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November 2018 - Beverly Hills, CA

Is incorporated in the state of California (1994), and is dedicated to the advancement of international academic exchange and understanding through the dissemination of information on international academic credentials.

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The Welcome Project©
The Welcome Project© is a joint endeavor between ACEI and iTEP International offering individuals classified as refugees assistance with the evaluation of their academic credentials for U.S. educational equivalence and determine their English language proficiency through an approved language assessment test.

The Welcome Project combines both the international credential evaluation and English language proficiency testing to assist individuals at the onset of their resettlement in the U.S. These individuals will be able to receive recognition of their educational achievements and language competency. Such recognition will enable them to integrate into their new adopted community much faster as they set out to pursue employment opportunities and further their education. For more information on how you can participate in The Welcome Project, please contact ACEI’s President & CEO Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert at

Scottish Qualifications Authority
ACEI is proud to announce its partnership with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) through the publication of the ACEI’s Advisory Services ‘Program/Curriculum Review’ Report, which provides detailed analysis of four of SQA’s Advanced Qualifications. The report, based on ACEI’s key principles in international credential/program evaluation, gives higher education institutions in the United States a better understanding of the value of SQA qualifications, the caliber of those who have achieved them, and how they compare with programs of study offered in universities and colleges across the United States. For more information on the SQA, please contact ACEI’s President & CEO Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert at


Interested in partnership opportunities with ACEI? Please email Yolinisse Moreno, Director of Communications at or 310-275-3530.


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News Around the world


Brazil’s president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro. Photograph: Marcelo Sayao/EPA


Universities under attack

More than 20 universities in Brazil have been invaded by military policy in recent days, with teaching materials confiscated on ideological grounds. The president-elect seeks to ban from the classroom political opinions, debates, and any issues that could be construed as leftist. To read more, click here. For a list of 107 international academics reacting to this latest attack against universities in Brazil, click here.


Photo: Colombia Informa


Consolidation of Chinese Private Universities

In China, the private sector in higher education is witnessing a trend of convergence by acquisitions – private educational groups acquiring other private institutions. To read more, click here

ghana usa


Cornell Cuts Ties with Chinese Universities

Faculty members at Cornell University said on Monday that they were cutting ties with a leading Chinese university after reports that it was harassing and intimidating students campaigning for workers’ rights.
To read more, click here



Protestors Demand Better Resources for Public Universities

Several thousand higher education students, teachers and administrative personnel plus trade unionists recently staged marches in Colombia’s largest cities asking for more resources for public universities. To read more, click here


Teachers protesting in Marseilles/AP


Why are teachers on strike in France?

For the first time since 2011, all of France’s teachers union called for a strike effective Monday, November 12, 2018. To read more, click here.



How to Fix India’s Universities?

In this article written for the University World News, Kishor Patwardhan, highlights some of the biggest challenges that most of the central and state-owned Indian universities have failed to recognize and address. To read more, click here.



University of Liberia’s Students Demand More

Despite the President’s decision to declare a tuition free school, students are still making additional demands. Some students welcome the free tuition but say there many other challenges they are faced with that need to be addressed. To read more, click here.


(Nelvin C. Cepeda / San Diego Union-Tribune)


Bilingual Education for a Returning Population

When families are deported from the U.S. to Mexico, it becomes the job of schools in Mexico to teach their children. To read more, click here.



Assuring Quality Education from K-12

The high court unanimously declared the K to 12 basic education program as constitutional. To read more, click here.



World Bank Shows Support for Rwanda’s Education

The World Bank Group has announced $150 million (Rwf132 billion) grant to Rwanda that will be invested in education to build human capital needs. To read more, click here.

Sqa logo


Scottish Qualifications Authority

In a recent blog, we showcased the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and their Advanced Qualifications. In partnership with SQA, ACEI has reviewed and evaluated the qualifications in Accounting, Business and Computing for U.S. educational equivalence comparability and credit equivalence. To read more, click here.



Universities in S. Korea are looking at Foreign Students to Survive

The decreasing population here due to the lowest-ever birthrate in the country has already caused multiple social problems. The low number of students at universities here is one prominent issue at the moment. To read more, click here.


Aleppo University after a deadly blast in 2013


Studies Halted by War

Among those suffering the ravages of the civil war are Syrian students at local universities, or in their countries of refuge, who are in dire need of scholarships. To read more, click here.


Photo credit: John Moore/Getty Images


Caravan to Nowhere: 5 fallacies that stall immigration

Cato data show that immigrants are less likely to consume welfare benefits than native-born Americans. When immigrants do receive benefits, the generally consume a lower dollar value than native-born Americans. To find out what the 5 fallacies are that stall immigration, click here.


Photo source: University of Virginia, Facebook


Tuition-Free Education at University of Virginia

The University of Virginia’s new president, Jim Ryan, announced during his inaugural ceremony that some in-state students will be able to attend the school tuition-free.
To read more, click here.


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ACEI Additional Services

Digital Delivery of Evaluation Reports: SecurePathway©:

ACEI is a proud signatory of the Groningen Declaration Network which “seeks common ground in best serving the academic and professional mobility needs of citizens worldwide by bringing together key stakeholders in the Digital Student Data Ecosystem.” For the past two years, ACEI has committed itself to this shared mission through the introduction of SecurePathway©, an ACEI proprietary digital platform for the secure delivery of official evaluation reports and supporting educational credentials. For information on ACEI’s SecurePathway©.

Signing up with ACEI’s SecurePathway©, is free and does not cost the institutions any fees. To receive ACEI expert reports and certified academic credentials via SecurePathway©, complete this form.

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ACEI’s Advisory Services provide institutions and organizations looking at expanding their international student recruitment with customized solutions to help overcome enrollment challenges, uncover opportunities, and devise an innovative and holistic approach to international enrollment. For more information on ACEI’s Advisory Services and how we can assist you, please contact Yolinisse Moreno, Director of Programs & Communications at


ACEI offers a comprehensive range of professional services that include: international credential evaluations; translations; consulting; and training. For more information on ACEI, please visit or contact: Tel: 1-310-275-3530; Email:

ACEI was founded and incorporated in 1994 in the State of California and is a Charter and Endorsed Member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE).

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