As the air begins to cool with the hint of Autumn, we prepare to shift into a new mindset. Nature is busy as she prepares migrating species for their long journey. Young animals are coming of age, shaking off their dependence and venturing out. We are all moving through a time of year filled with promise and are moving through our own migrations. To school, to work, settling into this new way of life with hope and confidence. We have all gone through so many transformations already. It is my hope that you all continue forward on your journey safely and with peace in your heart.
Spring Peeper Tadpoles emerging. Photo by Kiki Michalek

indian pony2

Indian Pony on denim jacket by Kiki Michalek

Looking ahead

I'm looking forward to getting back on the trails with my camera, exploring new places, finding fresh reference for new work. This time of year is energizing as wildlife busies itself for fall and the woodland becomes less dense, opportunity is everywhere for some nice photos!

train tire cover

Train tire cover by Kiki Michalek

Where can you find me???

I am working at home and doing curbside at neutral locations for local clients.
For those of you from distant lands, I'm happy to ship your orders.
My events are lined up for the year so you can find me on Youtube and Facebook.
And, of course, there is my website.

Pit Puppy in Leaves

Pit Puppy in Leaves by Kiki Michalek

So what's new?!

Upcoming events and demos are virtual now.
I'm happy to now bring my work to you in your own home. Visit my events page for more details! Once an event is posted, it will be available for you to visit at your convenience. Some events will include special promotions for a limited time.
September 27 - Painting Automobiles.
More info. on my events page.
August events you may have missed:
Fire it Up! Painting Flames on a motorcycle helmet
All Creatures Great and Small - new exhibit - with a sales promo extended thru September!

flame demo still shot

Fire it up! Demo by Kiki Michalek

What's on the easel?

I'm getting ready for my next exhibit: Cruisin' with new welcome plaques and paintings featuring my automotive artwork. Coming in October.

Kind regards,
Kiki Michalek

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