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Holy craaap have I been wrestling with the content of the Unique Voicings series!

I have So. Much. Stuff. - And it's NOT in the book. I was working on the next 3 lessons and realized I need to put at least 2 lessons in front of those! And that's just from 1/2 of one page of the book!

Just because I wrote a book in 1999 doesn't mean I quit learning. Never quit learning!

[Remember I'm using the term "Unique Voicings" in a technical sense: "Unique" as it is used in the title refers to a chord voicing that is only available in a single position on the neck, usually because of the use of open strings in that particular voicing. It is not movable to any other place on the neck. If a particular shape is moved around to different positions it becomes a different chord because the relationships of the open strings to the fretted notes has changed.]

Ok - so here's the next lesson in the series. It involves root position Major and Dominant 7th chords - as in Unit 4 - but with open strings added to create Unique Voicings.

Ready for this?

80 - yes, EIGHTY! - fretboard diagrams!
3 photographs that illustrate fingering problems and how to solve them!
3 demonstration videos!


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BTW - you'll notice I'm using a Taylor T5z for these lessons. I've had a couple of people ask if my lessons apply to acoustic guitarists because I'm almost always using an electric for the videos. About half the gigs I play are on acoustic and everything I teach can be applied to an acoustic guitar. (Check out some gig footage.) The Taylor is an acoustic/electric. For these lessons I barely had the amp turned up; it's almost completely acoustic. These Unique Voicings sound great on an acoustic. One of the reasons I used the Taylor is because some of these chords can be quite dissonant and a guitar with good intonation is very important to hear them properly. The Taylor has excellent intonation.

To those of you who purchased Unit 4: 7th Chords:

I have not forgotten! I promised you a free bonus video on how to apply the chords you've learned to songs. Please bear with me! I've been preoccupied with getting this current Unique Voicings lesson done. Your bonus video will be coming soon.

Blog Alert!

Check out the blog - I've been blogging my hasselhoff lately!

Especially "Name That Chord!" - It deals with nomenclature issues that arise because of these Unique Voicings lessons.


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