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50 Economics Classics - now in audio

Do you prefer listening to reading?

The Audio edition of my newest book is now out. Its narrated by actor John Chancer, whose credits include Casino Royale, Spooks, Episodes, and whose promo describes him as "A lively, light, American tone with gravelly undertones." He's also the voice of Chatsworth in the children's cartoon Chuggington. Who better then to read out my book :)

If you get the Amazon/Audible one-month trial you can get the book for free.

Get it here on

Or here on Audible UK


50 Classics in Audio

You might not know, but ALL my books are in Audio.

That includes the newer titles to your right, but also the old favorites 50 Self-Help Classics, 50 Success Classics, 50 Spiritual Classics and 50 Prosperity Classics.

Here they are on

Here they are on Audible UK

Many of my 'readers' are in fact listeners. They hate looking at a printed page, but love having books read out to them while driving, just sitting on the couch at home relaxing, or listening on the train or bus on the way to work. It doesn't matter how you gain new ideas and inspiration, just that you do.

But if you prefer the printed, page - or like reading on your computer or screen - see below a list of bookstores around the world which are stocking 50 Economics Classics, in print and e-book.


Blackwells in Oxford, my fave bookshop

Reviews of the new book

"50 Economics Classics is a celebration of the large imaginative canvasses of the great economists. Butler-Bowdon’s choices are broad, interdisciplinary and compellingly idiosyncratic...his chapters are not simply straight summaries of the chosen works, but thoughtful reflections on why we should care about this or that book and what its relevance is for us today...One possible problem with the book is that Butler-Bowdon’s renderings are done so well that one might never bother going back to the original! Professional economists, students and general readers alike will find much here to delight in and many new byways to explore."

Niall Kishtainy, LSE Review of Books

“Tom Butler-Bowdon’s extremely useful 50 Economics Classics summarises the best of the must-reads, leaving you, after a mere 350 pages, much more in control of your budding economic prowess...To round up the best of the best is a manifestly good idea, and to have these works presented in a consistently detailed and accurate way makes ‘50 Economics Classics’ something of a modern classic in its own right.”

Nick Smith, E&T (Engineering & Technology)

"Economics giants such as Adam Smith, Karl Marx and Milton Friedman feature heavily, but one of the book's big plus points for me is that it has room for more contemporary authors and ideas…the book is a well-written affair by an author obviously in full control of his subject.”

Tom Herbert, Accounting Web

"A good starting point for someone new to economics wanting a general overview. Capturing the essence of a book in 3 pages is a difficult task. Tom Butler-Bowdon is a very well-read person with this rare skill."

Diane Coyle, author of GDP: A brief but affectionate history

"I've read 50 Economics Classics cover to cover. It's a great achievement and I wish I'd had it when doing A level economics."

Richard Koch, author of The 80/20 Principle

Where to get it

These links will take you directly to the page with 50 Economics on it (and indeed will lead you to my other books too) - where you can buy in either in print or e-book format.

Barnes & Noble

Blackwells (which has a 3 for 2 offer on my books at the moment)






South Africa

20150719 190316 resized

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy the rest of your summer. If you are in the Southern, enjoy the winter!

Here are some wheat fields near where I live. Love how they turn from deep green in the spring to gold in late summer. The smell of ripe wheat reminds me of where I grew up (in South Australia), near wheat growing lands that often extended right to the ocean. The combination of two smells - salty air and fields of grain - is one I love.

Kind regards,
Tom Butler-Bowdon

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