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September 2020

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If you've decided to partner with a third party recruitment firm, there are a few things you should consider before selecting the firm that will work on your next hire. For this month's newsletter, we share the best ways to evaluate a recruitment firm to find out who will deliver the best candidates most efficiently. But first, please see our Featured Candidates and Positions.


Featured Candidates for Employers

Candidate 1: General Manager

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We are working with a high level automotive professional that is actively seeking new employment as a General Manager or Platform Manager in a stable, growing dealership group. This person has 25 years of experience in high-volume dealerships, managing teams of over 170 employees. They have a successful track record of sales growth and profitability improvement, increasing their dealership’s EBT from $1.5M to over $6M in a short period of time. They also were able to increase new car sales by over 30% and profitability by over 35% within one year. They have well rounded experience with both domestic and import brands, but has a passion for high-line vehicles. If this sounds like someone that could help your dealer group please email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.106.

Candidate 2: F&I Director

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Another candidate that we are working with at the moment is an accomplished automotive consultant and financial management expert. They have over 20 years experience of progressive achievements in leading, mentoring, training, and improving the profitability and performance of 11 automotive dealerships and management staff in both single-point and multiple-point dealership settings. This person successfully took the Florida Market from 18th place to #1 and improved YOY profits continually.They are looking for the opportunity to join a company that they can have a strategic voice in at the corporate level to have an impact on growth throughout multiple stores. If you are interested in speaking with this person, please email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.106.

Candidate 3: Corporate Fixed Ops Trainer

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This candidate is a 5 time Honda President’s Award winner and has over 20 years of customer relations, sales, training, and leadership experience with a focus on fixed operations excellence. They have spent the bulk of their career in a top 20 US dealer group and have trained and onboarded hundreds of employees over 7 service departments and brands. This person is a highly skilled mentor and has successfully improved all metrics across their platform of stores through analysis and refining best practices and strategy within the fixed operations processes. This person is NADA Fixed Ops certified and has a passion for professional development, they are constantly striving to improve both themselves and the team around them to care for their customers in the best way possible. Please contact Elliott if you would like to learn more about this candidate: or call 313-887-830 ext 106.


Featured Positions for Job Seekers

Position 1: Automotive Aftermarket North American Marketing Manager

This position is responsible for the overall marketing strategy for the auto aftermarket division of a $15B, tier one manufacturer. The ideal candidate would have 5-7 years of well rounded experience with both digital and traditional marketing in a large manufacturing organization. This person should have an entrepreneurial spirit, and be able to efficiently manage themselves and their team to effectively execute their campaign schedule. This position works closely with the sales team, ensuring they have the marketing resources they need to service their customers and grow their territories. Our client is proud to offer its employees a safe, positive working environment and has the retention and employee satisfaction rates to prove it! They are highly focused on R&D and will be making automotive components for many decades to come. If this sounds like an opportunity that you would like to learn more about, please email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.106.

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How to Select the Best Recruitment Firm to Handle Your Next Hire

Whether you do not have the time, the resources, the manpower, or the right connections, there are many reasons to seek out a third party firm to handle the recruitment of your next hire. The first step is arriving at the conclusion that the services of an outside recruitment firm should be obtained. The second stage, which is what we are focusing on in this article, is how to choose the right firm for your hiring needs.

There are many highly skilled and highly experienced recruiters out there. Choosing the right one to conduct your next talent search may seem overwhelming. There are ways to narrow down your search and find the perfect recruitment firm to partner with your business. We have assembled a list of the top considerations to make when seeking a third party partner for recruitment.

Similar Values
This is an often overlooked quality to evaluate a professional recruitment firm on. It is important to find a firm that has similar values as your own business. A third party recruitment firm will be the first point of contact between you and your potential hires and will therefore be a representation of your own business. A recruiting firm that shares the same values as your own business will successfully represent your business and have a deeper understanding of what would make a candidate a successful employee at your business.

Be sure to take some time to clearly outline the core values of your business and ask any recruitment firm you are considering to do business with do the same. Assess to see if there are parallels between the two sets of values to ensure a cohesive partnership.

Matching Specialties
Choose a professional recruiting firm that specializes in your industry or in your niche. Whether it is a very specific product, a unique service, or specialized role, there is more than likely a recruiter who has worked in that field. Finding a firm that has a background in your industry will be more efficient and successful in finding you the best candidate because they understand the requirements, the language and the specific needs on a deeper level.

Take a look at what makes your business unique, what technologies and language you use, what niche area you work in and find a recruitment firm that specializes in a way that will be useful to you. A recruitment firm that is experienced in your niche area should be well-known in your industry so asking industry peers is a good place to start.

Years of Experience
As with most professions, the more years of experience a recruitment firm has, the higher the level of professionalism and expertise. Top recruiters have many years under their belt building relationships with professionals in a given industry or field of work. They will also have a very polished way of conducting their search and managing their relationships with candidates. If you want to hire a high-quality third party recruitment firm, select one with a considerable amount of years spent recruiting in your industry.

The options can be seemingly endless when seeking out an outside recruitment firm to partner with for your next hire. However, there are methodical ways to evaluate and drastically narrow down your options. Finding the best recruiting partner for your business is the first step in finding the perfect candidates for your open positions.


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