Intense Times Call for Powerful Ceremony Calling in the Divine Feminine & Balance - A Global Unified Field of Ceremony!


Gloustonbury Ceremony, Oct 19, 2019. Organized by the amazing Rebecca Mene Spirito.

Sharing early this year... If there is ever a time for us to come together in ceremony and call for Compassion and Wisdom and the Divine Feminine, it is during these wild times...

Please gather your circles and come together in Sacred Space on Oct 24th, 2020, in your own locales to join the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid to anchor in the Divine Feminine and Balance.

Mother Gaia is calling for the Healing of the Wounded/Dark Masculine and Wounded/Dark Feminine.

She is calling for us to come Home. And remember who we are... as her beloved children in Sacred Relationship with all around us. To remember... our hearts, our goodness, our capacity to be in Harmony and Balance with her/on her.

We have not created a registration page yet, nor updated our GoFundMe page ... They will be up by April. Plus the website still needs a few tweaks.

Yet, it's time to start planning. And do lots of ceremony and beautiful actions of hope and healing in the interim!

There is a beautiful New Earth birthing at this time in the midst of this chaotic time. And we are all invited to mid-wife it with powerful ceremony, pure hearts and "boots on the ground", planting physical and metaphorical seeds of Hope and Goodness.

Please join us... !

More about the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid HERE.

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