Hello !! As the summer and my "teaching year" comes to an end, I'm grateful for all the students I've had the privilege to teach and learn from. Just

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Hello !!

As the summer and my "teaching year" comes to an end, I'm grateful for all the students I've had the privilege to teach and learn from. Just as we build in rests into movement classes, life has rests too. Keep learning and enjoy some "rests" this month.


The Importance of Downtime

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It’s easy to get caught up in doing and going. All the time. But our brain needs a break. Many studies point to benefits in productivity, creativity, learning and memory, not to mention problem solving, when we include downtime in our day. Who hasn’t had an important insight in the shower, while engaged in a repetitive, not-to-demanding task or taking a walk?

Our brains don’t stop their activity when we daydream or let our thoughts wander. Rather, particular separated sections of the brain activate in sync during those times, areas that are less active when we focus more directly on a mental challenge. Identified as the Default Mode Network (DMN), this brain activity recalls and mulls over past experiences, synthesizes recent learning, examines unresolved issues, and reviews our actions. Some researchers argue that the DMN is critical to developing our identity, understanding behavior and developing personal values and ethics.

In addition to vacations providing longer periods of downtime, daily breaks are important too. Daily periods of mindfulness might include taking a ten-minute nap (to minimize grogginess upon awakening), spending time outdoors walking, gardening or even staring out the window into the trees, and just daydreaming, In addition to its many mental and physical health benefits, meditation strengthens the connections within the Default Mode Network and allows easier transitions to and from concentrated focus. (Read More)

So take a break—it’s good for your brain—and probably helps us function with more energy and vitality too!

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