The Oak Leaf - August 2018

By Lynn Gastineau
President of Gastineau Log Homes, Inc.

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IMG 3392

This highly modified Shanendoah is coming along nicely in southern Missouri!

This Month: What are the advantages and disadvantages of full log homes vs conventionally framed homes?: Most people love the look of a log home and the feel that comes from the interior and exterior of the log home. A conventionally framed home with exterior and interior log siding can be made to look exactly like a log home so there are factors to consider other than appearance.(Click here to see our Therma Log system.) This month we will explore the differences between the two methods of construction to help you make the choice. We offer both at Gastineau Log Homes (as well as post and beam and timber frames) but we want to help you make the decision that is best for you.

Trivia Question: I love sitting outside at night during the summer and listening to the frogs and crickets. If you count a cricket's chirps for 15 seconds and add 37, what you will have? (See the answer at the end of the newsletter.)

First, Log Homes.
Advantage #1: A log wall is significantly stronger than a frame wall. It can withstand tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and even fires better than most frame buildings.

Advantage #2: A log home is healthier environment to live in. There are no chemicals inside of your living space.

Advantage #3: A log home is energy efficient but also it never loses its energy efficiency; 100 years from now it will be the still insulate the same. A frame will with insulation will begin losing its R value on the day it is installed.

Log Wall Advantage #4: A log home will last longer than the typical frame home. There are log buildings in Europe over 800 years old still in use. There are 150 year old log homes here in the US that are being rebuilt into new homes using the 150 year old logs

Log Wall Advantage #5: A log home is quiet. The acoustics are amazing and outside noises are seldom heard.

Log Home Advantage #6: A log home just seems to "fit" on some pieces of land and integrate right into the landscape.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 4.18.26 PM

An enlarged Cumberland without the prow front. A fireplace dominates the center of the wall inside.

Log Home Cons: Con #1 to a Log Home: Log construction is unique so there may be differences that occur during construction that are unusual. Your builder will need a fork lift to unload trucks. You may have to explain log home values to an appraiser. Your bank may not be familiar with log home construction and need educating. There are over a million log homes in the US and most have financing and all have insurance!

Con #2 to a LogHome:. Not every builder will build a log home. Locating a builder you like and trust is a part of the total process. Excellent builders are available however.

DeLong.Living Room Truss

This is a frame home with Oak Therma Log Exterior siding and Oak Log Siding on the Interior. The same beams, trim, trusses and other materials are here as in a full log home.

Con #3 to a Log Home: A log home will require some maintenance. The amount of maintenance depends a lot on the type of material you use on the gables, dormers and soffits as well as the amount of porches and the sun exposure of the log walls. You can build a log home to require very little maintenance, but this needs to be planned during the design stage.

Con #4 to a Log Home:. ALL Log homes settle. This has to be allowed for in the engineering and construction of the home. There is very little that has to be done after construction, but it is important that the settling details be installed properly.


Log or frame with log siding? Can you guess? It is frame with Oak log interior siding.

Next, Frame Homes: Advantage #1 of Frame Homes: Since this is typical construction, there should be no issues with finding log home builders or having to educate bankers or appraisers.

Advantage #2 of Frame Homes: Most log home owners leave the log walls exposed on the inside and then put wood or drywall on the partition frame walls. In a frame home, you can use log siding where you choose but drywall for all the other walls.

Advantage #3 of Frames Homes: You do not have to build settling details into the home.


This full log home used drywall on the inside of the gable in this bathroom.

Advantage #4 of Frame Homes: There are some designs that are not conducive to log construction. So there is a slightly more design freedom with frame construction.

Advantage #5 of Frame Homes: You can build a frame home that only a log home expert could tell is not a log home! With our log siding with full log corners, most people cannot tell if it is full log or log siding. Exposed beam second floors, exposed beam trusses... all these can be incorporated into a frame home!

Bedoroom 2 upstairs

The second floor of this full log home uses drywall for the gable, dormer and walls.

Frame Home Cons: Con #1 for a Frame Home: It is not a strong as a log home and will not withstand natural disasters as well.

Con #2 for a Frame Home:. The framing materials typically come from Canada, the insulation is full of chemicals and the drywall probably comes from China. It is your decision to determine how important this is to you and your family.

Con #3 for a Frame Home: The insulation used is going to deteriorate over time so the home will become less efficient. There are more "joints" in a frame home so the chance of air infiltration is much higher. You cannot access these joints over the years as they are hidden within the walls. (Log joints are accessible.). The energy efficiency of your home is very dependent on the attention spent by the insulation subcontractor.

Con #4 for a Frame Home:. Because of the cavity of a frame wall, there is more susceptibility to insect or termite infestation. They can hide in the walls and do damage that you cannot see,.

Con #5 for a Frame Home: Because of the cavity, the smaller pieces of wood and all the sheathing, a frame home is more susceptible to fire and will burn much faster than a log home.

CumbMtn Kitch

I hope this discussion helped you in making your decision. Give us a call and we are happy to discuss any further questions you may have or clarify any confusion on any of our Pros or Cons!

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