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Issue 53, March 2018

Wha gwaan?

Many events have happened since our last issue with State & National titles being hotly contested across the fleet. Check out the reports below.

Tasar fleets are gearing up for the 41st NSW Championships being held over Easter at Toukley Sailing Club. Their season won't be winding down though as it's then onto Darwin for Nationals in July.

It takes 751 hours to walk from Sydney to Darwin so just 8 hours a day will just get you there in time. I believe there's easier methods to get there so no excuses (except mine which are absolutely valid).

Our National E fleet have been busy too. You'll have to wait until next month to find out about them.

Boyd Newton, back half of 'Da Easy Crew, and Editor.

Important Info

If nothing else, please look into the following as others may be relying on you to do so:

Dubious Info

Never discuss philosophy while launching your boat as it often gets a little to deep.

New Members

We are lucky to have a new family and a junior member join us this month.

▪ Jean-Sebastien Fontana & Tracey Wilson with Camille & Alix - Heron.
▪ Gabrielle King - Windsurfer, who works for Balmoral Water Sports.
Jean-Sebastien Fontana & Tracey Wilson with Camille & Alix - Heron.
Gabrielle King - Windsurfer, who works for Balmoral Water Sports.

Next time you are at the club track them down and say "G'day".


Volunteer of the Month

Gerald van Hulsen


"Casaba" he intoned, and a nightmare was born.

Next time you're enjoying a hot shower remember that somebody is behind all that steam.

Don't panic, it's not as 'Hitchcock' as it sounds.

From Roly Webb's email:

I rang Gerald van Hulsen who immediately came down with his truck. He supplied the parts and fixed the taps and installed the shower head in very short order. Gerald confirmed my diagnosis of the water heater problem and promised to contact Living Gas once again. He also promised to make them feel suitably guilty after we recently spent so much money.

All the work that Gerald did cost two beers, which I thought was a very reasonable price for Gerald's very quick work. It saved me yet another return trip to the club.

Know someone we should recognise?

Email Boyd details of someone quietly working away behind the scenes.


Easter Bun & Dusted

IMG 4898

(Photo: Louise)

Many thanks to Laurie for organising the Easter Egg Hunt that entertained the kids last Saturday and kept them bouncing off the walls until the sugar rush wore off on Sunday.

If you find any missed eggs in the coming weeks, remember that while a foil wrapping greatly extends the 3 second rule you may be pushing your luck.


RS Aero NSW States Report

BSC hosted the inaugural RS Aero NSW States regatta on the weekend of the 3rd February.

Heather Hall and a wonderful team ran six races over two days. On Saturday the regular BSC marks were used, then on Sunday a custom designed figure of eight course was laid. This allowed good reaching and windward leeward legs within a tricky Middle Harbour.

Gusting winds shifting between South and South East all weekend made it tricky for the visitors as locals played lifts around Wyargine Point, a mostly rewarding tactic.

We had six entries, four BSC sailors, Simon Refold, Michael Savery, Graham Hanna, Nick Collis-George and Chris Brain from Victoria and Phil Bookallil from MHASC.

First place was a close contest as Phil Bookalil lead on Saturday with two wins then our own Nick with three wins on Sunday taking out the series.

The event was sponsored by Simon Refold at The Life Aquatic, who also provided coaching with Mike Fletcher.

Nick Collis-George
RS Aero Class Captain, BSC

Aero 1

Phil Bookallil leads the pack

Aero 2

Fleet line up

Aero 3

Aero sailors with coach Fletch

RS Aero World Championships coming to Australia

The biggest news for the RS Aero fleet in Australia is that the Worlds 2019/20 will be held at Port Stephens Yacht Club in New South Wales. For details and an insight into the venue check out the Press Release & Promotional Video.

Fine tuning boat, body and skills...

RS Aero National Championships, 7/8th April 2018 at Black Rock Yacht Club.


505 Nationals Report

The Work’N’Store / Ronstan Australian Titles hosted by Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club attracted a number of international sailors; Mike Holt, Rob Woelfel and Jan Saugmann who gave our best a run for their money. A competitive fleet also included five female helms and one all female boat.

A week of extremes saw 7 to 40kn on the infamous Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, known for its incredible sailing.

DSC 6519
DSC 6275

Competition was incredible and as the first 2 places were overseas competitors the Australian 2018 Champions, for the second time, are Mick Babbage/James McAllister.

First female and first junior was 16 year-old Christy Bowden/Ian Gregg at 17th with a close second Amy Lee/Justin Mulkearns 20th out of a fleet of 40.

DSC 8612
DSC 7470

Final results of the 2018 Australian National Championships (after 2 drops):

1. Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel USA – 11 points
2. Jan Saugmann/Marcus Cooper DEN – 22 points
3. Mick Babbage/James McAllister – 26 points
4. Mike Quirk/Joel Castle – 27 points
5. Mal Higgins/Nick (Camel) Johnston – 27 points
1. Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel USA – 11 points
2. Jan Saugmann/Marcus Cooper DEN – 22 points
3. Mick Babbage/James McAllister – 26 points
4. Mike Quirk/Joel Castle – 27 points
5. Mal Higgins/Nick (Camel) Johnston – 27 points

Full results here.

505 World Championships coming to Australia

The 2019 International 505 World Championships are being hosted by Fremantle Sailing Club, in Western Australia, over New Year 18/19. We expect 50 Australian boats to take part in this iconic sailing location. So, if you have a 505, this is your year to take part.

There will be a Classic Fleet, meaning that the older boats with a sail
number less than 8650 can take part with only one race a day, perfect for those new to the class.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dust off your 505s and bring them out to meet their family. You have 11 months to prepare. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Sarah Macarthur-King, Australian 505 Association Class President


Who is the fairest one of all?

A five boat fleet from Balmoral travelled to Woollahra Sailing Club for the final weekend of the 53rd Mirror NSW State Titles 2017/18.

Bringing the trophy home to Balmoral in fine style were winners Cullen and James in the Wave Catcher. Four Balmoral boats finished in the top five.

Mirror State Championships Report

Racing was held over a two lap course of a windward/return followed by a triangle with a down wind finish.

The first four heats had been sailed earlier in the season hosted by BSC with points leader Wave Catcher sailed by current World Champ Cullen Hughes and his son James. Within catching distance were Mad Cat (Mark and Caitlin Nash), Waterborne at Last (Douglas Raftesath / Spencer McKay) and McMissile (Campbell and Stirling Mckay).

Saturday greeted crews with a sunny morning and a forecast for a very fresh Nor’ Easter, an inbound tide and a very crowded harbour. A shifty and abating breeze was no match for the top crews who dominated proceedings.

Wave Catcher won the day with (1, 1, 3) closely followed by Waterborne at Last who with (2, 3, 1) moved into equal 2nd with Mad Cat (4, 2, 2).

An overcast Sunday morning with rain and a fresh Southerly greeted crews arriving in the boat park. The unpleasant weather meant parking was easier and the harbour less crowded. Conditions took a toll as the fleet suffered plenty of capsizes, gear failure and retirements - special mention to the classic boat Chopper who stormed around the top mark in the first race in 3rd only to break their gooseneck in a gybe finishing their sailing for the day.

Four races were conducted in Rose Bay over the same course as the Saturday. With gusts up to 30kn recorded on Sydney Harbour the boats enjoyed some exhilarating sailing.

Top performers on the day were the Balmoral trio of Wave Catcher (2, 1, 1, 1), McMissile (1, 3, 3, 2) and Firefly (5, 4, 2, 3).

Wave Catcher retained their State Championship title despite a crew change from last season with Rowan making way for younger brother James. With a display of consistent fast sailing, they won 8 of the 11 races and finished no worse than 3rd. They made few errors, were always in the top group at the first mark and sailed fast down wind to overtake.

Mad Cat and Waterborne at Last battled hard over the series to fill the podium. Both boats winning a race and spending plenty of of time in the lead over the series. McMissile sailed well on the final day to finish only 1 point off the podium.

Overall Results:
Wavecatcher Cullen and James Hughes Balmoral (15)
Mad Cat Mark and Caitlin Nash Hunters Hill (24)
Waterbourne at Last Douglas Raftesath / Spencer McKay Balmoral(26)
McMissile Campbell & Stirling McKay Balmoral (27)
Firefly Gavin & Oliver Cooke Balmoral (41)
Grover Anthony and Claudia Freeman Hunters Hill (51)

Classic Division:
1. Little Ripper (J.Hancock, I.Hancock)
2. Blistering Barnacles (S.MacMaster, T.McMaster)
3. Tool Box (R. Barratt, O.Barratt)

Veterans Trophy:
Mad Cat (M.Nash, C.Nash)

Encouragement Award:
Tobermory (J.Wright, G.Wright)

Yenda Lee (P.Stannage, B.McKay)

McMissile (C.McKay, S.McKay)

Blistering Barnacles (S.MacMaster)

Rusty Shackle:
Blistering Barnacles (S.MacMaster, T.MacMaster)


Ever wondered why some members are so popular, attractive, intelligent and always on top of it?

Research concluded that BSC apparel is the most important common factor in achieving success*.

BSC Apparel

A rashie you'll look good in.


A rash you should get looked at.

Polo shirts

Members $31.50
Non members $41.50

Long sleeve rashies

Members $60
Non members $ 70


Balmoral Sailing Club (co-op) Ltd
BSB: 633000
A/C no : 153560891
Quote : your surname/apparel

Note: *Success refers to the marketing team coffers, not the wearer.


It's time to begin penning the speeches for those at the pointy end of the points. There's still everything to play for with four weekends of racing left, plus the winter sprint series throughout May.

Presentation night is Saturday May 19th.

InkedMatch racing LI

Match Racing

It may come down to some match style racing. Do you know who to keep behind you to secure a spot on the podium?

Expect to see action like this.



Jeffery-Aiello-DV Racetrack-1

The Sailing Stones of Death Valley. (Photo: www.nps.gov)

Wondering where your pet rock got to?

Death Valley, known as the hottest place on Earth, is the lowest and driest place in North America. It doesn't sound like a good spot for a racetrack, especially for aquatics, but it's here that stones go sailing.

Don't hate the playa, hate the rain.

The Racetrack Playa is home to this phenomenon and the site where experiments on lumps of dolomite took what little fun there is in rocks, away from us.

Richard Norris conducted an experiment with the potential to be so boring, that only his cousin Jim Norris could be coerced into joining him. After GPS enabling stones and setting up time lapse cameras they sat back and hoped the grant money wouldn't run out.

Luckily it rained; Luckily it got cold; Luckily it got windy; Luckily the P.R.O. did not call things early.

A proper explanation of the Racetrack Playa's sailing stones on Youtube here by an academic with a whiteboard - and believe it or not, still quite interesting.


30 Mar : Tasar NSW States
19 May : BSC Presentation Night
30 June : Rescue Training Day
18-25 July : Tasar Nationals
5 Aug : AGM & Working Bee
26-30 Dec : Mirror Nationals
31 Dec - 6 Jan: Mirror Worlds

And don't forget post-race sausage sizzles are on every week - no Casaba Melons will be harmed in the production of your sanga!

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