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Volume 1, Issue 13 - September 2017


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Back to school and mom's can take a break from the hustle and bustle of summer. Summer certainly goes by fast. Good times had by all, but now is time to get back into the swing of things and get ready for Fall.

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Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeping Company: The Time Is Now

Tax season might be over, but if one is to hire virtual bookkeeping company, now is the best time. Preparing ahead of time will save business owners money and stress in the long run.

In 2014, the revenue from accounting services in the US reached $94 billion. According to predictions, revenue from tax preparation, payroll and accounting services will reach $160 billion by 2018. This means people understand the importance of those agencies, so there’s no time like now to hire a virtual bookkeeping company. This can help a business owner get their finances in order and avoid issues and extra costs.

When the next tax season arrives, these services will be in even greater demand than today. This leads to a rise in prices, so preparing ahead of time makes sense. Virtual services, like Kipp’s Books, are easy to work with and cost less than hiring an in-house accountant. In this digital age, they push ahead due to their affordability and convenience.

Hiring a bookkeeping professional is easy and even a small business can afford it. Most importantly, QuickBooks Online software allows business owners to keep track of their finances. Using specialized programs enables their virtual bookkeeper to provide top-quality service anytime.

Virtual Bookkeeping Company: Trust Is Key

When hiring a bookkeeping company, one must look for the most reliable option. These people will deal with the business’ financial records and they must be honest, professional and trustworthy. These are qualities one should look for when researching virtual bookkeeping services.

At their website,, Kipp’s Books Bookkeeping offers testimonials from clients. This is the kind of ‘trustworthiness verification’ one should look for in a virtual bookkeeping service. They must be completely open with their clients, both current and future.

Kipp’s Books Offers Training for Small Businesses

Being a leading virtual bookkeeping company, Kipp’s Books helps people with financial education. They offer QuickBooks Online training for small businesses.

This type of training doesn’t require much time, but it can be a great asset for a beginner. Learning how to deal with financial records wisely from the start can prevent problems in the future.


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