Welcome to Issue 4 of the Hawaii Slack newsletter! Summer is in full swing, and while the kids are out of school, we'd love to hear what you're up to! Check in and share your current project, and see what else is up.

calling all shutterbugs

Hawaii Slackian (Slacker? Slackizen?) Patrick D. Kelly, a.k.a. @phlatphrog, is looking to stir up some conversation in our #photography channel. Patrick is a long-time social photographer, a veteran Flickr community organizer, from the days when Flickr had a community. He's put the word out to the ol' Flickr gang, but if you're comfortable with a camera, we hope you'll join #photography as well. Share your latest, greatest shot, or talk gear with other enthusiasts.

Did you know about the call for submissions for Pacific New Media's upcoming Contemporary Photography in Hawaii exhibit? Log in to get the scoops!

don't let it bug you


The most surprising conversation of the month may have been prompted by recent island arrival Elysia, who asked whether spotting and killing one or two cockroaches a day was normal for Hawaii.

This triggered a few horror stories, and a few roach-killing tips. We're sure Elysia would love to hear more!

stick 'em up!


What fun is a cool new domain name if you don't have a cool laptop sticker to go with it? Yes, you too can broadcast to the world that you're a member of the most exclusive chat community in the Pacific Rim with a Hawaii Slack sticker by Sticker Giant.

Just reply to this email address with your mailing address, and we'll mail you some!

who else has joined the party?

We introduced you to nine new members in our last update, which brought the population of Hawaii Slack up to 106. Since then, we've welcomed a ton of people to the community, with our member count surpassing 170 earlier this month.

We can't list everyone here, but the latest twenty members include Cody Sheng,
Kirsten Turner, Rick Bratt, Suzanne Nakano, Cal Hutton, Gene Minakami, Jacques Arnoult, Mike Purvis, Graham Watt, Will Hanson, Roxann Hendrickson, Suchandra Thapa, Jared James, Zoran Vidanovic, Cindy Clemons, Lisa Villiarimo, Neil Matatall, Jim Wyban, Steven Takata, and Marlene Zeiser!

If you can think of someone who would make a good addition to the 'ohana, feel free to send them to HawaiiSlack.com or just forward this email and encourage them to email me at ryanozawa@gmail.com.

there's an app for slack!

Sure, you could fire up a browser and point it at hawaii.slack.com, but the instant, talkstory nature of Slack works best on smartphones:

There are also apps for Windows and MacOS as well!

a hui hou!

Thank you for being part of the Hawaii Slack community. I look forward to seeing you on Hawaii Slack, or out and about in Honolulu! By the way... the #events channel is a great place to find or share cool local events!

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