February 2016 PowerSchool - Upcoming Training Events Upcoming training events for PowerSchool. Click on the link for more detail: PowerSchool Traini

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February 2016


PowerSchool - Upcoming Training Events

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Upcoming training events for PowerSchool. Click on the link for more detail: PowerSchool Training


Digital Learning Day 2016

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This year Digital Learning Day is on February 17, 2016. It is a way to stay enlightened of educational technology in the school. A day that challenges everyone to be engaged in reimagining the education system. Please click on the link to learn more: Digital Learning Day 2016

21 Things 4 Students


21 Things 4 Students program transforms tech-based curriculum. Click on the link to learn how you too can bring technology into your classroom: 21 Things 4 Students


TRIG/Dell Professional Development

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Click on the link to learn more about upcoming No Cost* Professional Development open to ALL districts: TRIG/Dell Register here


Meet Your REMC1 Staff


Roger graduated from Bay City Western in '81. After a few years of working and taking some college classes, Roger joined the Marine Corps. He was deployed for Desert Storm / Desert Shield in '91. After returning Roger decided to seek a degree in Computer Systems from Northern Michigan University and graduated in '94. After graduation he was hired on at REMC and has been working here now for over 20 years. Roger in his spare time loves hunting, camping, and spending time at camp with his family.


Teacher's Corner

Here's a few Gmail Tips for Teachers: Turn your Gmail inbox into a To-Do list, click on the link to find out how: Ask the Google Gooru. Did you know that you can undo sent emails? Click here to learn how it works: Undo Send.

Connection Corner

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Please continue to use the helpdesk to report any issues: REMC1 support net, support@remc1.net, 487-7624

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