Hi ! Sometimes to relax I fold fabric, or cut scraps.. or sort strips and put them into bundles. Do you ever do this? We quilt makers love the too

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Hi !

Sometimes to relax I fold fabric, or cut scraps.. or sort strips and put them into bundles.

Do you ever do this?

We quilt makers love the tools we work with. The yummy Fabric, Beautiful threads, and fun books and patterns we collect (and sometimes USE!)

For my Moda fabric we get a big box of strips from the making of the salesman books and some of the other projects they do in the sample department. The other day I got out and sorted them neatly by color and put them away.

Now I'm wondering... What should I make???

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Spread Sunshine

I live in a very small house, with no basement, no usable attic, and I run a publishing firm from home.

So when we return from events, my living room is my staging area. I have quilts for workshops, quilts from my new book and quilts for my new patterns.. all.. over.. the place... wheeee!!

They may still be there..... stay tuned!

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Farmer's Market Sew Along!

Hurry Hurry! Not much time left to enter to win! Enter HERE

111 41d

My Friend Amy Hosts a really fun Quilt Festival twice a year and I entered my 'I Believe' quilt! Read a bit about my quilt, then at the end is a link to go check out all the beautiful quilts people are sharing! Read HERE

fancy fox kit

I had to share this one again... i so love it!
Get a KIT HERE... hurry.. it's a GREAT price!

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full 434 119309 EasyChristmasTableRunner 3

I was talking with a friend about unique ways to use our fabric Selvage edges and she sent me a link to this pattern for a book shelf!

I really think it's clever and you can cut images to add to the shelf, that that gnome!

It's a very reasonable price at 2.00 .. buy HERE

This FREE table runner is super cute done in red and green. I bet it makes up super quick! do I see gift making in your future?

More FREE patterns

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pat sloan booth

Have you wondered what a trade show is like?

It's not the same a going to a quilt show. It's a business thing, eve thought it's a FUN business thing, it is different and I want to share a bit about it!

Here is the first article.. I'll do a few others this month!

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Time to enter your

Scrap Happy
Little Wishes quilt top in my challenge!

Go.... now!

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My Inspiration TIP is to pick up a online class and learn something NEW!

If you are reading this on Sunday... Craftsy Classes are up to 50% off..

And the amazing Family Photography class is 75% off! So many great tips.. Get this one NOW!

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Adele Carnahan Kolb batting on swiffer

Adele K.
Shared this tip!
"when I ran out of Swiffer Sweeper pads this morning , I discovered that a piece of quilt batting does the same job..and just as well.."

And don't we ALL have extra batting? I love my online classroom as everyone has GREAT tips!

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