January 2018 A new year presents the perfect opportunity to Celebrate Successes from the past year and plan ahead for the next. Read below for my tho

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January 2018

A new year presents the perfect opportunity to Celebrate Successes from the past year and plan ahead for the next. Read below for my thoughts on the process and preparing for success and happiness in 2018.


Care to share your 2017 observations? Scroll down to the mountaineer image to participate in this month's Survey. We'll report the results next month.

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Celebrate Successes

The end of one calendar year and transition into the next always seems like a good opportunity to celebrate successes from the past year. There were definitely a few failures, but I prefer to learn from those right away and then put them behind me. I hope you plan to do the same.

What is Success?
Deciding what success means is often the most difficult part of the process. I think it’s anything that you did or accomplished that brings even a small amount of happiness into your life.

What is the Process?
My accountability buddy and I (thanks Georgina!), have a set date every three months where we meet on Skype to review the past quarter and plan for the next quarter. We also have a longer planning session at the beginning of each year where we do the same exercise for an entire year.

One of my favourite parts of our process is going back over my calendar and making note of all the “wins” as we call them. There are many experts who suggest that you celebrate a “win” every day. I have never been able to find the time or inclination to do that. I think the quarterly review is a lot more rewarding. You might be surprised at how long your list is. I suggest you include both work and personal “wins” in your review.

Use a Calendar
In order to accomplish this task, you need to have a well-organized calendar (preferably electronic) where you keep track of your meetings, appointments, projects and any personal activities. Trust me, it will be so worth it. One of the main reasons for the review and making note of your “wins” is so that you can plan for more of them in the next quarter. If you don’t take the time to sit and think about what makes you happy on a regular basis, it’s pretty darn difficult to get there.

Share Your Wins
One of the best ways to attract more good experiences into your life is to tell other people. Having an accountability buddy can be hugely helpful. You should be able to rely on your buddy to hold you to what you plan to do and support you in your “wins” and when things go wrong. It really has to be a two-way street in order for it to work. You can also use a buddy to help you tackle organizing or decorating projects at home or at work. There’s nothing like celebrating the completion of a project with a trusted friend or colleague.

Plan for Future Success
You need to write down your plans for achieving future success and happiness. Do so in whatever form appeals to you. Some of us like a nice checklist, others prefer a vision board. There are tools and apps you can use, or you can simply create a written list or even draw a mind map of what you want to accomplish. The most important thing you can do is to post it somewhere in your home or office where you will see it every single day. This not only provides a reminder of what you said you wanted to do, but it also helps you to focus your energy and attention on the goals you have set for yourself.

I wish you many “wins” in 2018. Please feel free to share them with me via email, or on social media. Take the survey below too!

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What were your 2017 successes? Click on the image at the left to participate in this month's survey. We'll bring you the results next month.


How did your plans for holiday decluttering stack up? Here are the results of December's survey:

80% of participants have decluttered your holiday decor. That's a definite win for the year!

While decluttering,
* 50% of you felt the stuff had to go,
* 25% were pumped,
* 12% were stressed by the thought of it.

Once decluttering was complete,
* 68% of participants reported being ecstatic or relieved,
* but 22% also found the experience to be bitter sweet.

Thoughts come next December's decorating:
* "It will be a breeze!" (67%);
* "Where are the boxes of holiday stuff?" (11%);
* "I should have put Jane's tips to use last year." (11%).


Here is what one of Jane's clients had to say:

"Thanks again for your energy and expertise! I love how everything turned out. Such a pleasure to be in a space that feels so right." ~ BM – TV Room, Sunroom, Living Room, Back Entry 2017


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