Wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument™ with removable lithium battery in nose cone.

Easy NMEA 2000 Wiring with New Air Link 4

+ Discount on Bundle

-- Will the new Air Link work with my Garmin/B&G/Raymarine plotter or Multi-Function Display (MFD)? Yes, the new Air Link 4™ has connectors for both NMEA 0183 and 2000. The diagram below shows the basic NMEA 2000 setup for connecting the Air Link to your GPS chartplotter.

It is easy to add more T-Connectors to connect more devices to the network. There are lots of kits such as this one on Amazon, or this one if you don't need a long backbone cable, or this one with a fuse on the red power wire, to easily get the wiring you need.


NMEA 2000 wiring for connecting Air Link to GPS chartplotter.

Two Great Products, One Price

You can get the new Air Link for $99 if you want to get the data OUT of your wired NMEA network to your smartphone apps. Or, you can transmit from the wireless SailTimer Wind Insrument™ to the Air Link to get wireless wind data IN to your chartplotter.

Best features, lowest price: SailTimer developed the first-ever sailboat Wind Instrument that could transmit to smarphones, a decade ago. This is a mature product. It comes with lots of innovative features: lithium battery, the only anemometer that remains equally accurate whether upright or heeling over, carbon-fiber pointer. You can even raise it on a halyard without needing to climb or lower the mast. Transmit to the Air Link for your plotter, or to your phone/tablet to use with lots of apps. This also appears to be the only masthead anemometer with a digital compass right in the wind direction arrow. That means easier installation (no calibration to the centerline of your boat), and it even works on rotating masts. Order direct from the manufacturer for just $399.99.

Discount Bundle: For the next 2 days, save $25 by ordering the wireless Wind Instrument and Air Link together. With the Wind Instrument there are no wires to install down the mast. Transmit on Bluetooth to the Air Link in the boat, which can plug into your chartplotter display using NMEA wiring.

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