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October 2021 - Los Angeles, CA

About ACEI

Founded in 1994, ACEI is a full-service company providing complete and integrated services in-house in the areas of international education research, credential evaluation, and translation. And, through our Global Consulting Group®, we offer our expertise in the following specialties: Media and Branding, Global Pathways, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to interested institutions and organizations around the globe.


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November 4, 2021 – Coming out of COVID
Free webinar hosted by American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO0. For more information and registration, please click here.

November 2021 – The Electronic Database on Global Education (EDGE) User Group
This is a free monthly webinar hosted by American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). EDGE is a valuable resource for evaluating educational credentials from education systems around the globe. This monthly webinar provides updates on new credentials added to EDGE and much more. For more information and registration, please click here.

December 8-9, 2021 – IHES Virtual Conference
ACEI is a proud sponsor of the International Higher Education for Society (HES) Virtual Conference on December 8-9, 2021. This is a free event. For more information and registration, please click here.



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Education News From Around the Globe


Photo credit: Lynsey Addario—Getty Images


How are Afghanistan’s female students continuing with their education?

In the two months since Afghanistan’s government collapsed, amid the chaotic U.S. withdrawal after 20 years of war, thousands of Afghan girls and women have been shut out of their high schools and universities, their studies over and their lives and futures in flux. To read more, click here.


Photo source: iStock PIENews


Calls for universities to support Afghan refugees

In September, the Canadian government announced it would be accepting 40,000 Afghan refugees for resettlement after the Taliban took hold of Afghanistan in August. Now, one of Canada’s leading non-profits for young people is challenging colleges, universities and CEGEPs (public colleges) in Quebec to increase their support for the refugees – to “step up and lend a hand”. To read more, click here.



Time to act: what universities owe to human civilization

Dr. Trent Batson, founder of The Last Humans Project writes: “Universities must agree globally that their main mission – and state this in their mission statements – is to create a sustainable human civilization.” To read more, click here.


Photo source: The Indian Express


Return to foreign universities sees outward remittance spike

With admissions to foreign universities back in favor after a year-long lull, along with steady normalization in foreign travel and rise in economic activity, monthly outward remittances under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) hit an all-time high of US$1.96 billion in August, according to data released by the Reserve Bank of India. To read more, click here.


Photo source: Business Standard


4-Year Integrated Teacher Education Program

The Ministry of Education announced a four-year Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP), which is a dual-major holistic bachelor’s degree offering BA-BEd, BSc-BEd, and BCom-BEd, starting as a pilot in 2022-23. To read more, click here.


Photo source: The Libya Observor


Education Minister gives private universities 30 days to "fix" their situation

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Omran Al-Gieb said that 74 private universities in Libya “is an illogical number given the Libyan population”, adding that those universities “have become shops selling degrees”. To read more, click here.


Credit: Gerardo Vieyra/NurPhoto/Getty


Attempt to charge Mexican scientists with ‘organized crime’ prompts international outcry

The Mexican government has accused 31 scientists and officials of organized crime and money laundering, allegations that they deny and that many claim are politically motivated. The allegations center on money spent by members of formerly independent scientific advisory body to the government called the Scientific and Technological Consultative Forum or Foro Consultivo. To read more, click here.


Photo credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Drake


University of North Carolina defeats challenge to race-based admissions policies

A United States federal judge on Monday 18 October ruled the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill did not discriminate against white and Asian American applicants in a closely watched case challenging the consideration of race in undergraduate student admissions. To read more, click here.


Photo credit: The Vanity Fair


Music icon Barbra Streisand to launch university institute

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) announced that legendary performer Barbra Streisand is launching her own institute at the college that will focus on “solving societal challenges”, writes Emily Kirkpatrick for Vanity Fair. According to a press release, these new educational centers will focus on cultural flashpoints that Streisand is most passionate about: truth in the public sphere, the impact of climate change, the dynamics of intimacy and power between women and men, and the impact of art on the culture. The institute’s four research centers will be housed in UCLA’s division of social sciences. To read more, click here.


Photo credit: Keystone / Martial Trezzini


Swiss university takes on gender bias in medical schools

Carole Clair and Joëlle Schwarz, joint heads of the Medical and Gender unit at the University of Lausanne’s Centre of General Medicine and Public Health (Unisanté), want aspiring doctors to know about gender differences. Women and men have different risks for certain diseases and often experience diseases differently, which can have a fundamental impact on how a disease is diagnosed and treated. Yet medical schools rarely address sex and gender in their curriculum except when teaching reproductive health. To read more, click here.


Photo credit: Market Research Telecast


Education in dire straits

According to the National Youth Survey prepared by the Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB), 37% of young people between 15 and 29 years old who reside in Venezuela are not enrolled in any educational center nor are they included in the labor sector. To read more, click here.


ACEI Additional Services

ACEI Global Consulting Group

The Global Consulting Group is a division of ACEI that provides international education expertise with focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consulting, Global Pathway Consulting (Program/Curriculum Review for Partnerships between overseas institutions), and Media and Brand Consulting. Click here to view video presentation.


ACEI offers a comprehensive range of professional services that include: international credential evaluations; translations; consulting; and training. For more information on ACEI, please visit or contact: Tel: 1-310-275-3530; Email:

ACEI was founded and incorporated in 1994 in the State of California and is a Charter and Endorsed Member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE).


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