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Journal of Alzheimer's Disease | COVID-19 Statement

The current COVID-19 crisis is affecting many lives, and also research initiatives. At the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease (JAD), we are continuing our efforts, working from home where possible, to continue assessing papers for publication to progress advances in Alzheimer's research. We appreciate the time and efforts of our editors, authors, and reviewers to make this possible. It is understandable that extensions or reassignments may be needed, in which case we ask you to talk to our editorial staff. If you are self-isolating or staying at home following recommended guidelines and you are considering writing a review article within the AD specialty, then we invite you to contact the editorial team by email (editorial@j-alz.com) to explore publication. We wish you all strength in these trying times and hope to see you all remain healthy as we move through this.

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Volume 74, Issue 2 / 2020 Online

Low-Dose Radiation Therapy: A New Treatment Strategy for Alzheimer’s Disease?
Ceyzériat, Kelly | Tournier, Benjamin B. | Millet, Philippe | Frisoni, Giovanni B. | Garibotto, Valentina | Zilli, Thomas

Mechanoceutics Alters Alzheimer’s Disease Phenotypes in Transgenic Rats: A Pilot Study
Tobey, Hope | Lucas, Tyler | Paul, Soumen | Berr, Stuart S. | Mehrkens, Brittney | Brolinson, Per Gunnar | Klein, Bradley G. | Costa, Blaise M.

A Structured Physical Exercise Program Reduces Professional Caregiver’s Burden Caused by Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Acute Dementia Care: Randomized Controlled Trial Results
Fleiner, Tim | Dauth, Hannah | Zijlstra, Wiebren | Haussermann, Peter

Individual Differences in the Effects of Physical Activity on Cognitive Function in People with Mild to Moderate DementiaOpen Access
Uijen, Iris L. | Aaronson, Justine A. | Karssemeijer, Esther G.A. | Olde Rikkert, Marcel G.M. | Kessels, Roy P.C.

Day-to-Day Home Blood Pressure Variability is Associated with Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Burden in a Memory Clinic PopulationOpen Access
de Heus, Rianne A.A. | Reumers, Stacha F.I. | van der Have, Alba | Tumelaire, Maxime | Tully, Phillip J. | Claassen, Jurgen A.H.R.

Sleep-Wake Cycle in Alzheimer’s Disease Is Associated with Tau Pathology and Orexin Dysregulation
Liguori, Claudio | Spanetta, Matteo | Izzi, Francesca | Franchini, Flaminia | Nuccetelli, Marzia | Sancesario, Giulia Maria | Di Santo, Simona | Bernardini, Sergio | Mercuri, Nicola Biagio | Placidi, Fabio

Glucose Fluctuations Are Linked to Disrupted Brain Functional Architecture and Cognitive Impairment
Xia, Wenqing | Luo, Yong | Chen, Yu-Chen | Chen, Huiyou | Ma, Jianhua | Yin, Xindao

Working Towards a Blood-Derived Gene Expression Biomarker Specific for Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access
Patel, Hamel | Iniesta, Raquel | Stahl, Daniel | Dobson, Richard J.B. | Newhouse, Stephen J.

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Volume 74, Issue 1 / 2020 Online

Inflammation in Traumatic Brain Injury
Postolache, Teodor T. | Wadhawan, Abhishek | Can, Adem | Lowry, Christopher A. | Woodbury, Margaret | Makkar, Hina | Hoisington, Andrew J. | Scott, Alison J. | Potocki, Eileen | Benros, Michael E. | Stiller, John W.

Light Modulation of Brain and Development of Relevant Equipment
Li, Xiaoran | Liu, Chunyan | Wang, Rong

Is the p3 Peptide (Aβ17-40, Aβ17-42) Relevant to the Pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease?
Kuhn, Ariel J. | Raskatov, Jevgenij

Oxidized Products of Omega-6 and Omega-3 Long Chain Fatty Acids Are Associated with Increased White Matter Hyperintensity and Poorer Executive Function Performance in a Cohort of Cognitively Normal Hypertensive Older Adults
Shinto, Lynne | Lahna, David | Murchison, Charles F. | Dodge, Hiroko | Hagen, Kirsten | David, Jason | Kaye, Jeffrey | Quinn, Joseph F. | Wall, Rachel | Silbert, Lisa C.

Sex-Specific Associations Between Depressive Symptoms and Risk for Subsequent Dementia
Heser, Kathrin | Kleineidam, Luca | Pabst, Alexander | Wiese, Birgitt | Roehr, Susanne | Löbner, Margrit | Hajek, André | van der Leeden, Carolin | Angermeyer, Matthias C. | Scherer, Martin | König, Hans-Helmut | Maier, Wolfgang | Riedel-Heller, Steffi G. | Wagner, Michael

Braak Stage, Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy, and Cognitive Decline in Early Alzheimer’s Disease
Malek-Ahmadi, Michael | Perez, Sylvia E. | Chen, Kewei | Mufson, Elliott J.

Metabolic Profiles Help Discriminate Mild Cognitive Impairment from Dementia Stage in Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access
Jääskeläinen, Olli | Hall, Anette | Tiainen, Mika | van Gils, Mark | Lötjönen, Jyrki | Kangas, Antti J. | Helisalmi, Seppo | Pikkarainen, Maria | Hallikainen, Merja | Koivisto, Anne | Hartikainen, Päivi | et al.

ABCA7 Genotype Moderates the Effect of Aerobic Exercise Intervention on Generalization of Prior Learning in Healthy Older African Americans
Sinha, Neha | Berg, Chelsie N. | Shaw, Ashlee | Gluck, Mark A.

Adiposity, Weight Change, and Risk of Cognitive Impairment: The Singapore Chinese Health Study
Talaei, Mohammad | Feng, Lei | Barrenetxea, Jon | Yuan, Jian-Min | Pan, An | Koh, Woon-Puay

Potential of FTIR Spectroscopy Applied to Exosomes for Alzheimer’s Disease Discrimination: A Pilot Study
Soares Martins, Tânia | Magalhães, Sandra | Rosa, Ilka Martins | Vogelgsang, Jonathan | Wiltfang, Jens | Delgadillo, Ivonne | Catita, José | | et al.

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Most Viewed JAD Articles in Q1 2020

Listing the popular papers via the IOS Press Content Library published recently (in Vols.72 & 73)

Aluminum and Amyloid-β in Familial Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.73, Iss.4, 2020)
Mold, Matthew | Linhart, Caroline | Gómez-Ramírez, Johana | Villegas-Lanau, Andrés | Exley, Christopher

Concentration-Dependent Activity of Hydromethylthionine on Cognitive Decline and Brain Atrophy in Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.72, Iss.3, 2019)
Schelter, Bjoern O. | Shiells, Helen | Baddeley, Thomas C. | Rubino, Christopher M. | Ganesan, Harish | Hammel, Jeffrey | Vuksanovic, Vesna | Staff, Roger T. | Murray, Alison D. | et al.

Molecular Mechanisms and Genetics of Oxidative Stress in Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.72, Iss.4, 2019)
Cioffi, Federica | Adam, Rayan Hassan Ibrahim | Broersen, Kerensa

Can Healthy Diets, Regular Exercise, and Better Lifestyle Delay the Progression of Dementia in Elderly Individuals? (Review Article in Vol.72, Iss.s1, 2019)
George, Elizabeth Kurudamannil | Reddy, P. Hemachandra

Current Status of Healthy Aging and Dementia ResearchOpenly Available (Symposium Summary in Vol.72, Iss.s1, 2019)
Reddy, P. Hemachandra | Swerdlow, Russell H. | Culberson, John | Kang, David | Mitchell, Tedd L. | Smith, Quentin | Suneja, Sanoj | Ory, Marcia G. | Kumar, Subodh | et al.

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