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The Countdown Begins!

Only 15 days to go until the start of the 2022 season! Read on for some tips to help prepare for your first practice. It's not too late to get your student athlete signed up and involved in the Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League! To contact your local team and coach: Missouri NICA Team Contacts

Interested in coaching or riding with your student athlete in our league? Start HERE

In this edition of SingleTrack Times:
* Student spotlight featuring Jillian S. from the St. Charles Bears
* How to prepare for your first practice
* Read all about Missouri's GRiT and Teen Trail Corps programs

2022 is going to be such a FUN season!

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Annie, Kerri & Chris
Associate League Directors
Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League

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Photo Credit: Kerri Mileski


2022 Missouri NICA Events Calendar:

Race #1 - August 27th-28th @ St. Joe State Park, Park Hill, MO

Race #2 - September 10th-11th @ Fellows Lake, Springfield, MO

Race #3 - September 24th-25th @ Shawnee Bend, Warsaw, MO

Race #4 - October 8th-9th @ Binder Park, Jefferson City, MO

Race #5 - October 22nd-23rd @ Two Rivers Bike Park, Highlandville, MO

For more information on upcoming coach clinics, GRiT rides, and other special events, check out our website: Missouri NICA Website

rockwood practice

Photo Credit: Rockwood Composite

Preparing for Your First NICA Practice!

Did you read the NICA Code of Conduct this year?
Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful

Be Responsible includes coming to practice prepared!

What you need:

▪ Your bike in good working order
▪ A well-fitting helmet
▪ Closed-toed shoes
▪ Comfortable clothes for riding
▪ Plenty of snacks and water!
▪ Sunscreen and bug spray
▪ A spare tube to fix a flat tire or an appropriate flat tire kit
▪ A pack to carry your stuff while you are riding
▪ A great attitude
▪ Be ready to have FUN!
Your bike in good working order
A well-fitting helmet
Closed-toed shoes
Comfortable clothes for riding
Plenty of snacks and water!
Sunscreen and bug spray
A spare tube to fix a flat tire or an appropriate flat tire kit
A pack to carry your stuff while you are riding
A great attitude
Be ready to have FUN!

Student Spotlight: Jillian S. (8th Grade), St. Charles Composite Bears

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Photo Credit: Alex Noguera

What attracted you to join NICA and the St. Charles Bears?
My mother and her boyfriend biked and I slowly got into it. I joined the team and my love for biking skyrocketed. It's just so much fun!
What was your favorite NICA experience?
Hanging out with my friends and teammates. We had so much fun and some inside jokes. Being with other females and empowering ourselves and the GRiT tent were so amazing.
What is the funniest thing your coach ever said to you or the funniest thing you ever saw at practice?
I can't pinpoint a specific scenario but my team always joked around so much and we had lots of fun. Very witty and sarcastic.
What bike do you currently ride? What's your dream bike?
I currently have a purple Trek Rosco (I think). I don't really have a dream bike but my perfect bike would have to have a dropper seat, cool bird designs, lime green coloring, and to be a working bike.
Which mountain bike rider(s) inspire you and why?
My now coaches Izzy and Gabby are very inspiring to me because they are strong females that are older than me and are just amazing people and role models. We also have similar body types and I find that to be comforting. They were student athletes last year and now they coach my team. (Go Bears!) Another inspiring rider is Angela Peterson because she's so fun and such a strong rider. Lastly is my mom, Brit Phillips, who has always supported me and been such a good coach to me and always is an amazing rider and great to my team.
What is your favorite ride food?
I don't really have a favorite ride food since I don't really eat on the trails but fruits snacks and cliff bars are good before rides and when stopping for a little bit.
What is your favorite post-ride snack?
I don't really eat after rides but sweets are quite good I guess.
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
My favorite flavor is chocolate and cookie dough. So delicious.
What are your goals for the 2022 season?
For the 2022 season, I'm really going to try and podium at at least one of the races.


GRiT Corner

GRiT = Girls Riding Together

What is GRiT? Currently, girls represent 22% of Missouri NICA’s overall student-athlete participation. Missouri's GRiT (Girls Riding Together) program seeks to increase that number significantly over the next five years. The GRiT program is Missouri NICA’s effort to recruit and retain more girls and female coaches in NICA programs.

For more information, visit our Website, Missouri GRiT Facebook Page, or email our GRiT coordinator Amanda: amanda@missourimtb.org


Rockwood Composite GRiT

On May 7th, the Rockwood Vipers had an amazing turnout for a girls try-it ride at the Meramec Levee Recreation Park. After some fun games and a great trail ride, the group biked over to Young’s Restaurant & Ice Creamery for some sweet treats to wrap up the event. A lot of fun was had by all!

Won't you join us for our next GRiT ride?


Photo Credit: Sharon Taylor Gullett

GRiT SW Ride at Howler Bike Park

It was more than just a GRiT fun ride at Howler, it was EPIC adventure! Our girls got a heavy dose of adrenaline for sure! Starting out the day, they gave the “Stroller Coaster” a careful try. After several successful runs, the GRiT ladies decided to check out the “Hippie Cowboy” trail.

Howler Bike Park delivered nothing but GRiT smiles for miles!

Howler is a brand new purpose built gravity bike park with shuttle access in Southwest Missouri between Springfield and Branson. To learn more about Howler: Howler Bike Park Comes to Life!


Photo Credit: Ryan Weaver

Teen Trail Corps Corner

IMBA Rules of the Trail

These guidelines for trail behavior are recognized around the world to promote responsible and courteous conduct on shared-use trails. Be aware that conventions for yielding and passing may vary, depending on traffic conditions and the intended use of the trail.

Respect the landscape
Respect your local trail builders and be a good steward of the physical environment. Keep singletrack single by staying on the trail. Practice Leave No Trace principles. Do not ride muddy trails because it causes rutting, widening and maintenance headaches. Ride through standing water, not around it. Ride (or walk) technical features, not around them.

Share the trail
Most of the trails we ride are multi-use. Mountain bikers yield to horses and foot traffic, and descending riders yield to climbing riders. This yield triangle has been formally adopted by land managers since the late 1970s and is a significant reason why we have the access we do. There are some regional differences and unique rules on single-use, directional mountain bike trails—know the code where you ride. Be nice. Say hi.

Ride open, legal trails
Poaching trails, building illegal singletrack or adding unauthorized trail features are detrimental to our access. Poorly-built features could also seriously injure other trail users. If you believe there aren’t enough trails or variety near you, it’s time to get involved. Your engagement will be welcomed because it takes a village to create, enhance and protect great places to ride.

Ride in control
Speed, inattentiveness and rudeness are the primary sources of trail conflict among user groups. If you need to pass, slow down, ring a bell or verbally announce yourself, and wait until the other trail user is out of the path. Use extra caution around horses, which are unpredictable. Be extra aware when riding trails with poor sight lines and blind corners, and make sure you can hear what’s going on around you.

Plan ahead
Be prepared and self-sufficient. Every mountain biker should carry what they need for the ride they’re undertaking, and know how to fix a flat tire and make minor repairs. Download a GPS trail app on your phone for navigation or carry a map in unfamiliar locations. Ride with a partner or share your riding plan with someone if you’re heading out solo.

Mind the animals
When it comes to wildlife, live and let live. In some places, running cattle and disturbing wildlife are serious offenses. If you want to ride with your dog, first find out whether or not it’s allowed by looking up the leash laws. Be prepared to take care of your dog. Ensure your companion is obedient enough to not cause problems for you, other trail users or wild animals.

Check with your local land manager for additional trail information.

To learn more about Teen Trail Corps: Missouri's Teen Trail Corps Program or email Missouri's TTC Coordinator Sharon: sharon@missourimtb.org

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