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Good News for Recovery + Life (January 2016)


How I KNOW Body Love is Possible

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Luckily, I have a small feathery mentor who was born with plentiful amounts of both body acceptance and body love, and he inspires me every day to keep reaching for the same!

Over the years, I have detected a pattern to how I tend to do "personal growth."

First, I whine and moan about how I really want something - let's say body acceptance - and I complain about how hard I've been working and why haven't I achieved it yet...?

Then I work really hard some more, and I keep working and working and working.

Then one day, or week, or year, I wake up and there it is - that thing I've been working so hard to achieve. It is sitting calmly on the end of my bed, just waiting for me to open my eyes so it can enjoy the shocked look on my face.

Over the past year, I have had just such a surprise visitor - body acceptance.

Somehow it just happened, and I finally achieved my long-time goal of feeling acceptance of my own personal physical form.

It actually took some time for me to realize I had achieved it (another hallmark of my personal process), but once I did, I have enjoyed the experience of body acceptance every day since.

But now I have a new goal - body love.

Now that I've achieved body acceptance, I'm no longer content - I want more. I want to go deeper. I want to know what it feels like to love my own body - to really embrace it, inhabit it, enjoy it, share it.

If that sounds like a really big - even overwhelming - goal, well, frankly, it feels like it.

It IS a big goal. HUGE.

And yet I know beyond a shadow of a doubt (no matter how loud or insistent that doubt may be) that body love is absolutely possible....and not just for someone else, but for ME.


I know this because if we rewind a few years back in time, the goal of body acceptance felt to me then like the goal of body love feels to me now - huge, overwhelming, impossible.

Yet today here I am, totally confident in my newfound body acceptance.

So body love is absolutely an achievable goal.

I just need to be willing to go through the moaning, the whining, the complaining and all the hard work, and then more work, and more, and more.....

And then one morning, there it will be, jostling for room on my bed next to its BFF, body acceptance, and I will wake up to the sound of them giggling as they anticipate the shocked look on my face.

And I can't wait!

With great respect and love,



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