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Greetings from Ubud, Bali in Indonesia.
Last week I was in Yiwu, China telling you about the truth about Antie May in China, you can read it here.

Since then have taken a China Southern flight to Guangzhou, and the Air Asia to Kuala Lumpa changing for Denpasar, Bali. A hell of a trip because this time of year is the great get away in China as it's almost Chinese New Year. Flight delays and connections almost missed, you end up frazzled and stressed. But Bali is probably the best place in the world to de-stress, with calm culture and peaceful people. Alas.. no time for that - got a long list of suppliers to see.

Ringo - Our Man in Indonesia - was waiting for us at the airport, keen to update me on the progress of our various projects and orders. It's been raining, it's still the wet season and this is delaying things as many processes - anything wooden or textiles require sun drying as part of the process. Because global warming is making a longer rainy season is delaying our orders.. always some excuse :) Anyway the rain never lasts too long, big tropical downpour for an hour or so, the skies clear and the sun comes, but it does make the air very hot and humid.

Today went to visit our warehouse and checked on the product packing, now we have mosaic bowls packed in double wall boxes with heaps of paper shred to make them indestructible. Slowly we will improve packaging and make special boxes (to fit exactly) more and more products. Went to visit two suppliers working on the Agnes & Cat project (it's coming together please be patient) and had to explain that our designer is very particular, lots of mods and improvements, actually it's hard work.

One of the refreshing things about Indonesia (this goes for Muslim Java also) is how many family run companies are headed up by the wife. The ladies really do make great bosses and entrepreneurs, and mostly very good to deal with.
We went to see xx they have a showroom on the main wholesale road out of Ubud that leads up towards the Volcano. I think we was one of their first customers about three years ago, now they make quite a lot of the Boat Displays we sell, most of the shelving units, the Antique Elephants a new range of tall candlestick stands.. and this year gave them a two container order for Bath Bomb display stands.

Behind the showroom down a steep ramp, is a large rambling house, further back pushing into the rainforest is a large covered compound with lots artisans working away making candlesticks, one or two chickens running wild and stunning view across the valley behind.

These display stands are made in two halves so that they can be shipped by courier companies in two boxes in Europe, they are made from albasia wood, which fast growing and sustainable, and although kind of rustic, they are surprisingly good value.. which means we can just about afford to give them away with a starter of bath bombs.. hopefully boosting your sales and making a great point of sale in your shops.


Meet Ni Wayan Sri.. the boss lady in Ubud... and that's our man Ringo.


Here are the ladies putting the finishing touches to some candle stands.

Ni Wayan Sri has a teenage daughter, who sometimes helps with English translating, her husband run team of artisans - a real family affair.
I really admire how she makes things happen, and very hands on - it's a delight to deal with companies like this.

Anyway.. it almost Valentines Week End! With the big day creeping up on us the week after. I trust you are as organised Wayan.. but don't worry if you need last minute stock we are on it.
Now we have expanded our team of pickers and packers, and ring fenced them so they don't get pulled into other jobs, like unloading containers. We are working hard to reduce the turnaround time of your orders, and I'm pleased to say with some success, despite orders being 30% up on last year at this point in February.

Wishing all the best for the official opening of the "Season of Love" - Valentines day, Mother's day, Easter, Father's day and wedding season.. it's all go!

More news from Bali next week.

Take care.


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