Elder E-Letter August 2014 Eight Things to Enjoy at Any Age No matter how old we are, there are many things we get to enjoy. It is this enjoyment th


Elder E-Letter August 2014


Eight Things to Enjoy at Any Age


No matter how old we are, there are many things we get to enjoy. It is this enjoyment that is the key to a happy life. If you can appreciate the following, you'll be set for life:

• Each Sunrise
Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, hot, or cold, every morning that we wake up and can be grateful for another day is a good day. These mornings become sweeter as we grow older, and therefore probably elicit more appreciation.

• Sense of humor
A sense of humor is something we all have, although there is quite a range in exactly what that means to each of us. Again, the important thing is to have opportunities to laugh, chuckle, howl, grin, or smile on a regular basis.

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Book Recommendation

This book is about how McCourt's thirty-year teaching career shaped his second act as a writer and is an urgent tribute to teachers everywhere. McCourt records the trials, triumphs, and surprises he faces in public high schools around New York City.

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Teacher Man A Memoir


Aug 7-8 Carol and her paralegals, Jenny & Jody, attended UT Law’s Estate Planning, Guardianship and Elder Law Conference in Galveston, TX

Aug 16 Carol spoke on Advance Directives for a workshop, The Joys and Jolts of Caregiving: Generations Making Decisions Together—@ The Oblate School of Theology

Aug 26 Carol was on a panel of experts for the Alzheimer’s Association

Coming Up

Partner of the Month: Elder Resource Group—Senior Transition Specialists, John and Irma Nelson

Former U.S. Marine John Nelson and his wife, Irma, are professional realtors who are dedicated to helping seniors make important transitional decisions. If you or a loved one is looking to sell a home and/or move to assisted living, call the Nelsons at (210)870-7340 for a free consultation.

Even if you’re not a senior but plan on selling your home, The Elder Resource Group can still help you make that transition. John Nelson recently helped our very own Carol Bertsch sell her home. “Getting our home market ready was a challenge,” says Carol, “but John helped us overcome those challenges, and he got it sold.”

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