NLE June 2021
8 scooping maize

The Face of Starvation

A prolonged drought has decimated successive planting seasons in Ethiopia, leaving people struggling to stay alive. There are no cattle. Children no longer have the energy to run and play. People are dying daily. Read here about how so many have helped us supply bags of corn in June and join our effort to provide food for 700 families in July and August.


Blessed with Food

Mulu and other mothers of the children at our Mana Gammachuu kindergarten received the almost unbelievable news - the Christians were going to provide a much-needed supply of food! They are exceedingly grateful as the immediate future looked bleak. Be sure to read Mulu’s story.

family NLE

Our Gift from God

The idea of adoption was new to us. But hearing God’s word and the stories of other families who have adopted began to stir in our hearts the possibility of becoming parents to an orphaned child. It took us an entire year to step out in trust and visit the Mana Gammachuu (Joyful Place) orphanage. Don't miss this wonderful adoption story!

prayer 2 NLE

Prayer for Upcoming Election

Ethiopia is experiencing significant political unrest. National elections will be held June 21st and we ask that you join us in praying for God's hand to be on the elections and that safety and peace can be restored.

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