Message from the CEO

September was of full of new projects at Thalias and we have plenty to share with you this month.

First, I am proud to announce that, after weeks of preparation, we officially inaugurated the Thalias Assessment Center for Food Production in Phnom Penh. Thanks to the creation of a partnership between Thalias Co Ltd, ASSIST Mekong and the National Committee for Tourism Professionals of the Ministry of Tourism, this new Center aims to create the context and structure for recognising and awarding professional certification for hospitality skills.

Following this same passion for food and cuisine, our team at Topaz has a very special gourmet offer for our guests this month; and Khéma's Chefs have developed a brand new menu featuring original dishes that you will be able to enjoy very soon at all Khéma outlets. This menu looks stunning and I heartily recommend a read below to see what lies in store.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that Ms. Sambo NOV, who is already part of the Thalias family, has been appointed as the new General Manager of Malis Phnom Penh restaurant. I'm wishing her lots of success and happiness in this new adventure!

Yours sincerely,
Arnaud DARC
CEO and Chairman Thalias Hospitality Group


Last month, Thalias was delighted to be part of the launch of the Thalias Assessment Center for Food Production, created to address the critical lack of formal skills training in the hospitality industry in Cambodia. The new organisation will train the trainers who will be able to deliver formal, certifiable training to professional chefs at multiple industry levels... read more

Coming soon to Topaz: this stunning Tajima or Japanese black bone-in ribeye with a French-trimmed rib creates a hell of an impression... read more

Our Chefs at Khéma have refreshed our popular menu of gourmet classics with a whole new selection of delicious dishes to choose from. Whet your appetites, here are a few things you might not know about some of the dishes we’ve got lined up... read more

On the banks of the Mekong in the heart of Kampong Cham province, a secluded resort made of bamboo offers a natural, spiritual retreat from the hustle of city life, with a sustainable, socially conscious ethos... read more

In April this year, a museum dedicated to the history of money in Cambodia opened up in Phnom Penh’s old colonial district. The Sosoro Museum sets out to describe 2000 years of Cambodia’s monetary history... read more

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Sambo NOV has been appointed as the new General Manager of Malis Phnom Penh restaurant. With her extensive knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, Ms. Nov is a great asset to the restaurant... read more

As the monsoon recedes, this month marks the beginning of the process that will see a change in focus from land and rice cultivation to water and the rich harvest beneath the waves... read more

It is thought that the use of chopsticks for eating was adapted in around 400BCE, the evolution coming about thanks to a population explosion putting pressure on resources and forcing cooks to develop ways of making the most of what they had... read more