STOP PRESS >> TRISTAN TOPS UK SOUL CHARTS AT #1 << WITH 'SECOND PHASE'. Up from #3 last week and #8 the week before .... Astonishing succ



Up from #3 last week and #8 the week before .... Astonishing success by exciting Dutch band. SOUL, GROOVE, JAZZ OVERTONES & AWESOME MUSICIANSHIP - TRISTAN HAS IT ALL....PROMOTERS - JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON!


Released Spring 2015


2nd Phase is a brilliantly crafted album of different moods and melodies.

Paul Miller, BBC Radio Solent
After the amazing debut album 'Full Power' Hollands finest 'Tristan' are back with more great music. 'Full Power' was one of the best albums of 2014, and this latest album '2nd Phase' is just as good.

Interview Radio MusiCast USA
With the release of their latest album titled “2nd Phase”, we find Tristan’s sound evolving and maturing, delivering some of the freshest blend of pop, soul and jazz that we’ve heard in quite a while.

With the successful release of our debut album "Full Power" it's been like a chain reaction of positive response, reviews and airplay. Tristan hit #1 on the UK soul-charts and got to do a whole bunch of great live performances as headlining act as well as being the support band for Incognito. "Full Power"will now also be available as special edition in Japan! (October 2014)

''The best of the seventies brought to 2014'' is what TOTO guitarist and singer Steve Lukather came up with when he heard the music of TRISTAN!

The follow up album entitled '2nd Phase" is already in an advanced stage. In January 2015 we will release the first single - Finally Found, a duet with USA soul-singer Heston - in Holland, Germany and the UK while the album release is set for March 2015.

Tristan's music can best be described as feel good vintage acid jazz music with the energy, vibe and sound of 2014 by some of today’s best contemporary pop/jazz musicians from Europe. Funky rhythm- guitars, Hammonds, Fender Rhodes and synths, and a rhythm section that has been playing together for decades. All this gives singer Evelyn Kallansee the solid ground to make her beautiful vocal sound shine. It will bring you back to that great sound of the seventies. Well produced recordings and live performances often joined by a hornsection, a string section and a host of backing vocalists. While the music may hold clear echo's from bands like Tower of Power, Snarky Puppy and classic acid jazz acts like Incognito and Brand New Heavies, what makes this band really stand out is the high energy of the grooves and the quality of the writing and arranging. Tristan - Full Power was a startling fresh debut album from a band consisting of real musicians. If you like plastic-made-up music by artists that have been processed and autotuned to death then this album may not be your cup of tea. If you on the other hand like well written live played and intelligently arranged acid jazz performed by great musicians this might just be the album you are looking for! Second Phase will very much be in the same league of quality and perfection without scrimping on budgets nor artistry!



About Tristan

You guys absolutely rock! Jeff (Lorber)

Doesn't look like you need the Hampton Horns anymore! haha! Wow…. it sounds great, I love you guys - Randy (Brecker)

The best of the 70-ties brought to 2014! Congrats on making FRESH burning album yet still groovin’ ……. with melody and surprises. Knocked out! Luke (Steve Lukather)

Incredible band! Reminds me of TOTO in the very beginning (Bobby Kimball)

Great music! Sending this to a couple of radio-stations straight away. (Bluey, Incognito)

We could be looking at album of the year here. The band are all brilliant artists in their own right, but put together, the sound they produce is nothing short of pure magic. I can only describe Tristan's music as soulful jazz-funk of the highest order - this album is simply wonderful.! ESSENTIAL! ( Paul Miller @ BBC radio)



Lead & Backing Vocals: Evelyn Kallansee
Drums: Sebastiaan Cornelissen
Bass: Frans Vollink
Keys: Coen Molenaar
Guitars: Guy Nikkels

Possible special guests; Heston (USA, vocals) or/and Nigel Hitchcock (UK, sax) or/and Randy Brecker (USA, Trumpet)


Band members Biography

Evelyn Kallansee is a very versatile singer/actrice. Evelyn started her professional career in the musical Les Miserables. After this she studied musical theatre, acting and dancing at the Academy for “Kleinkunst” in Amsterdam. In the years that followed her versatile talent lead her to explore different genres; In musicals like Evita, Joe. Touring as backing vocalist for Dutch best- selling artist Marco Borsato, Jocelyn Brown, Tony Hadley and others.

Coen Molenaar is a musician, composer and producer working worldwide and in a wide range of styles like Jazz, Fusion, Dance, Funk, R&B. Still touring with the legendary Jan Akkerman, he also worked with Chris Hinze, Deborah Carter, Do, Randy Brecker, Carole Denis/Nick van Gelder (former Jamiroquai) and Des'Ray.

Frans Vollink at age 16, got hooked into the electric bass. He studied at several music academies. After graduating Frans had the great fortune to play with some of the finest musicians around like Randy Brecker, Gerard Presencer, Nigel Hitchcock and Wayne Johnson.

Sebastiaan Cornelissen studied at The Conservatory of Amsterdam. Later he worked as an 'in demand' live and session artist as well as a teacher at The Royal Academy of Music. Sebastiaan produced numerous of albums since and worked with artists such as Randy Brecker, Gary Willis and Gary Husband.

Guy Nikkels born in 1979 in Bogota and raised in the Dutch city of Deventer, picked up the guitar at the age of ten. In 1998 Guy was admitted to the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. His teachers were Peter Nieuwerf, Eef Albers en Wim Bronnenberg. Guy has played and collaborated with various acclaimed and famous artists, both nationally and internationally: Michael Brecker, John Ruocco, Kenny Werner, Eef Albers, Henk Meutgeert, Frits Landesbergen and Kurt Rosenwinkel.


Full Power cover

Review quotes on the first CD FULL POWER

“Full Power “ is a really strong set with lots of good up-tempo numbers. Exceptional…!’

Very accessible melodies but between the lines they play brilliantly, which makes this record incredibly exciting!

From the get go, Full Power runs fully on Tristan’s crisp and joyful performances highly recommended. Dutch combo Tristan come correct with a BNH, Incognito, TOP type cut, Moontune, Fresh off their new album, Full Power, this video, recorded live in the studio, clearly illustrates why Tristan has got so many soul boys in the UK all moist Lush. Together they make a sound that we think you'll love. Tristan's new track, "Full Power," is our newest SoulTracks First Listen. Check out this talented band!

Critical Jazz USA
Tristan goes full on and makes contemporary instrumental music sexy again! Upbeat almost grooves reinforce an oddly organic live studio sound that borders on the addictive as compared to some of their contemporaries. Just don't miss this release.

Inside MusiCast
TRISTAN is a bona fide sophisticated breath of fresh air. Extremely well produced, profound musicianship. Every track on this album carries incredible attention to detail and feel. The entire project is completely top of the line and is the most compelling album I’ve encountered so far this year. This album deserves all the success it can muster. -SG-

Soul and Jazz and Funk
They cook up a quite beguiling soulful/jazzy sound. 'Full Power' is a sophisticated cocktail of soul based flavours that has hints of Incognito, the Brand New Heavies, Swing Out Sister and even Tower of Power. It clearly bears witness to hard work, commitment and respect for classic soul. Little wonder that Jazz FM made 'Full Power' album of the week.

JazzTimes USA
Finally, this month, new artist TRISTAN is flying out of Holland with its explosive release, “Full Power”, and the album name and title track are a great description of the full-bodied Fusion treasure that lies within.

Days Magazine
Top Album, full sound, well thought through arrangements, worthy of international attention!

Sonic Soul
Europareise. Teil 26: Holland. Soviel vorweg: ein Höhepunkt unserer stets umtriebigen Reisetätigkeit – zumindest wenn es gilt, den stets gut geölten Soul-Jazz zwischen Brit-Funk und US-Soul-Jazz Musiken auf höchster Ebene zu erleben.


Tristan's burning ambition of moving forward and relentlessly pursuing it's goals has been rewarded by the success of 'Full Power' and 'Second Phase' and the band has no plans to take it's foot off the the third instalment is in the pipeline as we speak.

Our trademark Tristan 'sound' with it's influences of pop, jazz, fusion, rock, R'nB...and ever-present Soul, continues to evolve and excite a growing audience.

We love the energy and this is a true band-production.

Writing great songs with slick arrangements is top priority of course. We are not too concerned about what is expected of us. We don't want to be put in a box and won't allow commercial interests to sway us from our ethos and what we personally love in music - notwithstanding the life that comes along with that: Hence the title of our upcoming album: 'Lifestyle (2 men down)'.

'2nd Phase' was released March this year and we intend to release the next one in March 2016. So far so good, because we're quite ahead of schedule. With the of drums, keys and bass already recorded, we're able to spend time on quality production values as we did with the previous albums.

We've managed to inject a flavour of the above mentioned influences over the scale of give or take 12 songs. There will definitely be some surprises in there and we can't wait to finish this and bring it to the crowd!

Pride does not begin to describe the flow and feeling we're in right now. We're on a roll here - watch this space!!


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27, Manchester, Band on the Wall *
28 London, Jazzcafe *
29 Birmingham, Hare and Hound *
* with MusicConnex Showcase CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
4 Feb 2016 - Pizza Express, London



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