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Greetings, School Leaders and Partners!

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We hope to communicate the great things happening in the City by way of Urban Foli Djembe Orchestra Performing Arts, Inc.
Each school year, we make an effort to engage new schools and communities using West African Folklore, Culture, and Music.

We would love to talk about bringing my program to your school (I offer both in school and after school curriculum).


What is Urban Foli?

Urban Foli is a musical theater performance group that expresses traditional African drumming and dance bridged with contemporary sound and movements. Urban Foli uses ethnomusicology to cultivate a mixture of West African and African American percussion and culture.

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Project Goals: Muze It addresses its mission by providing the following goals: 1) to provide artistic development to students through ongoing practices, workshops and performance opportunities where students acquire discipline, presentation and critical thinking skills; 2) to provide leadership training to prepare students to be educators and to support their learning and understanding of certain mathematical skills (to master the techniques of drum and dance one must use certain basic mathematical timing and sequencing); and 3) to encourage social activism and social responsibility by working with a host of community partners throughout Baltimore City and region to raise the standards of thinking for budding student artists and audiences alike.


We offer...

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School Assemblies

Our team of professional artists and musicians offer an interactive experience, combining tranditional and contemporary tunes! Audience participation is encouraged!

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Staff Team Building

Participants learn the various parts of traditional rhythms, and learn how to plan the melody as a group. This activity is used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, tune up listening skills and improve concentration.

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Community Drum Classes

The djembe is one of West Africa's best known instruments.

Founder Menes Yahudah instructs weekly classes for children and adults.

Students will learn:

▪ how the instruments are constructed;
▪ how to listen and learn specific technical rhythms and sound;
▪ gain a deeper understanding of the healing powers of this instrument.
how the instruments are constructed;
how to listen and learn specific technical rhythms and sound;
gain a deeper understanding of the healing powers of this instrument.

Participants will use what they learn to become active drummers and players in final performances.

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Meet the Founder

Menes Yahudah is an Ethnomusicologist, Artist and Cultural Arts Education. Named one of the 2015 OSI-Baltimore Community Fellows, his West African drumming career has span over 35 years. He is a 1994 graduate of Baltimore City College. During his musical studies both in the United States and abroad, Menes has blossomed into an accomplished musician.

Menes Yahudah is considered one of the most sought after professional drummers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Menes has spent extensive time in the African countries such as: Guinea, Senegal, Gambia and the Ivory Coast, for the purpose of both performance and study. He has also travelled internationally to Asia and the Caribbean.

Menes has performed or collaborated with the likes of Mamady Keita, Omar Penne, Djimo Kouyate, Baile McKnight, Mahiri Fadjimba Keita, Maria Broom, Cleveland Chamber Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Sweet Honey and The Rock, Famoudou Konate, and Papa Ladji Camari.

Menes is the founder and director of Urban Foli, a member of Farafina Kan and a certified instructor with the Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy.
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Some of the many schools and partners from school year 2017-18:

▪ Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School
▪ Tench Tilghman
▪ Johnston Square
▪ Moravia Park
▪ Fort Worthington
▪ Walter P Carter
▪ Riverview
▪ Orchkids
▪ The Y of Central Maryland
▪ Greenmount West Community Association
▪ Creative Alliance
▪ Walters Art Museum
Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School
Tench Tilghman
Johnston Square
Moravia Park
Fort Worthington
Walter P Carter
The Y of Central Maryland
Greenmount West Community Association
Creative Alliance
Walters Art Museum

Menes Yahudah
Urban Foli Djembe Orchestra Performing Arts, Inc.
Ph. 410-805-4512 or booking@urbanfoli.com

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