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If you have been waiting, now is the time!

We will be roasting the majority of the week but is not certain that we have enough to last through the weekend.

chile roaste


Roasted While You Wait
Roasting Hours:
Sat. & Sun. 9am-7pm
Mon. - Fri. 10am-7pm

Medium, Hot, and Xhot Available

Roasted 30 Lb. Sack (pre-roasted weight) $38
Unroasted 30 Lb. Sack $33
Roasted ½ Sack $25
Unroasted ½ Sack $20
1 lb. Roasted $4.95
2 lb. Roasted $8.50

We encourage you to taste the chile prior to taking it home. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we will roast you another sack while you wait. Once you leave with the chile, we cannot accept returns for any reason.
Roasting Daily Beginning Saturday, August 18

not eligible for frequent diner discount
sacks weigh approximately 30 lbs. before roasting and there is about a 10-12 lb. loss after roasting

We will be getting medium, hot, and extra hot chiles.
Keep in mind these temperatures vary from year to year and sack to sack and we cannot guarantee exactly how hot the chile will be.

We are not taking reservations for chile

We are receiving approximately 30,000 lbs. and do not anticipate a shortage. You can simply show up, pay, and wait for your chile to be roasted. Please keep in mind that the first weekend will be CRAZY and will have the longest wait times for roasting. The shortest wait times will be weekdays between 10am-11am and 2-7pm.

Avoid waiting at all and get your chile UN-Roasted

Just pay, grab your sack of chile, and run!! Roast it yourself at home while sipping on your favorite cocktail!

Help Keep New Mexico Green.

Forward this email to your contacts who may be interested in purchasing green chile! Less and less acreage is devoted to growing green chile in New Mexico every year, so it is up to us chile lovers to make sure the farms have the necessary demand to keep growing it!

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