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Hey, it is spring here in California. My wisteria and roses are in bloom. It is time to do spring cleaning, reorganize supplies and get new projects going.

Check out what's new below. I am working in my spare time on several kits and tutorials. Hopefully a few of them will be finished soon. I will let you know when they are ready! - Marion

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Technical Advice

Every week I get a few phone calls with technical questions. It takes time to answer these questions, sometime it require research, but I take pride in the fact that my online store is not just about the products and items for sale, but it is also a service, so here are a few questions I got lately and their answers. I will place these on Facebook @jewelsinfiber Page too, so please feel free to comment. We may all learn more! - Marion

Question #1 - What thread or cord do you use for kumihimo with Keishi pearls? The hole are so small!


This question has led to lots of experimenting in my spare time and this lovely neckpiece braided with 100% Nylon Ribbon and Beading Thread. I used WildFire Size 008 with a tensile strength of 12 lb. but other beading thread such as Fireline or PowerPro will work too or even C-Lon Micro Cord with an 11 lb breaking strength.

But hey, Keishi and freshwater pearls are a natural product and there is no actual standard for the hole sizes, so yours might be different than mine. Some of mine could be strung with C-Lon Bead Cord with a beeswax self-needle, but not all of them. Some of the holes were too small for C-Lon Fine Weight Tex 135 Bead Cord, and I wanted to experiment braiding with beading thread... And yes it works. Plus I braided and unbraided portion of this neckpiece several times to make adjustment to the design. The beading thread survived all this added stress without any difficulties.

Interested in the best method to string beads onto cord and thread including self-needles with beeswax? Check this post.

Question #2 - After I knot, braid, or crochet with C-Lon Bead Cord some of the cord looks a bit off colorwise or the piece does not lay the way I want. How do I fix this?


The answer is simple - the piece needs to be refreshed or blocked with isopropyl alcohol, that's rubbing alcohol and everyone has some in their medicine cabinet. When the bond coating the nylon fibers gets manipulated, folded and pushed around, it looses its transparency, and with darker color especially it can be very noticeable. A square knot section may look less dark than loose cord for example... Rubbing alcohol with a small lint-free rag over the surface works like magic restoring the bond transparency.

Blocking is the same process, but first pin the piece in place in the shape you want it to have. Then rub it with alcohol. Let it dry, unpin it, and shake it a bit if it got too stiff. The bond has now memorized the new shape, it is fully transparent, and it will tend to return to the new shape naturally.

More info on bond and blocking


New Kumihimo Clasps, Dots, Crystals, and Tubes

Finding the right clasp for kumihimo projects is often difficult. Planning ahead is the best way to go as the clasp needs to be part of the design process right from the beginning, not an afterthought, so check out these new clasps and get instructions on the best way to attach the clasps to braid and cords HERE.

The Dot Collection from the EU has 5mm round inside diameter clasps, plus 5mm sliders in three metal finishes, antique silver, antique copper and antique brass, plus a 8mm clasp in antique silver.

The Crystal Collection is from Thailand. Unfortunately right after I received the new crystal ones, they got discontinued... so get them while they are still available.

Check out new stainless steel, antique silver, and zinc tube clasps. The zinc ones are plated with 99% silver... Plus the 12mm barrel now come in two addition The 12mm inside diameter barrel clasp now comes in two additional finishes, antique brass and antique copper. > Finding and Clasps


New Colors and More Variegated 100% Nylon Ribbon

Just in, a large box full of 100% Nylon Ribbon. A few skeins already have been photographed and transferred to cards. Check out the new colors and keep visiting as more are added in. The new ones have a NEW next to the color.

This nylon ribbon braids beautifully. Check this kit braided with 100% Nylon Ribbon, plus I may have a new necklace kit soon braided partially with this ribbon. I will keep you posted on all fronts.



New Kumihimo, Micro Macrame Kits, and Summer Projects... See sneak preview below.

Cleo got renamed Kumihimo Cleo Cavandoli. Cleo for short. She sits at my desk in the online store when I am working and keep me company. She is a 10 lb. foxy doxy, a triple rescue we adopted January 2013, and now the official store mascot.

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