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Thursday, October 5 2017

Let's get right to it everyone...There's a really really huge 50¢ used vinyl sale happening this Sunday and Monday on Columbus Day weekend. We usually do 2 big vinyl sales a year and they are usually the $1 Dollar sales that we do on Record Store Day in April and also on Black Friday. This time we thought we'd do something different and also go deeper on the discounts. We have way too much overstock on used records right now and need to clear up space in our shop. There's roughly 6 thousand records to dig through and we are thinning out some of our record bins and marking some of these records down to 50¢ each to add to already huge selection. Every music genre you can think of will be included in this sale. There's so much more info about this weekend's sale so keep reading more about it further down this newsletter.

There's some other really important and exciting stuff to tell you all about. The shop is doing some remodeling and expansion work, we are having several new custom record bins built and some new shelving too. If you've been at our shop lately you probably noticed how over stuffed all the record bins are, so we decided to tackle this issue and make new record bins that will hold double the amount of records. All these improvements are in preparation for the up coming Christmas holiday. The shop will be open while these new bins are being built and finished here at the shop.

On that note of the up coming Christmas holiday season, we just finished ordering the first list of Record Store Day - Black Friday exclusive vinyl. Now that Sony has officially started pressing vinyl again that means so many great records will be added to the already huge lists of exclusives that normally come in. Stay tuned for updates on these records and on the date the list gets released to the public.

We just finished up another 50 custom vinyl record drink coasters made from our vast damage vinyl stock. These coasters are all hand cut, shaped, sanded and clear coated, no 2 are alike. These coasters sell fast so come by the shop to what we have in stock and new ones are made every week to keep up with the demands.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 10th! This marks Dr. Freecloud's actual 23rd birthday and also it will be the date of the big anniversary event held at our shop. We are already working on the flier design, dj lineup and also new merchandise like shirts and stickers. More info coming soon...

Stay informed with Orange Counties number one record store and always read the entire newsletter!

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The Really Big 50¢ Used Vinyl Sale - OCT. 8-9!

This weekend is going to be a major used vinyl sale here at Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe. We've taken our famous twice a year $1 dollar sale and reduced the price even more by marking down all those records while adding over a thousand more fresh pieces of vinyl to this crazy sale! There's almost 6,000 used records filled into 60 cardboard boxes that will be displayed outside on the sidewalk in front of our store and also placed throughout the inside of our shop too. All music genres will be represented in this sale including Rock, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Disco, Techno, House, Hardcore, 80's New Wave, Indie, R&B, Soundtracks, Trance, Progressive, Drum N Bass, Downtempo, Folk, Blues and the list goes on. For those serious crate diggers and vinyl fiends we encourage you to bring your empty milk crates and fill them up.

Besides the major 50 cents vinyl sale we also have a 50% off sale on a lot of Record Store Day vinyl and a rack filled with $10 shirts and turntables marked down as well.

If you wanna spin a vinyl set at our shop during the 2 day sale just message or call the shop at (657) 888-4695 and we'll get you on the turntables.

Sale Dates Are:
Sunday, October 8th (12 to 5PM) & Monday October 9th "Columbus Day" (12 to 6PM)

Come and get those super cheap records at>
Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe
18960 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

(657) 888-4695


The t-Shirt, turntable, RSD vinyl Sale EXTENDED!!

We have a killer SALE going on at the shop right now, time to cruise by and come on some great deals here at Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe. If you live too far from the shop and see something you want we can ship anywhere to you.

There's a bunch of t-shirts we just put on sale for ONLY $10.00 each. Brands we have marked down are: Dr. Freecloud's, Sanbon Pro Apparel and more!

We pulled about 150 pieces of Record Store Day vinyl stock and marked them all down to 50% Off. If you missed out on some of the exclusives in the past, here's you chance to pick them up for super cheap prices. Come and dig through the crate and grab a fat stack.

All new turntables are now on sale until every last one is gone. We need to clear space for all the brand new turntables we are stocking for this holiday season, so come and get yours before they are all gone.

Portable Turntables:
Vinyl Styl + Crosley (Disney) on SALE for ONLY $75.00 each

Audiophile / USB Turntable:
TEAC TN-300 on SALE for ONLY $275 each

Selling Now at>
Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe
18960 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708
(657) 888-4695


Massive Record Collections Arriving + Several New Vinyl Shipments

Used Vinyl Highlights are:
Since our last email newsletter so many stacks, milk crates and truck loads of used records have arrived. We've take about half of the recent arrivals and boxed them up to put out for this weekends huge 50¢ sale. We are hooking everyone up that arrives this weekend with some nice pieces for super cheap prices. Music genres that have been arriving more or less the same categories we usually get. Categories like Rock, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Techno, House, Breaks, Drum N Bass, Soundtracks, Folk Rock, Blues, Metal, Country and the list goes on and on...

New Vinyl Highlights:
Lot's of new Rock, Indie Rock, Synth-Pop, Soul, Funk, Alternative Rock, Soundtracks, Classic Rock Reissues and more are some of the genres we've been getting in lately. Some key artists that we got in new releases and or back catalog on are: Odesza, War On Drugs, The National, The Killers, Joy Division, Guns N' Roses, New Order, Morrissey, Radiohead, Killing Joke, Interpol, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, The Smiths, Dead Can Dance and so much more.

Rare Vinyl:
We've added roughly another 100 rare records to our famous rare vinyl wall and bins. Come and take a look at all the obscure vinyl we got in.

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know exactly what records we are getting in within minutes of receiving them. Take a good look at the snapshot of our Instagram page and see some of the records, etc. we've been getting. Questions on anything just call the shop at (657) 888-4695 or come by and visit us.

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Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

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