_Ami's Newsletter: Flint Water Crisis, Guild Fundraiser, the MileIQ app, a picture of Zoey, and more! It's all in the January 29th newsletter. _ Zoe


_Ami's Newsletter: Flint Water Crisis, Guild Fundraiser, the MileIQ app, a picture of Zoey, and more! It's all in the January 29th newsletter.


Zoey 1-27-16 LowRez

Zoey is now 15 months old. When I picked her up at day care yesterday she walked out to the car totally on her own power. Didn't even want to hold my hand. Miss Independent!

She's the smallest kid in the toddler room, but what struck me most was that the other kids all have a full compliment of teeth. They smiled when I walked in and I swear some of them had molars. Zoey is working on tooth #4. Any day now.

Zoey feeds herself like a pro, maneuvering food via spork or spoon into her mouth with either hand. When the time is right, she's going to be rotary cutting with both hands; I can just feel it.


Ocean Waves, by Ami Simms

On The Road Again

I had a wonderful teaching trip to Miami and Seattle this month. I can't believe I forgot to share my Ocean Waves quilt with the Ocean Waves guild!

I'll be lecturing locally during the next two months: Town Hall Quilt Guild (2/16) in Clarkston, MI; Quilters Squared (3/8) in Midland, MI; and Tri-County Quilt Guild (3/10) in Warren, MI.

In April I'll be in California visiting the Valley of the Mist Quilters in Temecula, and the Beach Cities Quilt Guild in Mission Viejo. Please join in the fun if you're in the area.


Don's Miss Out

The last time I raised my teaching rates was 2010. It's time. My fees will be going up on March 15th. If your guild brings in national teachers and you think I'd be a good fit, have your Program Chairperson contact me right away. As long as I can offer a contract before March 15th, you'll get my current rates before they go up. I have openings in 2017 and possibly one in 2016. Learn more here.


Guild Fundraiser

One of the ways I try to help out guilds I teach for is by offering them a fundraiser. I offer one of my books at a huge discount and we split the money. I've decided to open that up to ANY guild. Details are here.



If you have to keep track of your mileage for work, there's finally a fun way to do it. MileIQ is a smartphone app that tracks miles for you automatically. After an outing, swipe "business" or "personal." That's it. Instantly download IRS approved reports whenever you want.

For years I kept beat up spiral notebook in the car, forgot half the time to record my mileage, and finally stopped all together. With this app I can input names of places, add notes (why did I go there?!), and much more. It's a great New Years Resolution, even if I discovered it a little late.

You get 40 free trips a month. Or, you can subscribe monthly or annually. Use my affiliate link below to sign up and save 20% on an annual subscription. And, because I think it is important that you know this, I benefit too. MileIQ will send me a $25 gift card if you subscribe with my link. (And I would recommend the app even if they didn't.) Watch the video, then come back and click the button below.


Flint, Michigan

Thank you to everyone who has emailed or called expressing concern for me and my family when they heard about the water crisis in Flint.

Thankfully, we live in Flint Township and not in the City of Flint. Our water at home is safe. My husband teaches in the only Catholic school in the City of Flint. Obviously, they have to use bottled water, but they are well-stocked.

This has been, and continues to be, a horrific situation for those who do not have safe drinking water in their homes. I am glad Flint is in the national spotlight as it may help bring a solution.

With new developments every day, multiple investigations at every level ongoing, and partisan politics at just about every turn, it is often difficult to sort everything out. Meanwhile, people are hurting.

If you want to help now, I recommend two non-profits that help people in Flint every day, and especially during these difficult times.

St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center: My mom and I volunteered at St Luke's. Back in the day when I asked for sewing supplies, my newsletter readers gave generously. Click here to help support their literacy program, workplace and life skills training, the food pantry, or their sewing business.

Carriage Town Ministries: I've known Dallas Gatlin, the executive director, for more than 40 years. He and Steve were college suite-mates. The donation button is in the upper right.


Scooter's Video Pick

Dog here. Panda there. Click please. We did not get enough snow. And no pandas came to play in the yard. I know. I looked. And I barked too in case any pandas were not looking for me. I will check again now and then ask Mom to arrange a play date.


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have a wonderful quilty day. I'm off to do some crumb piecing!

AmiSimms Sig

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