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Captain Update - January 2018

We are continuing to work hard to create an incredible event for your team! We can't wait to meet all of you on race weekend.

The big task for all captains these next two weeks is to complete your Team Member Form. Kudos to all of you that have already finished! The deadline to complete is February 14th! Email us at if you need your Team Member Form link again.

Below is a LOT of info, but please read through it carefully:

The Team Member Form

Your Team Member Form link is unique to your team. You can share the link with your team members and all changes will be automatically saved. We will get the updates automatically as well.

What is your estimated pace?

Your team pace is the most important piece of information for us on this form. We ask that each participant give us a 10K race pace prediction (in minutes/mile). You should then use these individual predictions to estimate the total team pace in cell B11. Make these predictions as accurate as possible. We don't want you to miss the finish line celebration! The slowest team pace allowed is 10 minutes and 30 seconds per mile on average for the entire relay. Starting times will be posted by mid-March based on the data provided.

How many runners?

If you have less than 6 runners on your team, please put N/A in the First Name cell next to the appropriate runner #. This will let us know your form is complete.

What is your team category?

Verify your team category in cell B9. Options are:
Ultra Male (1-3 males)
Ultra Female (3 females)
Open Co-ed (minimum of 2 females)
Open Male ( all male team or all males plus 1 female)
Open Female (all females)
Masters Male (all male team or all males plus 1 female, all members 40+)
Masters Female (all females, all members 40+)
Masters Co-ed (minimum of 2 females, all members 40+)

Volunteer requirement

Does your team need to provide a volunteer? If so, volunteer information should be added in cells B12, B13, and B14. Don't want to worry about finding a volunteer? Simply pay the $100 volunteer fee and we will get one of our charity partners to supply a volunteer for your team.

Form deadline!

On February 15th, a portion of your Team Member Form will be locked from further edits. The locked areas will be team name, t-shirt size, and team pace. You will will be able to edit team member info, add/remove teammates, and change categories until March 31st.

Please review your form for completeness and correct information, especially all email addresses. Thanks!
Also, take some time to review our Guidebook! Click here to view all of our Team Resources!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

Chief Experience Officer
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