your gratitude to include in our HoopsGiving Feast activities! We will be compiling video from all who would like to participate and share what they are grateful for, and share that gratitude with the world.
Contact Peri and Ben PRE-HOOPCAMP to confirm a VIDEO SHOOT at Hoopcamp.

Contact info:
Idea Film Factory/HoopCamp Films

Peri Pierson- 928-846-7137 –

Ben Pierson- 909-706-9729 –


Share the Gift of your Dance!

Dance behind a moving screen of light and sound at Hoopcamp. Drew Detweiler is an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of interactive video, performative technology, and experience design. He will be setting up a projection screen with changing images and color for us to dance behind. A great way to capture your dynamic movement and express your flow.
Watch Hoopcamp's Nessia Starr at the Subzero Festival in San Jose, CA dancing behind one of Drew's Screens.


Package Update

Crop tent

CAMPING OPTIONS ARE STILL AVAILABLE. Indoor spaces are sold out.
PROMO Offer extended until August 24th! See below for details.

Sleep under the majestic redwoods in your very own cozy personal space nearby to other Hoopcampers in tents. Both Camping area A and Camping area B are nearby to all the workshop areas, bathrooms and showers. The Redwoods give you shade all day and Luminarias light your path at night.
Package: $559.00

If you would like to roll into Hoopcamp, have your luggage shuttled nearby to your camping area, and walk over to your already set-up tent that has YOUR name on it, a camp mattress, sleeping bag and pillow awaiting you then this is the upgraded GLAMP-ING package for you!
Package: $639.00

Stay at a nearby hotel, Airbnb or couch surf. Attend Hoopcamp every day for all the workshops, meals, receptions and activities.
Package: $499.00

Come for a full day of workshops, meals and fun!

SPECIAL AUGUST 1st-August 15th- PROMOTION- Extended to August 24th
Get a Hoopcamp Bad-Ass Bandana and Hoopcamp Water Bottle!

Book a CAMPING PACKAGE, A GLAMPING ( Tent Camping with Tent Rental) Package or a GROUP CAMPING PACKAGE and you will receive a 2014 Hoopcamp Bad-Ass Bandana and A Hoopcamp Water Bottle!
Gifts will be given out to new registered campers: August 1- August 24th

We want YOU to experience the all the magic!'
DATES: Wed, Sept. 24th- Sun, Sept. 28th 2014
LOCATION: Pema Osel Ling Tibetan Retreat Center, Santa Cruz, CA


The HoopYogini Teacher Training Pre-Hoopcamp

Jocelyn Image New

Doctor Approved! Certified Fun!

30 hour hula hoop yoga teacher training!

Payment Plan available! This is a pre-Hoopcamp certification event.

Join us Sept 21 - 24, 2014 in Santa Cruz, CA and get HoopYogini Certified!

80% of Americans will experience a back problem within their lifetime
American Chiropractic Association

Yoga is a household name that is a $27 billion dollar industry with over 20 million practitioners and 83% of those being women

What does this mean for you?

YOU the hoop enthusiast and educator are perfectly poised
to bring great relief to a lot of people - millions!

YOU, the play professional have the opportunity to create a sustainable income
teaching what you love - hoop dance!

But, are you ready?
Are you educated on how to lead large groups of general population students
into a safe and restorative practice that considers common physical discomforts?

It's rare that I can find a program that actually keeps the consistency of the spine, the health, posture and just brings breath right through and into the spine on a daily basis. That's what the HoopYogini™ ~ Spinal Awakening Series does.

Dr. Shara Downey, Chiropractor, Singapore

HoopYogini™ Certification & Leadership Immersion

a Pre-Hoop Camp Teacher Training

September 21 - 24, 2014

with HoopYogini™ Creator, Jocelyn Gordon, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, Dr. Kertz D.C and HoopYogini Master Trainers, Rhiannon Cherokee Wynn, Lori Jacobsen, and Rebecca Osborne-Greenhalge

Register Here


Train and study with accomplished experts in medical and movement education!
Learn how to teach the HoopYogini™ ~ Spinal Awakening Series, an off-body, six posture flow that moves the spine to its full range of motion while improving posture and relieving back pain
Receive prompts and scripts for impactful instruction
Expand your understanding of anatomy & physiology
Develop lesson plans and strategies for promoting your classes
Experience lovely accommodations and delicious, catered meals at Pema Osel Ling Retreat Center, host of Hoopcamp!

Register Here! Only three spaces left at the current tuition rate!

On the Fence?
Reasons why you should register NOW:

▪ This is a one of the last times you can certify in the U.S. with HoopYogini™ Creator, Jocelyn Gordon, as she currently spends most of the year in Asia
▪ Train directly with Dr. Randall Kertz, chiropractic physician, acupuncturist, educator and author
▪ There is a growing demand for qualified, therapeutically focused, hoop dance fitness instructors
▪ You're already attending Hoopcamp - you can also leave with a certification
▪ You're ready and your entire body is saying "YES!"



Cruz the Wave/ Hoopcamp LED JAM at the BURN

Facebbook bm

DATE: Tuesday, AUG. 26th
TIME: 9:00pm -10:30pm
JOIN our Facebook Event Page for more details:

Bring your twinkling LED Hoops and LED Flow tools and let's light up and spin through and around THE WAVE ART INSTALLATION ON THE PLAYA
Art Car music and Hoopcamp's DJ LITTLE JOHN will inspire the jam!

Hoopcamp happens every year in the beautiful surf town of Santa Cruz, CA and this year we are bringing the SURF to the PLAYA!

Surf the wave and dance the night away with this beautiful glowing structure. Brought to you by a team of Santa Cruz Burners, Cruz the Wave is a 75 ft long, 18 ft high wave. Step into the surf, feel the ocean spray, meditate on the sounds of the sea around you. Come back at night for a stunning light show as thousands of LEDs light up the interior
of the curl.
The Wave will be be built so that people can walk on it, climb it, ride it even! The interior of the Wave will be framed out to provide a space for Wave Lovers to walk through it and really be IN the Wave.

And then...we BURN IT! Yes, that's right! We're going to Burn the Wave on Thursday Night!

And if you can't make it to the burn then COME TO HOOPCAMP!

Need a Hoop for the BURN? Contact Nessia and Ron at TRINITY STARR


Join our Hoopcamp Family


Purchase your Package to Hoopcamp and then join our family for SPECIAL PROMOTIONS and GIVEAWAYS leading up to our celebration,

This year everyone who registers for our Hoops-Giving Family celebration will have access to a Facebook 'family' secret group page for all attendees. Please use this page to meet, interact and share with your fellow Hoopcampers 2014. After you register, a link will be sent to you to join us as we co-create the 'gifts of the gathering.'