HAPPY SPRING ! IT'S SPRING and time for FLOWER POWER! As floral imagery is a specialty of mine AND because this month my floral work will be feature

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As floral imagery is a specialty of mine AND because this month my floral work will be featured in the FLOWERS show at Marilyn Affolter Fine Art Gallery in the trendy (for around here!) Main Street area of downtown McMinnville – FLOWER POWER is on my mind!

White Roses XLG

"White Roses" - original oil - 32"H x 42"W

Flowers DO have Power!

As most of us have experienced, life can be distressing and difficult at times, and we all look for ways to alleviate the stress and improve our overall feeling. Well…how cool is it that floral paintings around ones house have been shown to trigger cheerful feelings, elevate the spirit and bring a sense of optimism to life?
Floral images are also one of the subject matters of artworks sought after for healing environments to support the well being and health of patients.

For a fun indulging in floral imagery and a BLAST of color – click HERE to see many of my available floral images.
Any 'Newsletter' Subscriber (If you received this to read, you are considered one!) interested in one of the paintings or Fine Art Prints, contact me for 10% off any image in the Floral Portfolio – through April -- and mention the FLOWER POWER Newsletter Subscriber Spring Offer

Wine Country - Change of Seasons XLG

"Wine Country - Change of Seasons" - oil on board 'canvas' - 14"w x 11"h


to San Diego area Subscriber for the purchase last month of one of the pieces talked about and featured - "Wine Country - Change of Seasons".

IMG 6639

Me taking a picture from near top of "driveway"!

WHAT Does a 'California Girl' / Artist DO While Snowed in and Isolated in a Rural Area in the Worst Winter in 60 Years (say many 'locals')?

"Funny" note! We were told that it does not snow here...hardly ever. That the property gets a "dusting" of snow, maybe, every 8 or 9 years! HA!

Well – I decided to EXPERIMENT and to learn something TOTALLY NEW that I always wanted to try but never took the time to do!

Known for my 'FINE' Art, I am experimenting with 'FUN' art!



For right now, I am calling these pieces “Inspirational Reminders”.

I don’t know about you, but I have a good number of thoughts and ideas that I may read or hear that can really help and inspire me on life's rollercoaster. Often, I realize that a day went by and I had forgotten some idea or key thought that truly would have been helpful to remember as inspiration, a mental 'tool' or aid to motivation. With that in mind, my first Mixed Media "Fun Art" Experiments are "Inspirational Reminders"!

Below is a one of the first SIX I have painted. It is called “TODAY!

TODAY loresforNewsletterjpg

"TODAY!" - mixed media acrylic - 12"x12" on thick sided wood "canvas"

These new pieces are painted with acrylic paints which dry very quickly compared to the oil paints I am so familiar with. For these pieces, I use collage, stenciling, stamping and other misc techniques. It is fun and different and feels good to learn and experiment with something so new to me.

These new works are not on my web-site....yet!
Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions or comments - please e-mail me!

OH! These pieces will be making their "BIG" debut at the FLOWER show that features my oil paintings coming right up at Marilyn Affolter Fine Art Gallery in McMinnville!
Show starts April 15th if you are in the area!

Mercedes at easel-cropped


As I write, it is still pouring rain. Today was stormy and more to come.

LUCKILY, I have a lot of paintings of FLOWERS around for some uplifting FLOWER POWER in the house!

Gail / Mercedes!

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