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Today, We Are In Phase 2

Some graphics below, which show good trends. 25 cases per 100,000 is the one of targets needed to move to Phase 3. That assessment is a rolling two-week look back, so the relevant number for our County is at 72.4 cases. You can see from the dashboard however, that the trend is keeping us on a path to get there, perhaps in two months or less (that comes from me and my rough guess, not any of the decision makers!).

The Snohomish Health District weekly snapshot came out at the end of the day on Monday. Here are graphics from that, which reports data as of August 15. It shows the improved case rate. However, the proportion of cases and contacts being reached within one to two days has decreased, while the number of outbreaks reported has increased.

The snapshot also includes the guidelines (the targets listed) needed to move to Phase 3. All moves to a new phase are frozen statewide for now, but staying safe and getting healthy as a region will get us ready for that.

Snohomish County data from the state dashboard is below, which shows data as of August 18.

Business Grants

Our City CARES for Business grant application is still open, through September 1. Application and information is here.

There should be another county-wide grant application opening in about two weeks. That one will only accept a max number of applications, so you'll want to jump on it right away. I'll send it out as soon as I have official details and the link. This is a second round of the Working Washington Small Business Emergency Grants.

Not a grant, but a reminder about the Mukilteo Business Recovery Town Hall on September 1, 8:00-9:00am with Congressman Rick Larsen, and a panel of speakers from business associations and other experts. Email for zoom link information.


Sno-Isle Libraries has compiled a webpage found here filled with resources to help students and their families make the most of remote learning.

Sort of a resource- an opportunity to give blood and find out if you have antibodies. Bloodworks Northwest is testing all blood donors for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies until Sept. 30. Learn more here.

In The News

I attended our Climate Action Committee meeting last night. They are working towards a final report in December to our City Council, to suggest next steps on how to get to fully renewable energy by 2045. This Columbia Journalism Review article suggests we should refer to climate change as an emergency, and not just an issue. I think our Climate Action Committee members would agree.

This NPR article discusses land management and controlled burns in California, with the lens of Native American tribes' traditions. "Fire has always been part of California's landscape. But long before the vast blazes of recent years, Native American tribes held annual controlled burns that cleared out underbrush and encouraged new plant growth."

BBC describes wildfire impacts on your health. We haven't seen a lot of smoke yet, but it's certainly been significant over other summers.

Internet capability and connection remains a challenge as our kids go back to school. The Seattle Times covers some of the attempts to close that gap.

The Seattle PI addresses the increases we have seen in grocery store prices. Meat, poultry and fish saw the largest increase in price, even when compared to spring 2020 months, as they have had significant disruptions in supply chains due to outbreaks in processing plants. Some of the most staggering items increase include milk and other dairy products, which have increased 12.9% since June 2019. Eggs are also up 10.6% from last year.


New research by the University of Minnesota and the University of Washington finds that every six additional ICU beds or seven additional non-ICU beds filled by COVID-19 patients leads to one additional COVID-19 death over the following week. “A spike in hospitalization naturally leads to more deaths, but these deaths may not only come from those who are hospitalized, but also from those who should have been hospitalized but were not,” said co-author Anirban Basu, a UW professor of health economics.

Great data visualizations in the Seattle Times of COVID case counts, data, hospitalizations- in our state, country and worldwide.

NPR: Another COVID-19 Medical Mystery: Patients Come Off Ventilator But Linger In A Coma

Philadelphia Inquirer: The coronavirus is damaging kidneys. Doctors worry that some survivors will need dialysis forever.

STATNews: Four scenarios on how we might develop immunity to Covid-19.

Rhode Island performed a thorough and conscientious evaluation of COVID-19 transmission at day care centers. The state allowed day care centers to reopen when the rate of local community spread became sufficiently low — with several rules in place. Adults had to wear masks, everyone had to stay in the same room, a maximum of 12 people were allowed in a “pod” (later expanded to 20), daily symptom screening had to take place, and other protective measures were established. COVID-19 cases occurred at 29 of the 666 reopened centers. In 20 (69%), there was a single case and no apparent secondary spread. Five centers had more than one case, but epidemiological evaluation demonstrated the source of the cases was not within the centers. An inspection found that one center with 10 cases had not been following the state rules. Another center had two cases, one of which was a staff member who moved throughout the center. Will Covid-19 Failures Force Changes to the Public Health System?

COVID-19 “testing deserts” exist in all 50 states, according to data from GoodRx, with the result that 67 million patients have a median travel distance of 22 miles to reach a test center. Further, 67% of all U.S. counties have no testing sites, and analyses revealed significant economic, racial, and ethnic inequites related to a community’s access to nearby testing.

State Guidance Updates

Inspiration and Diversions

Congrats to local photographer Terry Preshaw, for her photo of Rosehill now featured in Destination Pacific Northwest. Destination Pacific Northwest features high quality images capturing the beauty of all areas of Washington, British Columbia, Oregon, Idaho & nearby areas, with over 40,000 followers of their Facebook page.


According to this story on CNN, after Cedar Rapids, Iowa was devastated by a powerful windstorm that left millions in Iowa and Illinois without power, the owner of a local barbecue restaurant stepped up to help his neighbors. “… Restaurant owner Willie Fairley of Willie Ray's Q Shack has provided his neighbors with more than 1,000 meals at no cost. His commitment to serving up freshly grilled ribs, chicken, burgers and hot dogs to those who need it most right now has made him a local hero. Fairley says online donations for the restaurant mean he'll continue to serve people for free for as long as he can.”

City Information

Lighthouse Park, Edgewater Beach and 92nd Street Park reopened on May 5. Bathrooms are open only at Lighthouse Park 7am-7pm. Playgrounds remain closed until either Phase 3 or when we have full staffing and ability to clean daily.

Trails and sidewalks continue to be open for your physical activity! Please respect physical distance of six feet.

All City Facilities closure: City operations will continue via primarily phone, email and online. The public is encouraged to call (425) 263-8000 for assistance with City services or visit our website at Government services are not slated to reopen until Phase 3 of the new reopening plan, which is mid-June at the earliest.

For more information on city facilities, see this link.

Case Count

Current case count is 110 confirmed or probable COVID-19 cases identified in Mukilteo (two new cases), and 92 individuals who are recovered (1 new).

County and city case counts are available at this link, updated each weekday at 2pm.

General Resource Links

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