Hello Greetings from terminal 3 Manchester airport enroute to Kolkata via KL. Last week I was telling you about my top 3 dosh deals at Ancient Wisd



Greetings from terminal 3 Manchester airport enroute to Kolkata via KL.
Last week I was telling you about my top 3 dosh deals at Ancient Wisdom. You can read it here.

Sow what you reap.. Can mean two things. You can sow trouble and discontent and for sure it will come back to bite you. Or you can sow creative seeds that hopefully grow into new products and projects making the world a better place.

It's 6am and I'm a bit bleary-eyed, after a hectic few days at HQ in Sheffield. So many projects and not enough time. But below (after my ramblings) you can see some of the fruits of our hard work.

Now it is time to sow some seeds, I'm armed with ideas, designs and samples of new products we want to develop. Here is the plan.

First stop Kolkata, jute and cotton products, then to Delhi ethic bags and stuff, then Agra home of the Taj Mahal and but also home to soapstone and marble artisans. Back to Delhi and then an Airasia flight to Ubud, Bali and carved wooden gifts.. and oh so much more.
I only have time to start projects just a few days here and there. Planting seeds. It takes time, love and attention to get products to fruition. So later samples will come, revisions made, designs adjusted..

I will come back.. But after Bali to China. Tomas our design and marketing guru will be there already also planting seeds. Then after some time in China.. Back to Bali and India and then back to UK by early October. Where hopefully will be results of previous seeds.

That's the plan. Are you coming?

More news next week.

Last minute update..

Just after I wrote this I boarded the flight to Amsterdam. Then all hell broke loose in Sheffield, I received news just as we took off.. . Police cordoned off the area around our warehouse with reports of gunmen in the area.

Obviously the flight was stressful, and as soon as I arrived in Amsterdam I got the more info.

I have now been informed that the area has re-open and we gained access to our warehouse and offices. Following the search and enquiries, police say they're confident there is no substantive evidence to this report and want to reassure the public there is no threat or danger following the incident.

But I'm totally overwhelmed by the messages of support from our customers, my phone is vibrating every second. Thanks it's very heart warming. Your great. Love back to you all.
10 minutes ago Katka from AW messaged me.. Where is the love?
Now a flood of love from you guys.. It is here! Thanks. God bless you.

Gotta go we are taking off.

Take care.

scrunchie with prices

Make a luxurious addition to your bathroom store with these stylish wholesale Scrunchy Display Tubes. They come in large tube display in assorted colours and featured in six different designs, the quantity of the scrunchies in the tube display are between 80 to 120 pieces and each sponge weight between 27g to 50g. The tubes also have four small windows, two each side making it easy for your customers to choose and grab the sponges.


Special Deal: 12 Essential Oils in a free wooden box.
Basically you are getting a free wooden box when you buy 12 oils. The boxes make a great point of sale. Helping you to sell more essential oils.
Alternatively you can sell the box - it has 12 secure compartments to hold bottles.
RRP of a box is £10.50


Take a moment to close your eyes and be whisked away to an exotic paradise with this range of wholesale Tropical Paradise Bath Bombs. Similar in scent to a tempting tropical cocktail, your customers won't want to leave the bathroom.


Denim & Village Embroidery Bags, these bags are great choice for daily use. They are perfect when your customers just want to carry the essentials, Ideal for all occasions and crafted from a casual-cool denim fabric.


Take a look at our Italian Style Handbags where we've combined the natural brown, chocolate and black suede fringe with ethnic style material to give them that trendy boho chic look.
With the trend in mind we have designed those special backs to be worn as a shoulder bag or backpack.


This wonderful collection of Romantic Candle Holders in different shapes and style is back in stock :) These candle holders are very elegant, also great for table centerpiece as decoration or even for a romantic dinner.


The Dream catcher when hung near your bed catches the dreams. The good dreams know how to pass through the dream catcher, the bad dreams not knowing the way get tangled in the dream catcher and perish with the first light of dawn.

shopping bags

Jute Supermarket Shopping Bags with printed messages on or just plain, so your customers can print them and customize as they like. Ancient Wisdom bags are 100% bio-degradable and Eco-friendly too.


Handmade Luxury Bamboo Gift boxes. Ancient Wisdom Bamboo boxes were designed to particularly fit our bath products, but they are also suitable for many others products too, but also could be used as storage boxes for small items or even a trinket box for keys, jewellery or almost anything!

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