The Dream for Hoopcamp 2015 Dear Hoopcampers Past, Present and Future, As we turn over a new leaf and enter into new endeavors, adventures and possi

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The Dream for Hoopcamp 2015

Dear Hoopcampers Past, Present and Future,
As we turn over a new leaf and enter into new endeavors, adventures and possibilities for our coming year, we face with renewed vision and focus our dreams and aspirations for 2015. It's time to shed the limitations and embrace the full circle of our power to manifest that which makes us feel our BEST because when we truthfully know and feel that we are exemplifying our most grounded and highest self, others are inspired by the magic we radiate. How then can we polish our 'shine' to its biggest and brightest eminence?
All the glitter, LED lights and sparkle tape are just a small part of this shine that comes most powerfully through BELIEVING!

When we believe in our dreams and when we believe that we have the focus and determination to allow them to come true and that all the magical moments along our path are priceless, then the universe will magnetize us towards our true north and all possibilities will manifest.
As we continue to live into all our questions -a light will SHINE our way- and when we really 'get' that this light is US and our unique POWER we will want to dance, sing, and HOOP it out with much LOVE as we return to the REDWOODS to SHINE and POLISH our skills and our flow to even more elegant heights at Hoopcamp's 'Puttin' On the Tricks' 2015 gathering.

We here at Hoopcamp Headquarters have been believing, polishing and keeping the dream alive. We are beyond excited to announce the first round confirmation of our CLASSIEST LINE-UP yet of WORLD FAMOUS HOOP DANCE PROFESSIONALS! at our new DREAM LOCATION in the Redwoods for Hoopcamp 2015.

The Hoopcamp Team
Hoopcamp Heather
Nessia Starr
Allisone Miller ( our newest Goddess of the Gathering

Puttin on the ritz2

SAVE THE DATE: 'Puttin' On The Tricks'

SAVE THE DATE: Join us at Hoopcamp's new DREAM LOCATION at Camp Campbell in the Redwoods of Santa Cruz, CA for our 8th year.
DATES: Mon, Sept. 28- Thurs, Oct 1, 2015.

Register here on Feb. 1st 2015:



Expect more dazzle and delight with indoor accommodations in unique Treehouses and Cabins nestled in the Redwoods.

Join us at Hoopcamp’s new home- Camp Campbell-for an epic year as we gather our international hoop family to dance our moves and tricks with style, finesse and polish. We'll be exploring how to infuse our hoop dance with elegance. We’ll glide, twirl and strut our way back to the days when sparkle and dazzle were supreme and performances told a story between two dance partners with elaborate choreography and pageantry. Get ready to pull out your -top moves- and put on your- top hats- as we sync up with our hoops. We just ‘gotta dance’ and we’re going to do so with CLASS this year at Hoopcamp.

Come be your most RADIANT SELF and experience the 'Gifts of the Gathering'


Start the Music: Our Presenter Lineup Begins

Presenters 2015

The First Round of Hoopcamp Presenters 2015!
Get ready to put on your top hat, your best hoop and tails and step out with these class acts of the Hoop World.

Bags and Valentina-We're so honored to have this dynamic couple sharing their eclectic pizzazz.

Caterina Suttin- We just can't ever get enough of the wonky, the wobbles and the wonder

Tiana Zoumer- Pure inspirational poetry in motion, we are always captivated by her movement.

Caitlin Hoffer- Santa Cruz's Local Isopuppy Rock Star helps us take it to the next level

Bex Burton- Always shows us how to move with grace while being fully present in our body.

The Hoop Hooligans- We're lucky to have this dynamic duo traveling through again to grace us with their mad skills. A top-notch, high energy class act not to be missed.

Erin Shredder- A dazzling diva that delights us and shows us how to hoop and live with courage and conviction.

Matt Poretta- He just makes it look so easy and effortless. This hoop prodigy and stellar teacher will break all those crazy tricks down to their essence for you to dance with.

Babz Robinson-We're so excited to have Babz back because she's just so full of energy and so much fun. She'll have you smiling, giggling and mastering those moves you never thought you could pull off.

Maiki Nope- Those dreadlocks never seem to get in the way of this flow master. Be assured that you will always catch him in action while offering never ending tips and technique.

Stefan Pildes- A Hoopcamp legend, Stefan returns with red nose and more to share his humor, creative style and performance presence to captivate us with unlimited silliness.

And more Magic to come!
Workshop Descriptions will be posted by mid-January on the Hoopcamp Website


Camp Campbell-All the Amenities & the Magic

Meme 3

We here at Hoopcamp Headquarters are SO excited about all that our new location has to offer. Truly this is the location that meets all our needs and is the place to take our gathering to even more epic proportions as we celebrate every year with new and returning Hoopcampers.


NEW THIS YEAR: Kids LOVE HOOPING and we are welcoming your chaperoned children ages 8-12 to hoop and learn alongside all of us Adult Kids!

TREE TOP CABINS: Unique Treehouse accommodations with attached indoor bathrooms and showers- 14 Beds per Cabin
Charging stations for phones at each bunk bed. Windows, Heated

49'er CABINS: Pods of Cabins with centrally located bathhouses- 9-14 Beds per Cabin

GLAMPING CANVAS TENTS: Canvas tents on a wooden platform with Bunk Beds
Outdoor Firepits in each pod of CANVAS TENTS for evening gatherings and 'smores'

Package Pricing for 2015

Pricing Screen Shot

Spread out Payments using BILL ME LATER/PAYPAL

All Packages include: All meals, Accommodations (full linens add $25 per package) Workshops, Hoopcircles, Performances every night and ALL the priceless 'things' that are not 'things' but priceless memories.

Each cabin has HOOP RACKS ( these are actually for hanging kids backpacks but when we saw these- VIOLA- HOOP HANGING RACKS- Photos to come)

Three large outdoor workshop areas within walking distance on flat terrain- NO HILLS!

Beautiful Lodge for indoor and outdoor meals and evening Hoopjams

Cozy indoor workshop areas with fireplaces, couches, seating, etc.

Redwood Amphitheater for outdoor massage and performances framed by Redwoods

Marketplace area close to our Dining area and gathering spot

Large pool with water slide for a POOL PARTY!

Redwood Hiking trails for LED Walks


Hoopcamp is looking for VENDORS!

Vendors 2014

Hoopcamp is looking for VENDORS for our 2015 Marketplace. Send us an email if you'd like to vend or know of a vendor that you want us to include!! We will email you all the info and welcome you into the Hoopcamp Vendor Circle in the Redwoods.

CIRCLE THE LOVE and Support your Hoop-preneurs

Keep spinning it forward as we share the gifts of our gathering with those we love.
Your gifts make it possible for others to tap into and cultivate what they LOVE as we together build our growing CIRCLE.

Info and Links to our Hoops-Giving Vendors 2014 can be found on our Hoopcamp Website:


Help out a Hoop Sister- Groovin Megz

A big call out to the Hoopcamp Family. Our beloved Hoop Sister- Megz needs our help. Please reach out and help!

From Megz GoFundMe Campaign

On Saturday Dec. 27th I was involved in car accident. My 2001 camry Stella Blue suffered most of the damages. I'm asking for help in raising funds for us both to recieve the bodywork we need.

$500 goes to new parts
$300 for labor
$200 for massage/chiropractic/NKT

As a personal trainer/group fitness instructor my jobs are an hour long and spread all throughout Portland Metro Area. I travel to my clients homes bringing the equipment needed: dumb bells, TRX, stability balls, medicine balls. It would be near impossible to bring all this with me on the bus or on a bike.

My soul thrives when helping others. I have pledged my life as service to the community, helping those make healthy life style changes for themselves and their families. By you helping me, it's enabling me to continue my work in the Portland communities. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Car accidents never happen at a "good time" in life. We all know this. I'm in the midst of huge life transitions. I'm moving in 2 weeks, in between jobs, buliding my clients and going back to school this term. I've never been more strapped for funds. Thank you for seeing me in this volunterable space and supporting me.


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We will be creating a new 'Puttin On The Tricks' Facebook Page in Feb for all those registered for Hoopcamp 2015.
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