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Greetings from flight FR2533.. The early morning flight from Malaga, Spain to Bratislava, Slovakia.

Last week I was telling you about the dodgy stuff that dodgy importers get up to. You can read about it here.

If you are regular reader you will know we are in the process of opening a new distribution warehouse in Slovakia. It's our own little Brexit insurance policy. Tomas from HQ has been billeted there to make stuff happens.

The first container from China arrived and as luck would have it, it got pulled for a customs and drugs test. In the UK it is a rare event, here I guess we are new kid on the block so they are checking us out.

The thing is in China we load our own containers and to ensure every inch of space is used we employ a packing wizard.. This guy who is an expert in the stuffing and stacking of cartons like a huge 40 cubic 3D tetris puzzle - he directs packing to use every single square inch of space. That space is expensive so you don't want to waste it right?

The shipping guy calls Tomas.. We got a problem he says. Apparently, Slovakian customs have never seen a container like ours.. They opened it, off loaded enough to do their checks.. Now, however they try.. Whatever they do.. They cannot make it fit back in the container. Kinda funny right? But we have to pay.. And in the end we either pay delay costs at the port until those guys solve the 3D puzzle or pay for couple of pallets of stock they can't fit back in to be shipped separately. Tomas is tearing his hair out.

The joys of importing I tell him.
The container is arriving tomorrow, a Saturday delivery to avoid more expensive storage charges. The second container will arrive in just a few days.. And another from Indonesia comes on Wednesday - we are hoping with fewer headaches. Then we will be pretty much ready to rock and roll.

Meanwhile back in Sheffield after last week's bank holiday weekend, we are still seriously under pressure. It's a time for staff holidays coupled with high demand coupled with maximum goods inwards.. Stock arriving for the Christmas period. But the team are pulling hero shifts and working like crazy to get your orders out. Salt Lamps, soap flowers, soy candles.. all flying lines so it's going a bit mad.

Birmingham trade show.. If you are going, we won't be there. Don't expect to see us. Interesting fact.. Ancient Wisdom has never done a trade show. Why? Well quite simply we have no sales people, we figured out years ago that it's all about the products.. They should be good enough to sell themselves.. OK we do a bit of online marketing, but no salespersons makes us much more competitive. It works well for us and we like to think even better for our customers. Well the smart ones (like you) who order online.

If you are following the Rodrigo saga (6 months exciled).. Maybe some news next week. Fingers crossed we heard a decision has been made a while ago .. But no passport or visa came yet.

It's September.. HEAVENS ABOVE!
That means it's Christmas already.

Have a great week.



Back in Stock - Salt Lamps & Candle Holders

NEW DESIGNS Himalayan Salt Lamps each salt lamp comes complete with light fitting, bulb & plug. Rather than sell them by size we sell them by approximate weight. Items are marked with sizes to give a rough idea of size only, each lamp is completely unique.

Please bear in mind our artisans in Pakistan made every effort to match the weights of the salt lamps we have requested however due to the products nature they are still approximate.


Himalayan Cooking Plate

Himalayan cooking plates, are an exciting way of seasoning and serving food. The dusky pink Himalayan rock can be slowly heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. The tight crystal lattice in the Himalayan salt block means that it holds its temperature for long periods of time – to the extent that the salt block can be used to fry fish or keep ice cream chilled.


Soy Pot of Fragrance Candle

Grab these amazingly scented wholesale soywax candle pots so your customers can enjoy the natural, smoother fragrance and long burning time.

The great things about soy wax are that it has excellent fragrance-holding qualities and releases the fragrance evenly throughout burning. Soybean candles burn cleaner, cooler and last longer than paraffin candles and also leave a minimal wax residue.


Luxury Soap Flowers

Beautifully packed wholesale Soap Flowers are a perfect gift, wedding favours, Christmas stocking filler or just a little treat for yourself.
Just add a one or two roses to your warm bath, relax and watch the cute flowers dissolve right before your very eyes. You will surely enjoy colourful water and great scent. It leaves your skin soft, silky, and smelling wonderfully fresh.


Wholesale Christmas Baubles

With lots of designs to choose from, there's a bauble gift set for everyone; cat lovers, dog lovers, angel enthusiasts and more. These designs have been created with every aspect of the Christmas season in mind!

The sizes and weights are approximate, each set of baubles comes with four designs. Hand crafted in a tin with designs on both sides, lovely vintage festive things to treasure for years to come.


Himalayan Bath Salt & Deodorant

Himalayan crystal salt is pristine and natural. It consists of the perfect geometric structure possible in rock crystals, the result of millions of years of compression under the Earthís surface. It forms a precise mesh with our body's inner workings because Himalayan crystal salt contains an almost identical set of elements to those found inside the human body: that is, it contains 84 of the possible 92 trace minerals, and in the same proportions as naturally exists in our blood.

Himalayan crystal salt can be dissolved in a hot bath for a healthy soak, or blended with essential oils for a rich body scrub.


Wholesale Kraft Window Bag

Kraft Window bags give that natural feel, and with a bit of imagination and entrepreneurial flare, you can create a product unique to your shops, enabling (dare we say), Krafty profit margins.

They have a grip closure which can be opened and closed many times. The self-supporting round bottom gusset ensures that the bags can stand freely on retail shelving or next to your till. Kraft bags are sold in a pack of 50 bags in six different sizes, with the central window ensuring your products are clearly on display and making it easy to customise your product by adding your own branded labels. They are also great for packaging Himalayan Bath Salts, AWGsoaps, Unwind Potions, Chill Pills and many more gift lines.


Wholesale Glass Candy Jars

Glass Candy Jars, perfect if you are creating your own products and sell very well just as they are. Kilner jars are good for customers creating their own homemade jams, sauces, honey...

You could fill them with AW products and sell as a readily made gift.. Also sold by carton for really keen prices..Care instructions: hand wash only. Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use. Stock today to get in on this vintage trend.


Spa & Hotel Cotton Towels

Wholesale bath towels are an essential part of any business selling bathroom related items as well as for all Spas, B&B's, Guest Houses and Hotels. Take a look at our Indian cotton bath towels for a luxurious feel all made from 100% Indian Cotton for added lavish thickness.
All our face towels, hand towels, and bath towels are machine washable saving you and your customers time doing the laundry

These mermaid cushion covers are embellished with shiny sequins which change colour as you brush your hand along the surface, this brings some interactivity and fun to a sofa and is incredibly satisfying to play with!

They come in lots of different colour combinations to suit any customers home or personality. Every order comes with 4 covers. We also supply the cushion inners. Nobody will be able to resist playing with the colours and trying to draw pictures or write their names, we definitely couldn't! (Especially with the Violet & silver cushion, one of our favourites...)

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