hello! The Noshery newsletter has been on my to-do list FOREVER and it's finally here! I tried to start it once and already failed. I am a horrible b

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The Noshery newsletter has been on my to-do list FOREVER and it's finally here! I tried to start it once and already failed. I am a horrible blogger. You're receiving the first(ish) The Noshery Small Bites Newsletter because you subscribe to The Noshery email recipe updates list.

The Noshery's monthly newsletter will include random musings, tips, q + a, food news, products I'm loving on, exclusive goodies, a cookbook corner, and links to some of The Noshery's latest posts. Get excited!

new website design
If you have visited The Noshery recently you may have noticed it's gotten a facelift and an updated new logo. I am super excited about the new website design because it comes with some new features! First, the recipe index has some cool filtering capabilities. In the sidebar, you can select an ingredient, dish type, meal type, or dietary concern and it will filter all the recipes for you. I am still in the process of categorizing older recipes so keep checking to see what is new on the recipe index. Another cool feature is the new shop. Here are all of my favorite kitchen gadgets, foods, cookbooks, and services. Keep checking back for new products!

what i'm watching
I work from home so I watch a ridiculous amount of television. All of it is through one of the many streaming services. Right now I am watching OJ: Made in America on Hulu. This documentary isn't only about OJ Simpson and the murder of his wife but, about his life before, during, and after the trial. It's really fascinating. I was in high school during the trial so I only caught bits and pieces of the trial. This documentary interviews past friends and the attornies for the defense and the prosecution. Yup, even Marsha Clark. It's a documentary series so it's long but it's good. It was even nominated for an Acadamy Award.

If your a history nerd like myself you need to watch The Man in High Castle on Amazon Prime. It is set in an alternate reality set in the 1950s were Germany and Japan won World War II. But, there is a little scifi twist to the story. There are two seasons out right now and totally worth a binge watch!

small bites
I am obsessed with Frontera seasoning sauces! Absolutly obsessed! I have a packet of Frontera enchilada sauce in my pantry at all times. Right now my favorite "I don't feel like cooking dinner" is a chuck roast, peppers, onions, and a packet of Frontera enchilada sauce in the InstaPot. I then serve the beef over Alexia sweet potato fries. Done! I haven't posted this one yet so you are getting it first.

i don't feel like cooking recipe
* 1 lb grass fed chuck roast
* 1 onion, julienne
* 1 red pepper, julienne
* 1 packet Frontera red enchilada sauce
* 1 teaspoon salt

Toss everything into an electric pressure cooker and set to meat or 30 mins. Once done let the pressure cooker release naturally, do not vent. Serve over oven baked sweet potato fries.

Also, can we talk about this chop mexican kale salad? First of all I think all salads should be chopped. Just easier to eat. Second I want this salad!

Then after I eat that healthy beautiful salad I want a pan of these fudge brownies.

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tip it

How to buy the freshest eggs at the supermarket.

The sell-by date for eggs in a supermarket can be up to 45 days after the packing date. To determine which eggs are the freshest look for the Julian date.

Every carton has a code printed on the side, and the last 3 digits are called the Julian Date. The code uses a number range of 001 - 365, which corresponds to the day of the year. For example, 001 is January 1st and 365 is December 31st.<-

Thus, to find the freshest eggs, you'll want to select the highest number you can find.

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q + a

"How do you chop herbs like parsley and cilantro? My cilantro always looks abused and not finely chopped."

The key is a sharp knife! The sharper the knife the cleaner the cut. If you are working with a dull knife you are basically beating the herb. You can read my post on knives for some tip on care and maintenance. Although, the truth is that both herbs are delicate and easily bruise. Think of it like how when you cut into an apple or potato after some time they turn brown due to oxidation. The same thing happens with chopped herbs. It’s best to chop your parsley or cilantro right before using it.

If you have a question please submit it here!

food news


The Best New Trader Joe's Products From 2017 — So Far


Starbucks Launches Horchata-Inspired 'Almondmilk Macchiato'

tl-horizontal main



How to Get Free Ice Cream at Dairy Queen

exclusive goodies


Do you love wine? Checkout Plonk Wine Club. You determine how many bottles you want and how often. Cheers!

Use Promo Code NEWMEMBER for $10 Off Your First Wine Subscription

loving on

s ip swell

S’ip by S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Double Wall, 15 oz

I am obsessed with this water bottle. I have this exact same bottle and I carry it everywhere and it keeps my water cold all day long.

everyday skillet

calphalon tri-ply 12-inch stainless steel everyday pan

I first got to try this skillet while visiting my friend Mary of Barefeet in the Kitchen. I immediately fell in love with it and bought one as soon as I got home. It’s a great versatile pan that goes from stove top to oven. This pan it true to its name because I use it pretty much every day.

cookbook corner

taste and technique

In Taste & Technique, Naomi shares her hard-won knowledge, passion, and experience along with nearly 140 recipes that outline the fundamentals of cooking. By paring back complex dishes to the building-block techniques used to create them, Naomi takes you through each recipe step by step, distilling detailed culinary information to reveal the simple methods chefs use to get professional results.

in case you missed it


croquetas de jamon


healthy lunch | no bun hot dogs


balsamic beets & goat cheese toasts


sweet potato noodles and red wine beef

"People who love to eat are the best people."

- Julia Child

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