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Upcoming Greek Dates
Community Service Opportunities
Greek Calendar *Greek Cup Points Opportunities

Upcoming Dates

Greek Council November 30th: Nominations and December 7: Elections: 9:15 pm in Orton
Last Fall 15 Party Approval December 1: 4 pm R Room

Sororities Update

Alpha Sigma Pi


Alpha Sigma Pi is a group of women that strives to create close bonds with their sisters and students on campus, give back to their community through charity work, and achieve academic excellence. Their organization is built on students who are greatly involved in a number of things on campus such as Champs, Big buddies, Maroon and Grey, Panhellenic Council, the music and theatre departments, sports, SPURS, ASUR Cabinet, Dance company, and a multitude of clubs and honor societies. They also commit themselves to serving their community through different service projects and events. This semester they volunteered at SURF, helped care for the dogs and cats at BARC, and participated in a variety of other service events put on by the University community such as the Believe Walk, the Orange Blossom Trail Cleanup, and the Big Buddies kickball tournament. In addition, their amazing class of 23 new members organized their participation in the JDRF One Walk to raise money for Type 1 diabetes research, a cause they hold near and dear to their hearts. Although they will miss their members going abroad in the spring, they are very excited to welcome back their many members abroad this semester. Every day they strive towards supporting their sisters and the wider Redlands community by living out their motto of “Not For Ourselves Alone.” They can’t wait to see what else they will accomplish this upcoming spring!

Beta Lambda

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 2.35.36 PM

The ladies of Beta Lambda had a busy and successful semester. At the start of the semester, they took a class of 20 beautiful women. They loved going through the process with them and watching them grow into wonderful, perfect Betas! They had a fun retreat hosted by their chaplain in San Diego, and it was nice to get away from campus and bond. Their informal was in Big Bear, where it was super fun to get up to the colder weather and beauty of the mountains. During intramurals, they had a lot of fun playing other teams in volleyball. More than any other semester, they have actively been volunteering at BARC, a local animal shelter. They were sad to discover that they will be moving their location, but they will find a way to reach out to them or find more animal rescue efforts to support. Within the next few weeks, they are excited to join Big Buddies for a night to guide the kids through one of their activities and teach them the importance of their theme for this month, Service. As next semester quickly approaches, they are getting excited to welcome their 6 abroad girls back to Redlands. They missed them so much! Next semester, they will be taking another class for the spring, looking to expand their community service outreach, and will continue to work hard in their academics and other involvements.

Alpha Xi Omicron

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 2.39.53 PM

Alpha Xi Omicron started off the year by hosting their annual RAINN week which stands for Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network. The week began with a fundraiser at Hanger 24, and they also brought in a speaker, Caylynn Simonson, to raise awareness about Rape and Sexual Assault on college campuses. They are also incredibly proud and excited to welcome their new member class, Worth the Wait 8. They also had a great time at Homecoming where they were able to introduce their new members to Alumnae at their "Wine and Butterfly Wings Luncheon". They had a good time bonding at the Big Buddies Kickball tournament, and will be ending the semester off with a recruitment event called "Warm Up with Alpha Xi" on Wednesday, December 2nd. There they will be making gingerbread houses and decorating sugar cookies while getting to know more women across the Redlands campus. This coming Spring, they are looking forward to hosting their annual Army Party in which all funds go to cancer research which is done for one of their philanthropies, Relay for Life.​

Alpha Theta Phi

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The women of Theta have had an amazing fall semester! To start, they added six new incredible girls who just recently became active. They have been focusing on personal development and have taken group trips to trampoline parks, pumpkin patches, and ice skating rinks. A few weeks ago, they had their informal in Big Bear! They had so much fun playing in the snow and exploring the mountains with their dates! Theta has also worked with a lot of community service groups this semester. They participated in the Big Buddies Anderson Carnival where the members of Big Buddies could "pie a Theta Phi." It was really fun for their members and the kids in Big Buddies! These past couple months have been nothing short of memorable and they are looking forward to all the wonderful things to come in the spring! ​

Delta Kappa Psi

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This past semester, the sisters of Delta Kappa Psi have been continuing with their efforts of service, leadership, and philanthropy. Recently they have worked closely with their philanthropy K.E.Y to the Cure in order to raise awareness of all different types of cancers, as well as help fundraise for the University’s third annual Relay for life. They especially enjoyed spreading this awareness to the local children of Redlands at a night of Big Buddies. Additionally, they had a wonderful time sharing a Bulldog homecoming with many of their Delta alumna at their homecoming celebration. The house was as full as could be and they had a great time reuniting with their alumna. They are looking forward to another great semester in the spring with their fellow Greeks, as well as having their abroad girls returning home soon!

Mingles and Jingles- Meet the Greeks!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.53.42 AM

Come get to know the members of Greek life before spring rush begins! We will be making holiday gifts for kids in need. Hope to see you there!
When: December 7th, Monday
Where: Orton
Time: 7pm-9pm

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Community Service Opportunities

EVERY MEMBER of the Greek Community needs to attend 1 All Greek Event of community service EACH SEMESTER in addition to the required 10 total hours. See below for some upcoming options.

Help with Feast of Lights
Friday, 12/4 – 615pm-1030pm – 9 students needed (we have 2 signed up already)
Saturday, 12/5 – 615pm-1030pm – 11 students needed
Sunday, 12/6 – 215pm-630pm – 11 students needed
Monday, 12/7 – 615pm-1030pm – 11 students needed

-If your organization would like to visit on a night of Big Buddies, please contact for more information!

-Micah House volunteers are still needed! Volunteers are needed from 2-5pm on Monday-Thursdays. If you are interested please visit


Rotaract will have its fourth annual Rotaract Walk this Sunday December 6th! We are meeting at 10:30 am in Duke 300 and an entrance fee of $25 is required. All the money will go towards Project Peanut Butter! Not only are you making a donation to a fantastic cause, but you also free pizza from GOURMET PIZZA in downtown Redlands and 4 hours of community service.

Join us on our walk to downtown Redlands and help us raise awareness for our cause!
Since being re-founded in 2011, the core mission of the University of Redlands Rotaract Club has been to raise $10,000 for a carefully chosen international service organization, each calendar year. Four organizations we have supported are Freedom Firm, Circulo de Amigas, Mending Kids International, and Free Wheelchair Mission.

Our annual $10,000 helped rescue women and girls from brothels in India in 2011, funded education for young women in rural Nicaragua in 2012, sent a surgical team to perform over 30 life-saving child surgeries in Ethiopia in 2013, and sent over a hundred inexpensive and easily repairable wheelchairs to developing nations last year. This year we are supporting Project Peanut Butter, a new revolutionizing way to fight malnourishment! We always select an organization where our graduates and/or their families are involved.

For those of you who have time conflicts but still want to be involved in Rotaract, please contact and you will be added to our email list.

Community Service at a NASCAR Race

Nascar 2016 - Volunteers will help seat in the main grandstand area on Sunday, March 20th.
March 17, 2016 Volunteers 100
March 18, 2016 Volunteers 100
March 19, 2016 Volunteers 200
March 20, 2016 Volunteers 500
If we reach those numbers we will raise $50,000.00!!

An Alumn has also arranged for transportation to and from the U of R which removes that issue completely. I believe that local support of philanthropy is one of Redlands’ greatest attributes.

The first three people who e-mail Christy with the date of the All Greek Bonding this semester, will get free In-n-Out gift card. (If you check your e-mail past December 4th, no need to respond, someone probably already received the gift card!) Click the button below.


Greek Life Calendar

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Greek Cup Points

Below is a list of how an organization can acquire Greek Cup Points for the Fall of 2015.

Lip Sync
• 1st place- 40
• 2nd place- 30
• 3rd place- 20

Intramurals (Beach volleyball, football, tennis)
• 10 points per sport if majority of team is in organization

Big Buddies Kickball Tournament
• 10 points if majority of team is in organization

Community Service Hours
• 1st place- 50
• 2nd place- 40
• 3rd place- 30
The number of hours an organization completes divided by the number of members in said organization

• 1st place- 50
• 2nd place- 40
• 3rd place-30
The average of the organization’s GPA

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