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Hello, Friends!


The departure of Léa Garlene

Léa has done her internship as Office Assistant since January and unfortunately left us in june. She has been a great asset for DAKTARI and we miss having her around us. She had a great team spirit and her last words were "No one shall replace me" indeed no one did... so far!

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Environmental Education.

The pandemic is affecting our environmental education project but we still use every cents we have to invite our local children. This year, despite the Covid, we managed to work with 2 schools:

▪ Maahlamele: 79 students
▪ Diphuti: 12 students
Maahlamele: 79 students
Diphuti: 12 students

In total, 91 students (45 males and 46 females). This achievement is thanks to all of you who donate regularly to DAKTARI!!!

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Our new dog Patchouli

I am sure you remember all the rescued puppies we looked after to help a friend.
Michèle made very clear that she wouldn’t neither get attached or adopt any of them. It was just to help toward a good cause.
However, 2 weeks later Emmy became Patchouli and is now sleeping on the bed with the other 4.
Patchouli is Michele’s preferred perfume and Ian such a wonderful husband!

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Conservation South Africa program

We are very proud to partner with Conservation South Africa and the Yes 4 Youth Program.

Eight local unemployed youth just signed their contract for a 12 months work experience which will contribute to the green economy of South Africa. The program is extremely well organised and so impactful. Each of them is not only getting a work experience while helping DAKTARI with all daily tasks, but is also receiving all sorts of lessons provided by Conservation South Africa and DAKTARI.

Meet Katlego, Freedom, Maake, Nancy, Nakedi, Kamogelo, Dineo and Jimmy!

Thank you to Conservation South Africa and all their sponsors for such a great and positive initiative ... and their trust!

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Wildlife crime campaign

Our team went to three schools this year namely Sekoko, Maatla and Diphuthi primary school for wildlife crime campaigns. The campaign is an initiation for grade 7 leaners. It is part of our environmental awareness to local community.


Get ready for the "little x little" GlobalGiving matching campaign

Many of you have asked when the next GlobalGiving campaign will be so we can all benefit from their matching fund. Well here is the news …! Get ready YOUR preferred campaign, little x little, which will start from

the 13th to the 17th of September.

During these 5 days your donation will be matched at 50%.

Do not worry, we will remind you in time for your support and in the meantime please tag your friends.

Give a donation to DAKTARI as a birthday present to Michèle

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Our Co-Founder, Michèle, always refuses presents and celebrations for her birthday. However, this year being so difficult, and DAKTARI so precious to her, she will gladly accept your donation during the GlobalGiving little x little campaign as a present for her birthday the 16th of September.

It is time to frame her and get her to accept your birthday present!!!


Kind regards,
Your team at DAKTARI

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