January 28th, 2023

Dear Friends & Partners,

A very important video was just posted this morning by Dr. Leslyn Lewis revealing that, while Canadians were distracted by COVID-19, the Liberal Government signed Canada onto a charter with the World Economic Forum.

This charter is called the Agile Nations Charter and will seemingly enable the Liberal government to circumvent Parliament's "post-pandemic" governance. What this means remains to be seen, but it is an apparent assault on Canada's sovereignty.

Click here to watch this important briefing now.

Canada's sovereignty is not for sale.

Our elected officials are stewards of the public's trust and must conduct themselves with the utmost respect for our democracy. This was their oath.

If the Agile Nations Charter signing concerns you, please take a moment to call or email your MP right now. They need to hear from Canadians in light of this news release today.

Click here to find your MP by postal code.

For a list of all MP emails, click here.


Our Members of Parliament have been in their constituencies for the last several weeks. Tomorrow they return to the House of Commons for debates and committee work.

There is no doubt that the above charter will be a topic of discussion on the floor of the House of Commons and likely the Senate.

In addition to this, there are other items of importance that our leaders will be discussing, such as:

▪ further expansion of medical assistance in dying
▪ rising inflation, cost of living and interest rates
▪ the internet censorship bills
▪ and the like
further expansion of medical assistance in dying
rising inflation, cost of living and interest rates
the internet censorship bills
and the like

This past week Faytene TV released an interview with MP Garnet Genuis and MP Arnold Viersen, discussing what Canadians should watch for as our MPs return. They also shared some good news from late last year that many Canadians may have missed. Click here, or on the player below to watch that interview.

To email your MP on any issue you care about, simply click here to find your MP by postal code.

For a list of all MP emails, click here.

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