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There were some tense moments in our recent employee compensation negotiations as our Marketing Director was holding out for a puppy. The Executive Committee held firm, and we ultimately arrived at a compromise.


March - April- May 2023

Announcements, colorful commentary, and useful financial planning tidbits from John H. Robinson

Editor s Notes
Treasury Default

So much for the "risk-free" asset... Last week, All FPH Clients received an email advising them to liquidate government securities money market funds and Treasury bills maturing in early June. READ MORE...

Here are two more recent articles on the Debt-Ceiling Crisis:

A debt deal might struggle to pass Congress, despite support from party leaders. (NY Times)

Don't Call the Debt Ceiling Deal a Success. It Shouldn't Have Been a Crisis at All (L.A. Times)

Schwab TD Merger

Change is in the Wind...Updates on the following topics:

1. Charles Schwab/TD Ameritrade Integration
2. Good-bye National Financial Services (NFS)
3. Discretionary Trading Authorization
1. Charles Schwab/TD Ameritrade Integration
2. Good-bye National Financial Services (NFS)
3. Discretionary Trading Authorization


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Discretionary vs. Non-Discretionary Investment Accounts(SmartAsset.com)


Trusted Contact vs. Financial PoA...In 2023 alone we have had three senior clients who have been victimized by online scammers. This article raises awareness of the value of the Trusted Contact form as a tool that enables financial advisors to be proactive in preventing these crimes. READ MORE...


AI is a hot topic... In the financial planning industry there is a growing consensus that AI may be valuable for content creation. Others believe it may pose an existential threat to human financial planners. In February, I took ChatGPT for a test drive to explore the issue myself. READ MORE...


Something strange happened in the CD market last week... With rates north of 5% for CDs ranging from 1 month to 7 years, I am compelled to recommend clients begin laddering maturities again. READ MORE...


Should you redeem Series I savings bonds purchased between November 1, 2021 and October 31, 2022 now that the 6-month annualized interest rate is just 3.38%? I am. READ MORE..

In the NEws-unsplash

FPH In the News... This month, my research and commentary were featured in Smart Asset and U.S. News & World Report. READ MORE...

estate law

How to Get Assets Into Your Living Trust... One of the most common issues we catch in our financial planning reviews is living trusts that have been drafted but never funded. In many cases, the clients mistakenly believed that the act of drafting the trust is the same as funding the trust (It isn't!). In other cases, the failure to put major assets into the trust is due to uncertainty about how to go about getting the assets into the trust.

Included in my latest Blog post on this topic is a guide on how to get different types of assets into a living trust. READ MORE...


Apropos of Nothing

Curious, sometimes humorous snippets of daily life that may or may not have anything to do with financial planning.


The two short videos below have precious little to do with financial planning but serve as sterling examples of how our success, failure, and even our very existence can be determined in a fraction of a second by a lucky (or unlucky) bounce.

Miami Wedding

We Thought We Won

Well that put a damper on the wedding party... As a lifelong fan of the Boston Celtics, Game 6 against the Miami Heat in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals was an emotional roller coaster that felt as stressful as any bad day at the office. It was far worse, however, for these poor hapless Miami Heat fans who celebrated their team's victory a fraction of a second too soon at a wedding reception. The missed shot by Celtics guard Marcus Smart that would have ended the Celtics season and sent the Heat to the NBA Championship series was tipped in by Smart's backcourt teammate, Derrick White, just 1/10 of a second before time expired.

Unfortunately, for my Celtics, Miami exacted their revenge and finished them off in Game 7.

Palolo Boulder

The Luckiest Woman on Earth...A woman living in Honolulu's Palolo Valley had her house destroyed by a massive boulder in January. Watch this video to see why Mrs. Sasaki was probably the luckiest person alive on that day.

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How to get various asset types into your revocable trust

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